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Song from Daisy's Song


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Does anybody know if this was ever a real song by Jessi Colter? It's her voice, it's a good background... it sounds really recorded! And yet you only ever hear the chorus, and that not all very clear...

This has driven me nuts since the first time I saw the episode. I hope it is a real song, but can anyone let me know for sure?

"...ya know there's good times waitin' on down the road..."

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It's good to see you're back Lukas.

I've often wondered that myself. I hate to admit it but I've never bought any music of Jessi's (I am a Waylon fan though and not just because of Dukes).

I have always wondered about that song though. I'd love to hear the whole thing. It's such a part of Dukes history because it was from one of the Georgia episodes.....and I love them Georgia episodes!!!!

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