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Secret life of the american teenager on ABCfam

Boss Hogg

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Just wondering if anyone had caught the first 2 eps of secret life/amarican teenager with John on abcFAM?

I had a chance to see last weeks ep.-I missed tonights show but will try to catch the re-run at 12....

It's a little uncomfortable for me with all those teens talking sex but

it's not a bad show...plus a chance to watch Bo ....uhhh I mean John:p

Tues night @ 8 east

repeats @ midnight east

p.s. The ep. of Home Improvement with Tom Wopat was on TBS today

great to see Tom!;)

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the episodes are available to watch on youtube and abcfamily.com

The show isn't uncomfortable for me...but being a teacher, with two teenagers, and a youth group leader to 50 some teens (some of which had children of their own already)and such I guess stuff like that just doesnt phase me anymore. Sadly it has become the reality... definately a far cry from Hazzard County...

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i missed all the original airings but i watched the 1st 2 on youtube last night. it really is a good show. and ur right, unfortunatlly it is reality. being in high school myself i kinda see it everyday. but i go to a hick school with only about 50 people in my class but there is usually i girl every year in at least one grade who ends up like that. but yes i enjoyed seeing john. he was great. =) as always.lol

also, if you go to imdb.com they have lists of when people are gonna be on TV next. it is pretty helpful if you need a dukes fix but don't have any seasons on DVD and you need to see someone from the show. lol

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Did anybody see "Secret Life" last night??? Did you notice John's reference to Dukes???

His character was talking about his daughter and said "Maybe she can be the night rent-a-cop at the deli on Frontage Road"

I was ROTFL when I heard that! :rofl:

I started watching Secret Life just because John was in it, but I ended up loving the show as a whole :)

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Did y'all catch the season finale of The Secret Life...this week?

John's character is watching tv...and he breaks into a Rosco impersonation:

"Kew-kew I love that character"

Soooo funny.

I love how he always puts a Duke tidbit in there though...it's almost like a special gift from him to us (the true fans that catch it)... what a great guy...I love him I love him!

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That'd be nice...but I think his reasonong not to is two-fold. First, no offense, but Bo doesn't really have any "lines" he is known for saying...there isn't really a Bo-ism that you could hear and automatically say that's Bo talking...Rosco is a bit easier.

Also, I think John just admires Jimmie a lot. That's probably why he always pays tribute to him, even calling Collier and Co. "Hot Pursuit," a phrase James Best coined.

So there is my two cents...for what it's worth.

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Yeah both those points are true and I dont think anyone can deny that James Best, Sorrell Booke and Denver Pyle are people that John admires not only as a person but as an actor. When you see him act in Smallville, he very much has Denver's portrayal of Uncle Jesse in there. He does Rosco impressions in things he does every chance he gets...and its great he learnt at a very early age what true acting is supposed to look like. There are a lot of actors around today that could have benifited from those three actors experiences.

And who says you need a line to have a Bo-ism? lol Any Blonde moment would do...the best blonde moment Bo ever had was the One Gallon Gas Can one...shhheesshhh Bo! lol

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