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The Graham Norton Show!


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Hey all

As promised. I did get to go to the Graham Norton Show, saw all three Dukes cousins and more importantly met all three cousins which was awsome. So here I am giving you a rather breif report of what it was like.

First off, I was situated one row back from the stage, getting good ol' close up's of the Duke Cousins....okay so Tom and John in particular...okay so John in particular lol. They really are such nice and funny people, a pleasure to watch and listen to on stage. Now for the good stuff...they stuff they didn't show you on the television show because despite what the programme says....Graham Norton Uncut is not Uncut lol.

MAy I say that I believe John was slightly tipsy after it was rumoured he was drinking a little before he went on stage then had two bottles of beer whilst onstage lol. So this made the entertainment much more interesting.

If you saw the show, you would see that there was in fact a General Lee on the stage which I was pleased to be able to get a picture with. Graham on the show, asked if Tom and John would like to slide in the windows again, to which the boys replied that they would love to. However, John soon spotted the fact that the General had door locks on and this is how the conversation followed as best I can remember it with the greatest quote from John ever coming at the end...he really was on top form for comedic purposes that night.

John: Awww we can't....its got door locks on!

Graham N: Why is that a problem?

John: Well yeah, imagine putting 500 pounds of you on top of that thing...you'll cut a gouge out yer back a mile long...Tom learned that the hard way...

Tom: I did yeah...

Graham N: We can always push it down..

John: No ya can't because then ya got the little bit left at the top that does the same thing...

GN: Oh right...

John: Course you could unscrew that...but then your left with a screw and then your really screwed...

X-D I love it..

Another highlight was that the boys gave us undoubtable proof that they really can sing and did so on the show. They weren't officially scheduled to sing, but during a filming break the boys got bored...hehe. I think it was John that started to sing the 'You met another then *raspberry* you was gone' with Tom soon joining in with the melody underneath and guys...it really sounded like they did on the show. :-D Was a very special and very rare treat to witness. Graham just gave them a look, not being a big Dukes fan of course, and John just smiled back at him and said 'Don't mind us, we randomly burst into song when we're together...'

Oh and by the way...in case you didn't see the show and to remind those who did of this very funny quote...John and Tom don't like wierd stalkers...well John does...he likes to make fun of them.

GN: Okay so some of the fans...

J: Are insane... (I think, I dont remember the word...it was somewhere along those lines)

GN: Oh now they're here!

J: *laughs* No I don't mean all fans I mean just some..

GN: Really?

J: Yeah! Some fans are outta their...ever lovin'...tree...

Very humourous stuff...as you can see it was mainly John that did the talking instead of Cathy for a change...Tom was his usual quiet and reserved self and seemed rather distanced from the three if you watch them on the show.

But now to the very best part...which was so very very cool. Before the show, I went and brought Tom, John and Cathy a box of chocolates each as a christmas present and to say thanks seeing as they gave up their Thanksgivings with their families in order to be on the show which I felt was a very kind hearted thing to do...plus i'm a sap and like to give presents on christmas lol. Anyway, during a filming break John ran off the stage instantly to go and talk with some fans and so did Cathy...Tom was left behind going 'What are they doing?' and started to walk off slowly when he realized. It was at this point that I yelled his name and he actually turned around and headed over...the first thought that came to my mind?

'Uh oh, you weren;t meant to hear that...' lol

Anyway he sauntered on over, asked how I was and I gave him the present...he looked very surprised and gave me a smile which was sooo nice before running off to grab John...and whilst grabbing him...said to him

"Hey John...we got treats..."

Now I have to say, over the years even though John has aged and very gracefully...he can still get that joyous. little kid excitement look on his face. He came on over and I gave him his box and he went, 'Awww that's so sweet!" and then....HUGGED ME! I couldn't believe it...it was a very very very nice hug, one of the best i've ever had. His arms just make you feel so...safe...lol I know that sounds dumb but that's the only way to decribe it. My head was on his chest as I hugged him it was just soooooo amazing! A proper Bo hug from Bo himself, something I will treasure the rest of my life. He said thanks again and let me go, before going back on stage. I also managed to grab Cathy before she got ushered back on it too, which she smiled and said 'For me?! Thanks!' In that typical Daisy fashion lol.

And so...those are the highlights...written because I'm on a break in between a Uni lecture and a Seminar plus I was kinda bored lol. Hope you like it and hopefully see a lot of you at Dukesfest next year! We should arrange a meeting place and time and all meet up...storm the queue lines to get autographs with the boys lol.

Love you all xx


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  • 2 years later...

All the threads that mention this show seem to have dead video links, so when I found it on YouTube I thought I'd post a link to it here - the full show is there in several parts. As RogerDuke mentions in another thread, the show is not suitable for children as its topics and humor are somewhat risque.

ETA: The link I posted in 2010 is now dead :(.

BoJamesDuke, do you appear on screen at any point?. Are you prepared to point yourself out if you do?.

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I know - it's been a while. I found it while I was looking for something else and then searched to see where it was mentioned on HNet. Sadly I didn't get to see it live (I had already left London to live in Ireland by then), but did watch the original showing on the BBC. From scanning the threads that mention the show, it seems that in the US, only people with BBC America got to see the whole show. The links that had been posted were just to clips, and none of the ones I tried seemed to work anymore.

I'm still kinda new here, so I've been reading through loads of the old threads, and reviving them if I've got something new to add.

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Seeing as Skipper Duke found another thread about the Dukes appearance on The Graham Norton Show, I went looking for the show online so that I could watch it again. All the old links are dead (I edited my post above), but I found that someone had uploaded the show a few months ago. It's only the half hour show and not the 45 minute "uncut" version, but it's better than nothing.

I'll just remind you that the show is more adult-oriented than you may be used to from US talk shows!


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On 8/3/2010 at 9:26 PM, HossC said:


I'm still kinda new here, so I've been reading through loads of the old threads, and reviving them if I've got something new to add.

It's been a long time since you were "kinda new here"....lol....and I remember when you were doing the same thing Skipper is doing.....digging through old threads. You guys are DOH super fans! 

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