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Denver can't shuffle a deck of cards

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in the episode where bo & luke drive the gambling rig, and uncle jessie gets shucked into gambling to get some money back for lou, where they show jessie shuffling the cards at the farm, it is actually john schnieder who is shuffling as denver could not do the shuffle trick that jessie could do

that explains why the hands look so young!!!

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ROFL. I seem to recall there's an episode where Rosco was putting something in the glove box of the General (cufflinks?) and it only showed the hands. And they sure as heck weren't James Best's. They looked more like John's. LOL.

"I'm a good ol' boy...you know my momma loves me...but she don't understand they keep showin' my hands and not my face on tv..." =)

Although he couldn't shuffle cards it didn't stop Denver from playin' one of the riverboat gamblers in the Mel Gibson movie version of Maverick....and getting thrown off the boat for cheatin'. LOL. Actually, throwin' himself off the boat for cheatin'! ROFL

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