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Restlessness in Sleepy City


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for cued members only--me, bojamesduke, daisymaeduke!!! thank you!!!!

(This story portrays the characters and settings from the episode Go West, Young Dukes.)

Let's go back in time folks and see Hazzard County in the old western days. Back to when there was no General Lee burning up the backroads, just horse and buggy or just a horse. Back to the time were families had to stick together on account of outlaws and shoot outs, this is Sleepy City, the western days of Hazzard County.

"MOM!!!!!!", a young voice cried out as a brunette, teary brown eyed girl stared at the bullets straying towards her and her parents jumping in front of them. Loraine Davenport, 11 years old, ran for her life into a run down shack and hid, she could smell fire and heard hollering and yelling, she cried, fleeing from the burnt down shack hiding in brambles and tall bushes. Loraine walked over sniffling as she bent down beside her cold, limp parents. She rubbed her nose and eyes looking around, she saw an old barn were she knew she could stay. Loraine ran as fast as she could hiding the memories of the incident that occured.

Loraine remembered everything as she rode along side of her partners, Frank and Jesse James. "Frank, when we get there, I'll have my cousin show me around, ill come and get ya and we'll get to work on the bank." Loraine had yelled as she couldnt hear him over the thundering hooves of the mustangs.

Thaddeus Hogg was making a speech in the town square in Sleepy City, all the women, men, and children had the sun beating down on their backs in the hot sun as they listened to the long winded speech. Hank, Joe,Dixie, and Jeremiah Duke were in the middle standing next to Loraine's cousin, Jeeter Davenport, the Dukes' family friend.The Dukes were a close-knit family that fought the corrupted law system of Rufus Z. Coltrane. Loraine rode in on her chocolate colored, blonde maned gelding and stopped him on a dime. she wore a maroon dress. with black lace trimmings, her meduim lengthed brunette hair shimmered in the sun, she wore a little makeup and held her fan infront of her face, sos to hide her identity. She walked through the crowds and made her way to the middle spotting Jeeter. She looked to him and whispered,"Jeet, bet ya dont remember me do ya cousin?" Jeeter had a dazed look on his face and whispered back to her," No, Ma'am can't say I do." Loraine lowered her fan from her face, revealing her soft glowing skin. Jeeter's mouth dropped as he looked to her he couldn't believe who he was seeing, last time he saw Loraine was, well, when she was a baby! "L...Loraine?!!! I cant believe, what brings you here?" Jeeter was surprised to see her and wanted to know everything about her,"I came here to see what this town has to offer,"Loraine had said with a wink and smile.

When the speech was over, finally, Jeeter turned towards the Dukes and pointed them out , one in particular caught her eye, Hank. The way his cowboy hat covered his brown curls, the way his sky blue eyes shined in the hot Sleepy City sun. Jeeter and Loraine walked over and greeted them,"Howd ya'll im Loraine Davenport, Jeeter's cousin," Loraine said holding out her hand. Hank looked to her, noticing that no other woman in Sleepy looked just as beautiful as she did.Hank took her hand and held it up to his mouth gently kissing it," Im Hank Duke, this heres my cousin Joe and Dixie, and this is my Uncle Jeremiah." Hank looked to her, her hand still in his-he wasn't about to release his grip- Loraine looked to them and smiled,"Please to meet ya'll." Joe looked her up and down knowing he'd never had a chance with her, hank done made the approach. They all nodded and had walked off,leaving Loraine and Hank standing there. Hank looked to her, his hand now intwined in hers and walked slowly around the town with her. "How would ya like me to show ya around, t' all the good places,"Hank said with a wink. "then afterwards, we'll go to the saloon." Loraine smiled and held to his hand not letting go. "Sounds great." she said in a low sexy voice. Hank melted when he heard her talk like that. Hank was falling fast, but was it too fast, Loraine herself was falling head over heels for him, but she was there for one thing and one thing only, to rob a bank instead will she rob a man's heart? lets find out.

Hank and Loraine walked over to her horse when they heard..............

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"Little Lorraine...is that really you?" cried Thaddeus's nephew Louie Hogg. He shoved himself in front of Hank and took Lorraine's hand kissing up her arm.

Hank saw the look of disgust on Lorraine's face and pulled him off of her punching him. "You best go back t' that dandy school o' yers an' lean how t' treat a lady. "You alright, darlin?" he asked Lorraine, watching Louie out of the corner of his eye.

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Loraine looked up to hank, "Yea, I am now."

"boy, SOME of you men need t' be more like Hank, and be a gentleman."

Loraine was whatching out of the corner of her eye, exaclty were the bank was at, what she didnt know was how she was going to leave Hank's side to tel Frank and Jesse, she didnt wanna leave Hank, she felt something different with him around and she was protected too.

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Louie laughed. "Gentlemen?! Ha! Hank ain't no gentleman.... he's nothing but a low down vermin...that needs to be squashed."

Hank towered over him. "Tell you what...why don't you make like a tree an' leave...cuz if ya don't...I'm gonna shoot first and ask questions later."

"You...you'll pay for that..." flustered Louie, tipping his hat. "Ma'am" He then quickly made his way to the bank.

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Loraine looked to Hank and laughed.

"I dont think you're a vermin, and I aint even known ya 10 mintues."

Loraine watched as Louie ran off, she mumbled under her breath,"That chicken, he wouldnt know what a gentleman was if it bit him in hind-end."

Loraine looked to her horse and smiled rubbing him down gently."What do ya think of him Hank, hes one of the fastest horses in the west, or so i think he is."

Loraine looked to Hank her brown eyes melting away as she smiled at him.

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"Sorry Lorraine...it's gonna hafta wait Darlin'." Quickly he tipped his hat to her and ran to where his own horse which was tied on the main street of the town. Untying him, he grabbed the reins and swung up in the saddle, looking one last time at Lorraine, he gave asmall yell took off, chasing after the Sherriff, who was chasing after Joe.

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Loraine laughed and watched as Hank rode off.

"PSSST!! Loraine!!!"

Loraine turned to see Frank and Jesse standing there.

"Have ya'll been listenin in on my conversation?"

Loraine asked in a paranoid voice.

Frank looked to her and grinded his teeth,"Dang it Loraine, we're ony here for one thing and it aint you making love to a cowboy!"

Loraine's mouth dropped open wide, was it that obvious that shed fallen so sudden for Hank.

"Well, I saw Louie Hogg, i believe was his name go into the bank, its over there."

Loraine said pointing in the direction of the bank. "It'll be awhile for i can get ya'll in there though."

Frank had no manners he grabbed Loraine by her dress collar and pulled her down,"You listen and listen good," he said through grinded teeth,"you'll get us in as soon as possible and have no trouble doing it, understand and stop it with that cowboy!"

Loraine jerked away,"That cowboy has a name, and its hank. You listen to me, you want the money soo bad keep it up and you'll get it yerself, do you understand ME?"

Frank hissed at her and climbed on his horse jesse doing the same and riding off. Loraine however, got on Trigger and decided to go down a country road to think on things.

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Joe continued to ride his horse down the dusty roads, jumping a fence and racing across an open field with a small smile. He loved just running through the countryside on his horse, be it running from someone or going to get somewhere, it was just something he enjoyed. It gave him a sense of peace and allowed him to enjoy the finer things in life, like the fresh country air and the smell of nature.

He was sharply brought back to his thoughts as a gunshot rang out from behind him and he saw the Sheriff was not too far away from him. With a small flick of the reins and a 'Ya', he encouraged his horse to run faster.

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Hank heard the gunshot and crouched down low in his saddle making himself as light as possible to quicken his horses pace. He took a short cut over a high road until he passed by the sherriff trying to think of what to do when he saw it...a boulder hanging dangerously close to the side of the overpass. He pushed aainst it rolling it down the hill hoping to startle the sheriff's horse long enough for Joe to make his get away.

The boulder sent a small rockslide down the sheriff's way as Hank grinned watching the horse rear running off with the sheriff stopping short of the creek were he landed with a splash.

"Serves you right...stay away from my cousin," said Hank with a smirk before jumping on his horse and riding on ahead.

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