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Picking Up the Pieces


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Luke felt some of the pressure melt away from him and he cracked a smile. Bo might still have hard feelings for him, but somewhere deep down he remembered that Luke was still in there.

"I'll get right on that, when we get back."

Shaking his head slowly, he followed Bo back toward the house. He figured there wasn't much to say to Bo because he didn't want him to change his mind.

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Bo headed inside the farmhouse, going into the bedroom he had put his stuff into which he had brought with him from the track and fetched his older pair of boots. If he was going to be running around in a field, he didn't want to ruin the newer boots he had brought.

Kicking off his new ones, he brought his old ones into the kitchen and sat down at the table, pulling them on as he said.

"We need the state police to come to where we're going...Daisy if you call and get them to come here, then play them this tape..."

Bo handed Daisy the tape of what Saywer had been saying with Luke down in the jail.

"Make sure you ask for Peterson and tell him your Bo Duke's cousin. He owes me a few favours and will send some people out if you say I really need his help. Make sure they stay out of sight until they have enough evidence to hold and arrest Sawyer."

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Daisy nodded, "Alright Bo. I'll get right on that." She placed the tape right beside her on the table, before picking up the CB to get in contact with the state police.

Luke came in behind Bo, "Come on Bo, let's get going so we can get up there about the time that she does." There was no reason for him to change his clothes because they were his jail clothes. Everything he'd wore in that cell had turned to work attire and he didn't worry so much about his appearance.

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"No that's not what I'm thinking. I'm just anxious is all because I don't know what going to happen. I guess if he's anywhere around I don't want to leave Cassie up there alone with him. We'll wait and I just got ahead of myself, sorry."

Luke sighed and watched Daisy intently on the first sign in the conversation that the state police were going to come.

Daisy clicked off the tape recorder after letting the man on the other end hear the message. After a minute there was a reply, "We'll definitely meet you."

In a few moments, Daisy had already spilled the location to the police. This was safe because she'd been able to switch to the emergency frequency that few people ever listened to besides the police. Right now, it didn't matter if Rosco and Enos found out because she figured they'd just be added back up or they wouldn't meet up there in time with Rosco's car being out of the picture and all.

"They're comin'.." Daisy called over her shoulder to the boys, before thanking the man on the other end of the CB.

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Luke looked over at his Uncle Jesse, "I just need to get my head on straight. I can't think too much."

Jesse nodded, "You'll do alright boy you've got the police coming." Daisy looked over at him, but stayed silent. All she could offer was a soft smile to encourage him.

"We'll be back, ya'll." Luke took one last look at both of them and headed out the door to the car. Upon getting in he looked over at Bo, "Sorry to keep you waiting. I had just a little something to say to Uncle Jesse."

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Luke went quiet for a long moment, before picking his head up a little. His eyes didn't wander over to Bo, but stayed directed more towards the bottom of the windshield.

"Bo?" He paused almost worried about what he was going to ask. "Are you scared?"

Luke hoped that Bo wouldn't explode on him again, but he was known to ask those kind of questions these days and get the harsh answers.

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Luke just nodded slowly because he understood that fear maybe not to the fullest, but he knew what it felt like. In the back of his mind, he swore to himself that nothing could go wrong. Unfortunately, that was never the case in situations like these.

"I can try to tell you not to be, but I know that ain't gonna help nothing. If it helps at all, I'm a little scared too." He paused and looked over at Bo, "That's not much coming from somebody you once looked up too. Now, I can see why you'd stop because I'm definitely not as strong as I once was."

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Luke didn't even feel the need to yell especially not now. "No, I get what you mean. Strength would be seeing, knowing, acting. It would've been me seein' that Cassie was controlling a part of my life, knowing that every decision I made was wrong, and doing something about all that before it got this far."

This conversation could potentially make or break the relationship with Bo he'd formed over the years. But, this is all that he had and it was all that he could figure to say to him.

"So, maybe I don't get it according to you, but I get it according to me. It all goes back to my strength and how it effected the choices I've made and everything that I've done. You know everything that I've done because I've done it to you Bo. You're my brother and there was a time I was too blind to see that. Only a brother would risk his life to stroll out into the middle of nowhere to meet up with a girl and probably be put in a dangerous situation."

He sighed, "So, yeah I don't get it. I don't get why you'd do that, when you wouldn't even let me call you cousin. You don't hate me Bo you just don't like me."

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"Don't tell me what I do and don't like....I'm strolling out into the middle of a field because I want the satisfaction of seeing Sawyer's face when he's put behind bars for the rest of his life...you think I wanna come along with you and see you be all sickeningly lovey dovey with each other?"

Bo retorted back, scowling as he carried on driving, getting more nervous the closer they got as the gun shot started to echo through his mind again.

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"I can't say anything in front of you can I? Nothing at all. I'm just trying to be real with you and that's all you can say. And, what's this lovey dovey? I wasn't lovey dovey with her before they locked me up what makes you think I'll be that way now? You have no idea Bo."

Luke couldn't bring himself to raise his voice at his younger cousin. Yet, he did feel a slight pinch of anger within him. It didn't matter now though because they had to be on the same page with everything that was more than likely going to go down within the next few minutes. Why did everything have to come to moments like this?

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Cassie had pulled to the meeting place, but kept her car a little ways from the exact place she figured she'd stand. There was no use letting it get in the way and plus she liked the more open field anyway. It seemed so natural to her and was a peaceful place for her to clear her head.

Not far behind, Sawyer had stopped his car completely out of sight and got out. Now, all he needed was a place to hide so he could watch Cassie and those Dukes until it was time to make his move.

Luke was just fine with Bo not saying anything because apparently it didn't matter what all he said anyway.

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Luke sighed again, which wasn't uncommon for him lately, "I see her just over there." Cassie was standing with her back to them casting her gaze over the field.

"You want to get out or just hang back. I don't figure I'll just let her stand out there might as well make ourselves friendly. I knwo you'll want to wait on the police, but this whole thing has to look smooth. Sawyer's not dumb he'll catch on if we wait too long."

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"I'm not goin' anywhere...your the one that's supposed to meet her...don't ya think after everythin' I said that Sawyer knows about that he'll find it strange if suddenly i'm all fake happy happy with her?"

Bo asked without looking at Luke, his elbow leaning on the window seal, his fist against his temple as he looked out the window.

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"Nobody said you had to be fake happy happy with her. Afterall, I figured you'd just get in a good jab and then she'd know how you feel."

Luke shook his head and opened the door to get out. "Don't make yourself too scarce."

Slamming the old door behind him, he headed across the grass over to Cassie. Without a word, he walked up next to her.

Her gaze never broke, as she heard the footsteps approaching. Without looking, she knew that it was Luke and her heart smiled even when it didn't show on her face. "I just love to look at the trees. They just intrigue me so much. It all looks like a canvas out there."

Luke followed her gaze with his own, "I guess you're right. It's a pretty site." His hands found their rightful place in his pockets.

"I didn't believe Daisy would actually come, but it surprises me that you came alone." Cassie looked over at him with soft eyes.

Nodding, Luke answered, "Well yeah, I figured it'd be safer for everyone's sake."

Cassie didn't question what he meant, but instead beamed at him. "Wasn't it awfully nice of Sawyer to get you out of jail with that evidence?"

Luke froze instantly. "What?" He had no idea what she was talking about. "Bo busted me out, Darlin'. Sawyer saw me, but he proposed a deal with me to get you out of jail. He said he had evidence that could get you out and keep me locked up for life."

Something inside of Cassie turned with fear, "What? But, he told me.."

Sawyer had been watching them from the brush not far from where both of them stood. In all honesty, he was dissatisfied with them coming to the conclusion of what he was up to this early in the conversation. That in itself through his plan off slightly. Yet, he figured he'd just make up for it, by putting everything in motion.

Stepping out from where he was, he approached them; his footsteps were easily heard. "Well well well, looks like you caught me." He held his hands up in front of him to mock a surrender. "What do you hicks call it? I did a little shuckin' 'n jivin'."

Cassie looked angry and Luke looked more worried than angry. "You lied to me Sawyer. I thought you gettin' Luke out was suppose to be repayment for me gettin' you out of jail." Her voice broke with anger.

"What can I say, Dimples? I lied," Sawyer smirked slyly. "Everybody was playing into my own hand all too well. I couldn't pass up on any of that. You're so gullible, Sweetheart."

Luke narrowed his eyes, "What do you want now Sawyer? You got us together, now."

Sawyer chuckled, "Well, Luke, there's three witnesses that know enough to put me away for life. These people are eye witnesses to everything. All anybody else has to contribute is hearsay. I figure gettin' the two love birds together is like gettin' two birds with one stone."

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Sawyer clicked his tongue in the side of his mouth, "Oh poor me, I forgot about ol' target practice Bo Duke. You're always so smart sneaking up on people, gettin' in their business. Can't you see we're busy here, Son?"

Cassie spoke up, "Just leave us be Sawyer we don't want any harm. I just can't believe you'd turn on me after all this. I did a lot of for you, when I knew that I should've just left you in jail."

"You people could give a man a headache with all this whinin'. Cassie shut up that's all I've heard from you the entire time that we've been in Hazzard." Sawyer cracked his neck and stepped quickly away from Bo, so that he was no longer behind him. "I'm tellin' you though three birds with one stone going's to be a little difficult."

Reaching into his sports coats pocket, he pulled out a nicely polished hand gun. "Ah, but we'll see what I can do."

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