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Picking Up the Pieces


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Luke sat in the car for a moment all he could think was to let him keep walking, but he didn't want Bo to get the best of him. Getting out of the car, he started yelling again. He didn't care whether Bo was listening or not.

"I tried to be the Luke you remember. I tried to kid with you. Hell I even tried to apologize, but you're a stubborn ol' jackass and you won't get over yourself."

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Storming into the house, he sat down at the kitchen table. Almost instantly he let his face fall into his hands. Everything to Luke just seemed so out of control and it was impossible for him to get a grip on anything. For the life of him, he could not figure out what he had to do to even open up a little path of forgiveness with Bo.

"For God's sake, I'm losing it," Luke muttered to himself. Taking a few deep breaths, he couldn't get himself up from the table.

Uncle Jesse had pulled his truck in the yard. Cooter had towed Rosco's car and he wanted to check on the boys. Coming in through the door, he stopped when he saw Luke sitting at the kitchen table.

"Son, is everything alright?"

Luke looked his Uncle Jesse in the eye, "I can't even talk to Bo, Uncle Jesse. We can't see eye to eye about nothing. He hates me."

Jesse sat down across from Luke and sighed. "He doesn't hate you Luke. Everything's just been so traumatic for him and he can't deal with it. It all had to do with you so he didn't have you to turn to."

"But, Uncle Jesse he can't expect me to let him tell me that I messed everything up. He left.. he left the family during a hard time. I was in jail and he left. What kind of man abandons his family?"

Jesse shook his head ever so slightly, "Don't blame Bo."

Cassie had slipped out of Sawyer's hotel room and wanted to see Luke just one more time because she knew that she couldn't stay around regardless of the circumstances. Outside she stuck her head in Sawyer's car, which was equipped with a CB. Picking up the mic, she hit the button, "Miss Muffet to Lost Sheep, Red Hood to Lost Sheep."

Even when they were kids, the Dukes had always played the Lost Sheep while Daisy coined the name Bo Peep. Cassie wanted to be different, so she decided to be Miss Muffet, which just so happened to be her all time favorite nursery rhyme. Most days, now, she never used the CB so that would be the only recognizable handle, if they remembered.

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Bo didn't hear the CB go, laying in the field by himself as his mind raced at 100 miles a minute. He didn't know what to do about Luke either but he knew he couldn't just let this go eaisly. He was just setting himself up for his own downfall again if he did...Luke could say all he liked now about how Bo came first but he could almost guarentee that as soon as Luke saw Cassie again, he would be straight to her like bees to honey.

Daisy sighed as she heard what Luke was saying, leaning down and wrapping her arms around Luke's shoulders.

"Bo didn't leave the family Luke....Bo left Hazzard in order to help us financially while you were stuck there...its been hard for him cousin, without his big brother to look up to, to help him sort his own head out...you know how emotional.."

Daisy broke off as the CB crackled to life and she heard the handles being called, swallowing gently and looking to Luke.

"Luke...that's Cassie..."

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Luke didn't object to Daisy's embrace because he needed something like that right now just like Bo did. However, because they butted heads so much nothing of that sort could happen.

"Look I know.." He broke off once the CB cracked.

At first, he didn't say anything because he was in denial that it was really her. What would he say to her?

"I-I can't talk to her. It's too risky.. Daisy could you.. would you even?"

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Cassie held her breath out of habit because she didn't like to hear bad news, "I should've known, Daisy. Sorry that I asked. Is Luke willing to talk to me to meet me anywhere?"

Still to Cassie she was under the impression that Sawyer had got Luke out of jail in a reasonable fashion, so she didn't know that Bo had busted him out.

Luke gave Daisy a look that had to tell her that in his heart that he wanted to see Cassie more than anything, but he didn't know if it was the best thing for him to do. It's almost as if he wanted to ask everybody's permission before doing so. He figured that Daisy would answer for him.

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Daisy frowned a little, not wanting to give too much out on air in case Rosco and Enos were still listening in.

"Hey...you remember where we used to play dollies when we were little? How bout we meet there?"

She was referring a nice open, quiet spot in the middle of an abandonded pasture that had an old warehouse next to it.

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For a moment, Cassie to think about the spot that Daisy had referred to. Finally, she could recall the peaceful spot and for a second her mind took her back to those days. They were refreshing to Cassie, who had lead an adventurously dangerous life since then. Now, she just wants those days back.

"Sure thing, Daisy. I can meet to there right now. Well if you find any old things that belong to me, bring 'em with you, please.."

She could tell that Daisy was trying to be discrete and she didn't know why. Sawyer's plan was really working for him.

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"Bye Daisy," Cassie set the CB back down, then looked to the ignition to find the keys in the car. Unknowingly to Cassie, Sawyer had purposely left them there so she could use it to get to Luke. He wasn't stupid he knew that she'd want to see him.

As Cassie got in the car and started it, Sawyer was watching her from across the square . A smirk spread on his lips, as he watched her pull off. Any criminal that had everything going for him would be happy to see it all unfold. He'd been holding a newspaper to make himself look likes conspicuous, so he folded it and headed over to another car that was parked. This car had been one that he'd borrowed for the day after swindling one of Hazzard's good Samaritans. His plan was to follow Cassie without getting caught, that part of the plan was vital.

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"Well that may be the case Daisy, so you ain't going. I'm sorry Darlin' but I can't risk you. I can't handle gettin' somebody else that I love dearly gettin' hurt. I know where you girls use to play. I hung around there a time or two, so I'll be fine." Luke didn't want Daisy to argue, but he knew that she probably would.

Jesse looked at Luke, "Well you can't go up there by yourself, Luke. You've got to take somebody with you."

"I'll be fine Uncle Jesse."

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Luke admired Daisy's strength, but still he did not want to take her. "Look Daisy come on that guy shot Bo. I can't let you go.. I don't nothing to happen to you Darlin'." He placed his hands on the sides of her shoulders and held her gently. "Please Daisy.. I've got enough to deal with. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you."

Jesse sighed, "Take Bo...take me.. Luke come on this is dangerous. Where's Bo, by the way?" He'd just realized that Bo hadn't come to join them and didn't half expect him to.

Luke sighed, "He went to the forty. Now, I've got to meet her so can I take your Jeep, Daisy?"

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Luke ran his fingers through his hair out of frustration. This was all wearing on him because he was trying to just figure everything out for himself.

"We ain't talking Daisy that's why Bo's out there. Apparently, I say things that upset him." He was a little on edge, "Look give your keys and I'll take him with me. That satisfy ya, Cousin?"

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"You're right you weren't were ya."

Luke sighed and nodded towards her, "Okay, I'll go ask him."

Turning, he headed out the door and towards the back forty. "Bo!" He yelled without added aggression. Hopping the fence, he walked to where Bo had headed. Sure that he'd see him soon, Luke wasn't worried if Bo didn't answer him.

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After a minute or so, Luke came up on Bo who looked like he'd been sleeping. Luke started toward him and shook his head, "Up 'n at'm Sleeping Beauty, I need to ask you something."

He knew that Bo wouldn't jump on board, but he didn't think it would do any harm to ask. Luke did not want Daisy or Uncle Jesse going and Bo was the only other candidate.

"Look like you said Cassie wants to meet me. But, I think Sawyer's going to follow her and I'm going to play right into his hand if I go meet her. Daisy said she was going, but we both know that she can't go. Now, I'm prepared for you to say no, but would you go with me. Daisy says I can't borrow her jeep unless I take you with me."

Luke searched Bo's face for his answer early, during his pause.

"I know its a lot to ask, when we ain't exactly on the best terms, but.. I don't know. It doesn't seem quite right to go without ya, Cousin."

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