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  1. Another year rolled by without even a blink, or so it seemed. Cassie Morgan had just turned twenty-three years old. The thought of a party made her cringe that's why she hadn't mentioned anything about her birthday to anyone in Hazzard. God, she had been a Hazzard girl her entire life, well except for those good 10-15 years she lived up North with her family. Some things a girl just never forgets and one of those was exactly how Cassie wanted to spend her birthday. Hazzard girls know how to down a beer at the Boarsnest. Because it was her birthday, she did feel entitled to get dressed up. So, she pulled on her favorite dress; the one that hugged all of her curves just the right way. She hadn't dreamed of wearing something so provocative since she left her ex-boyfriend, Harvey. But, she had pulled herself out of her drug-fueled funk and managed to let the hospitality of the South straighten her out. The dress was a deep iris that blended beautifully with her black pumps. She dressed simple, yet knew exactly how to turn heads. Except tonight, tonight she wanted to just sit at the bar and have a beer. Afterall, it was her birthday. The Boarsnest wasn't all that crowded and she figured that it was refreshing not seeing a familiar face so far. She figured that Daisy might have been working, but she hadn't spotted her yet. And, it was a major relief that neither of the Dukes boys had found their way in there yet. She figured she could deal with seeing anyone else, as long as they didn't judge her based on her pill addiction (that she kicked a year and a half ago) or the fact that she got someone killed. Hazzard had managed to welcome her back, but not exactly with the open arms she had hoped. Afterall, it was her birthday so she found a lone barstool and sat down. Her lips pursed before she spoke, "Ted, Honey, can you get me a beer?" He didn't look up from wiping out his glass. He never did. "Sure thing Miss Cassie." (Tag: Anyone. I realized it was my character's birthday and thought that I should try to do something since I haven't written here in like a year. Oh, and hi everyone!!)
  2. Wow. I haven't been on here in a while. I was looking around the different round robins, and I decided that I wanted to get back into it for a little while. I have no idea what kind of story I want to do. I usually don't mind playing a Dukes character, but those that know me know that I do have a tendency to play an original, Cassie. My heart belongs to a nice Luke/Cassie love, tragedy, good ol' Hazzard fun plot line. Or a Luke/Cassie it's been years and the circumstances still ain't right plot. But well, I guess I'm willing to take part in other kinds of stories as well. I might not be that great as a Dukes character, but I sure can pop Cassie in anywhere. So basically, I guess I'm saying someone adopt me. Lol I need some inspiration and practice. I've been out of the game for too long.
  3. If I'm not mistaken it was your birthday on January 28th. So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    I hope you had a really nice day.

  4. Another smile struck Enos, "Well Daisy, you know that I wouldn't want to do that for you. I promise that the next few days will be nothing but good memories for you." They were a foot from the door, and Enos was a little uneasy to enter the house, so he opened the screen door for Daisy, "After you." Enos Strate was a gentleman if there ever was one.
  5. Enos lose himself in Daisy's eyes, which was what he had yet to do since she had arrived. The old Enos would have fallen in love with her all over again, but it took him a moment to gather himself. "I guess you're right Daisy," he offered her a smile. "I'll come in for a spell, then I'll leave soon after dinner." To him, his answer seemed good enough, and he took steps toward the house. "Thanks for being so understanding Daisy. I need this."
  6. Hearing Daisy speak, was heavenly to Enos who felt as if he had experienced the most beautiful symphony. She did seem awfully glad to see him, and she wouldn't try to get him to stay, if she didn't want him too. In the back of his mind, he just wished Cassie was there so that his mind could be settled. "Well Daisy.. I don't know.." He paused, "I just don't like all this fussin'."
  7. Enos looked up at Daisy, "I know Daisy.." He sighed, "Sorry about having to rush out." Straightening up his back, he stood there and slipped his hands in his pockets. In the back of his mind, he knew that Cassie was probably just fine. A few tears shed never hurt her, and he'd caught her many times crying in the back of her store out of stress or frustration of her business. Sometimes she needed a good cry and he understood that. But, he was worried about her just because it was Bo that she had had her stir with.
  8. Enos nodded and smiled, "I'm sorry, Luke. Thanks for understanding." He started to turn and go down the steps, when he paused and looked back at his friend. "I know we don't exactly belong here any more, Cassie and me. I never thought I'd ever say that." He seemed to linger for an extra moment, before heading down the stairs and back to his car. Still he managed to call over his shoulder on a few feet from Luke, "Remember you were me once.." Enos knew that Luke didn't care about Cassie, but he had to remember when so many years ago that he would be the one going out to find her.
  9. What do you think of Angelena's College Years.

  10. Even out of Bo's anger, Enos didn't get mad. Maybe frustrated was more of the word he wanted to use, but he still smiled at Luke. "You ain't got to apologize for him Luke, I know he didn't mean too." After a moment of thinking, Enos spoke again, "Just tell Bo that he wouldn't agree with me arguin' with Sammy, then leaving her by herself on by the road. I'm liable to give him a piece of my mind, but I'll just have to save it for when he ain't mad. The Cassie you use to know, your friend, she's in there Luke. I know she is because boy does she shine out in California. Her past is behind her.. and if she's misunderstood by ya'll even today, then give her a try when you can." He sighed, "After Sara, I know you don't want too, but when you're ready maybe you can see the Cassie you remember.. the Cassie that I know. She's truly extraordinary." Looking down, he spoke again, "I know you didn't want to hear that but I thought you should know. Now, I don't know if she knows about Sara because I didn't tell her. So, don't take it too personal when she's friendly.. I know that even now she misses talking to you. She won't tell you that, but she does. I don't believe she loves you anymore.. not like that. After so long, that just goes away.." He spoke as if he knew. "It's a fond memory.. and you find someone else to pass the time with." Enos indirectly was speaking about himself, even though he was explaining Cassie to Luke. It wasn't his place to explain her to him, but he had lived a good portion of Cassie's life with her, and he knew what she felt. He also knew what Luke had gone through without knowing what he was going through internally. He couldn't believe what all had went on while he was making a few phone calls back to Los Angeles. Cassie was just out there, and he didn't have a clue where she would go. In the back of his mind, he figured she might head back to the hotel, but he couldn't be sure. Right now, he was really concerned about what was going on, and he wanted more than anything to know what she could've said to make Bo so angry. "I better go.." His voice drifted a little, "Tell Sammy I'm sorry that I'll have to miss out on her good cookin'."
  11. Now, Enos didn't exactly look mad about what he had heard, but he was very concerned about it. "She went another way? You just let her go?" He spoke calmly, "That just don't seem like Cassie to argue with ya Bo, but then again you two never got along, even as kids." Looking from Luke, who seemed uneasy, to Bo, Enos shook his head, "Now, I don't agree with you walking off and leaving her.. no matter what she said because anything could happen to her. I know she gets under your skin.." He paused, "What'd ya'll argue about?" Enos stood solidly before his friends, but he was anxious to find Cassie. There wasn't any sense in her having to spend the evening alone, if she didn't have too. Obviously, she had wanted a little company or she wouldn't have invited herself over at the Dukes.
  12. Enos shook his head amused at the girls' reactions. Being a man, he knew when it was time to step aside and let the women do their things. So, he decided to slide past them and join Bo and Luke on the porch. He approached them shaking his head, "Sure is glad to see two women so excited to see each other." Pausing, he chuckled to himself, "Speaking of that.. Cassie hiding inside?" Cassie was the one thing he always kept a watchful eye on because he didn't want anything to happen to her. It was much like Bo and Luke being so protective of Sammy but because of different circumstances. Enos cared about Cassie and it would forever be a "she's with me" kind of thing.
  13. Enos noticed right off that Daisy hadn't changed at all. She was still as beautiful as he remembered her, and he knew that that would never change. Every part of him was taken over by excitement to see her. "Oh, I'm doing great too. LA's been good. Same as always, but never dull." The grin that he carried showed that he was delighted to just be in the presence of Daisy. It had been so long since he had seen her. So many times he had asked her to come visit, but she had always been so busy with school. No matter how disappointed he had been, Enos was so proud of her for sticking with something and making a name for herself. Working at the Boar's Nest, Daisy would've never gotten her name out of Hazzard. It just goes to show that you've got to leave the nest to find the best. Maybe that sound truth applied to other things as well. "My my, you're looking mighty pretty Daisy," he spoke smoothly. Enos just wasn't as nervous as he use to be. Now, he could tell her without jitters and awkwardness.
  14. As he got out of the car, a big grin washed over his face. "Daisy!" He stepped forward and pulled her into a gentle hug. "How've you been?"
  15. The drive for Enos was just another stimulator for him. The excitement and relaxed feeling he felt at the same time was his signal that he was home. Rolling down the window, he drove with one hand and let his elbow rest on the window's edge. He was letting himself drift back into the experience of Hazzard. Los Angeles had harden Enos a little, but he was still just as gentle as ever. Unknowingly, he had pasted the exact spot that Cassie had been taking in the woods. Her trail hadn't been as well kept as it normally was, but that didn't stop her from traipsing back to the hotel that way. She had heard a car passed and convinced herself that it was Enos. He fly down the country road, and not along after his departure, he had arrived at the Duke farm.
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