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John and Catherine


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John has been married for about 14 years now. Last year at Dukesfest, Elly said they had been for 13 years, so I'm gonna say 14 by now.

On another note: Did ya'll know that John and Catherine used to go skinnydipping together??? John said so himself... called it "innocent fun" He says his wife gets onto him saying "No it wasnt, you know it wasnt!" hahaha.

Catherine Bach got married in 1975 at the age of 21. She got divorced in 1981, then she got married to her current husband in 1990.

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did they really do that? not to say i don't believe ya or anything, but i want to read/hear that for myself. did you read it in an interview or something?

If you go to www.cmt.com and type in John Schneider under the artists thing, OR Dukes Of Hazzard under the shows thing, then you can find videos of the cast talking about stuff. In the one where John talks about the character Daisy Duke, he starts off pretty much about them skinnydipping when they would get off work, lol

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