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What are you doing for New Years Eve?

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First I'm gonna watch the DOH marathon on CMT and I'm gonna be playin' the drinkin' game the whole time, hopefully, then I'm gonna mess around with my parents and there friends who I know for a fact will be drunk. I never said I was gonna play the drinkin' game with alcohol, My little brother and I play with apple cider and see who can play the longest without gettin' a stomach ache, then I'm gonna have to drive everyone home. Yes I do stop at alomst every gas station and ask for gas money, too bad Boss Hogg didn't work up a scheme like that cause you can make tons of money especially if you drive down Main street which has about ten gas stations on it. Last year I almost made a hundred dollars and only had five people in the car. That's what they get for gettin' drunk!!

So what are you gonna do?

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Jam and I are going to a Singles dance with our older sister Deb (who's on the dance committee and makes us help set up) so we can act crazy and do the two-step. It's a lot of fun, especially when Amanda does her imitation of Olivia Newton-John for the Grease medley. No drinking at this dance (sponsered by Topeka Christian Singles) so it's all sparkling grape juice or cider and lots of food and balloons falling at midnight. Oh yeah, and the Chicken dance and hokey-pokey too. Then spending the night with our sister (after cleaning up at the dance) and spending the next day watching parades and eating black-eyed peas (yuck) that Mom says will bless you with earning money in the new year. Oh well, at least it's not cabbage. We never recovered from the time she tried that. House has never smelled the same.

Happy New Year y'all

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