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SURVEY: Do You Want a Dukes Movie Sequel ?

Do you want a Dukes Movie sequel?  

175 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want a Dukes Movie sequel?

    • Hell yeah! Let's see the General Lee ride again!
    • Maybe, but how about better casting?
    • Maybe, but how about a better script?
    • Only if y'all start from scratch and actually watch the show this time first.

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If they're gonna make a sequel they gotta do it right. No more moonshine......they were known for not making it anymore....

That's easily enough gotten around, the movie was set before the Dukes got probation. And in the next one, show Bo and Luke could be seen recieving probation and then them destroying their moonshine equipment or turning it over to the feds. Then Boss and Rosco can try to start framing them for moonshine as they did in the earlier episodes of the show.

Wait a minute he reminded me of Buford from Smokey and The Bandit series but where was Junior at in the movie.

It would be funny if they'd have Hughie Hogg in the next one or maybe in a third film and have Burt's Boss Hogg say something to Hughie along the lines of what Buford said to Junior: "There is no way, no way you could have possibly come from any of my loins. First thing I'm gonna do when I see your mother, my sister, is punch her right in the mouth." It'd be an interesting little thing for Burt to do, kind of a little tribute for him to Jackie Gleason and remembering the Smokey and the Bandit movies which are partially credited with getting the series on in the first place.

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