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Guess Who Contacted Me??

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If you guys know how Face Book is, you know they send you unsolicited friend requests, that you can deny or accept. These people are from everywhere in the world, literally !! I got a friend request from Karis Schneider......didn't think much of it and was going to delete it, when I noticed the partial pic on her page looked familiar. The hair was older, white....but something about the eyes.....looks like John Schneider!  Well,  being the scholastic genius that I am  ( not to mention modest! :)  ) ,  I looked it up! It WAS John Schneider!  Bo Duke! I'm still not sure who Karis is...maybe one of you guys can help the genius out! I'm wondering how she got my name to send me the request? If that was a coincedence.....that's Twight Light Zone stuff!!  ( doo doo do do dooo do do do.....) 

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13 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

No, but it could have been. Anybody can be anybody they want on Facebook. Is there really any way to tell if they are lying? 

True. That's also true about here or anywhere on the internet! I could easily find out, by asking her some questions but she's not contacted me again! 

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