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Trying to find an actress


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I am trying to find an actress's name. I don't think this will be enough of a clue because it is hardly anything, except one line she had....and I'm not sure I even have the line right. But I've been in this situation before and someone always pulls off a miracle. 

I only need the episode name. I can always look her name up if someone can figure out what ep. 

There is a line where a lady takes the quote "Necessity is the mother of invention" and alters it a little bit. I can't remember exactly how she alters it but she doesn't say the quote correctly....and that makes it funny. She is probably about Daisy's age and delivers the line with a little Southern drawl. 

As I recall she plays a little bit of a tougher character. I don't mean like Cousin Alice. But not real feminine like some soft spoken seductresses that have been on the show. 

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13 hours ago, HossC said:

The actress was Lori Lethin who played Lori in 'Southern Comfurts'. Her line was, "Yeah, but necessity's the mother of intervention, ain't she?"

Thanks Hoss. You always seem to come through. My wife and I were watching a modern Christmas movie and saw someone who looked like her. I can't believe that I couldn't remember that was Lori Comfurt....getting old I guess. I'm going to pull out that ep and show her. Thanks again. 

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