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do they really have what it takes?


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after watching the good ol' boys run out rosco all those years makes me think, stunt wise... does Knoxville & Scott really have what it takes to slide across that hood or jump in and out of those windows? :-? because if ya ask me, they couldve used a few classes from Tom & John on the subject honestly. then again i dont think Anyone could ever master getting in and out of a car like the Real duke boys. :wink:

reguardless, how many people have you seen be able to slide across a hood on their knee? :D

im gone.


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This is very true good buddy! I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen someone slide across the hood. (Which is zero excluding myself, the one time a tried ended with me lying in a spruce tree!)

From what I remember there's only one time hoodslidin' for each Knoxville and Scott. And I agree with ya, they don't got! I'm thinking about "Daisy's Song" and the bots come flying out of the buiding, and Tom sails across the hood of the General! YEEEE-HAW!!! (and he also rips the antenna off the car at the same time) I just love those moments!!!

I just don't see the "new" Dukes pulling off some of the stuff the "real" Dukes did!

At least SWS took some time to learn how to drive the General Lee, he cam acctually pull reverse 180's!

But Tom and John are still my heroes all the way to the end of the dirt road!!!

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how do you actually pull off a well executed hood-slide? ive been wanting to do it on my cars but afraid i might break a bone or somthing...

I did this once while in college when some friends were racing us to the store. It was my mom's old '84 Buick LeSabre (I had a dixie horn in it). I ran and slid across the hood. I made it across just fine, but I hit the edge of my knee on the fender on my way up. What it did was dented the fender, and got a paint stain on my jeans. Amazingly, it didn't affect my flight path much, and I executed a perfect slide. My girlfriend who saw the whole thing had no idea that I had hit my knee there.

I used to jump through the windows of my '85 Grand Am all the time. It was a LOT quicker than opening the doors. Seriously. You jump up in the air and land on the seat and just go!

I'm looking forward to doing that in the General Lee.

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Well it was one hell of a great accident it ya ask me! Now how to we do it??? (withour killing ourselves?) Maybe I'll put my cowboy boots on and trying running across the hood.

Do ya know in one episode Bo roof slides!?? He slides across the roof of the General, it's awesome, I don't know what one that's in though...One in the fourth season. He roof slides!!

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He he he!!! I did it I did it!! I did a hood slide!!!!

I parked my car too close to one side of the driveway and there was a big spruce tree against the front left fender of my car. I didn't really wanna walk through the tree and I didn't really wanna walk around the car. So I took a step back and without thinking ran and sild from the fender to the far side of the hood. I stood up and walked away. a minute later I was like whoa!! Slow down what the hell just happened?? Did I just hood slid?? Heh heh heh!!! I did to! It was wicked!!

And so much fun!! I do it all the time now!!!

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