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Hazzard In Trouble

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I sat down and started to write the first thing that came to mind and this is what I have come up with so far. I don't really have a big idea, just to write and have some fun. You all are invited to join along and write whatever you feel like...if you want to. DOH characters and fan-fic characters are welcomed to be within the story. Have fun ;)


Glaring warily out through the back window of the aging farm house, Kristy’s heart sank in despair as she watched a couple of birds walking wobbly under the thick shade tree. Deep within her, her mind crazily tumbled through troublesome thoughts to send a shiver of fear to rush through her. “Damn it Garrett,†Kristy mutters under her breath as she glances down at the small gold Rolex watch that hangs loosely upon her thin right wrist to find that time has only inched two minutes since she last glanced at her watch. “Where are you?â€

The silence of the old house feeds upon the fear that escalates within her with each passing second that slowly ticks away, forcing dreadful thoughts to fill her. Deep within her she silently argues with herself, knowing how irresponsible Garrett can be, how he is often late. Despite her reassuring thoughts of her brother’s behavior, a chills rushes through her bringing upon dreaded knowledge within; knowledge that something has to be wrong. Taking a forceful step back from the window that lies only a couple of feet to the side of the back door, a long ragged sigh escapes from Kristy.

“What’s wrong, mommy?†Kristy’s four year old daughter, Jamie asks to grab her out from her thoughts and back to reality.

“I don’t know sweetie,†Kristy forces a small smile in attempt to comfort her daughter who stares at her, demanding a truthful answer through green eyes that has bright flecks of blue throughout. “Mommy just has a bad feeling about something.â€

“Well it’s OK,†Jamie returns Kristy with her own comforting smile as she caringly takes her mom’s hand within her small thin hand, “Me and Shay will keep you company, huh Shay?â€

Kristy’s one year old son slightly glances up at his older sister at hearing his name and gives a half toothless grin before picking up his plastic car keys. Watching drool slowly melt down the plastic of the key ring as it enters Shay’s mouth, Kristy’s thoughts return to Garrett, and what may be taking him so long. “That’s too sweet,†Kristy smiles as she gives Jamie a small hug.

A short moment of silence enters the small play room before Jamie slowly lets go of Kristy’s hand and she slowly walks over to the wooden toy box to pull out a couple of her baby dolls and a toy stroller. Kristy watches as her children play quietly by themselves with their own toys before she quickly jumps in surprise as a loud squeaking noise penetrates through the silence as the front door is quickly being thrown open. “Uncle Garrett!†Jamie drops her doll to run past me and into the wooden floor hall way where I slowly walk out to the entrance to find LB Davenport walking in covered in oil and grease stains standing with Bo and Luke. Jamie abruptly stops before she reaches the door where they stand for a moment as she slowly takes in the three tall men. “Uncle Bo!†she squeals in delight at seeing my other brother and she quickly hugs him tightly before lending LB a hug and Luke.

“How’s my favorite girl?†LB smiles at Jamie who straightens out her denim Tigger jumper as she silently takes in the three men before she shrugs and leads them back to me. “Hi Kristy,†LB smiles fondly at me as he reaches me to give me a friendly hug, “I take it she’s expectin’ someone other than us?â€

“Well,†Kristy sighs, fighting back her emotions that rush through her, “Garrett was suppose to be here an half hour ago to take them to the park so I can go to work. I have already called Hogg to say that I’d have to be late...he didn’t take too kindly to the news.â€

“I imagine not,†Luke scuffs from the door way, “he is never too understanding of other people’s problems when it may affect him.â€

“Well I don’t see why we can’t stay here with the kids while you go to work,†LB freely volunteers as he places a caring arm around Kristy’s tense shoulders, “and wait for Garrett, I am sure he’s fine. You know how he is.â€

“Yeah. . .†Kristy silently begins to say as she fights off the dread that seems to grow within her, “I just wish -“ Kristy is quickly interrupted by the loud ringing of the phone that hangs in the kitchen. “I’ve got it.†With a quick spin Kristy escapes the caring arm of LB and walks into the hall and into the spotless kitchen to the phone that rests in the corner of the counter. Taking the cordless phone off it’s cradle she says, “Hi, this is Kristy.â€

“Kristy,†Garrett’s thick voice is quick to answer full of worry and concern that he is obviously trying to hide.

“Garrett,†Kristy answer glaring through the hall and into the play room to find LB on his knees playing with Shay while Luke and Bo watch from a corner, “where are you? You OK?â€

“I’m OK,†he sighs and through the background Kristy can hear another voice, “I don’t want you to worry -“

â€It’s too late for that,†Kristy interrupts, “I am already worried, where are you?â€

“Look Kristy, I am fine,†Garrett’s voice regains strength, “but I am in jail.â€

“Jail!†Kristy yells in panic to send LB, Bo, and Luke glaring at me in their own fear, “What? Why?â€

“Calm down Kristy, I’m fine,†he attempts to comfort his older sister, “I really don’t know what this is about...I got pulled over in one of Coltrane’s speed traps and he found a couple of boxes of electronics...I think a CB radio and a tape player along with a small bag of money. I really don’t know how it got there...honest.â€

“Just like the time you got caught with the stolen CD players in Knoxville?†Kristy shoots back sarcastically as she fights to calm her temper, “Where they come from?â€

“Randall’s Electronics in town was broken into last night...electronics either stolen or broken and all the money gone,†Garrett slowly explains, “Kris...really, I didn’t do it this time, honest.â€

A long moment passes as Kristy grips the phone tightly to her ear while she slowly digests what he is telling her, fighting with the emotions that boil rapidly within her. “Ok you didn’t do it,†she slowly resigns, “what can we do to get you out? How about bail?â€

“I don’t know,†he sighs as he goes silent for a moment with some distraction on the other end of the line, “look Kris, I gotta go. . .I just wanted to let you know I am OK and where I am at. Tell Jamie and Shay sorry to break the plans. And Kris?â€

“Yeah?†Kristy tiredly answers as LB, Bo, and Luke slowly step into the kitchen.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,†Garrett answers, his voice quivers slightly before saying, “I’ll see ya. Bye.â€

“Bye,†Kristy numbly says before hearing the dial tone and slowly returns the phone back onto it’s hook. A short moment of silence fills the kitchen area as Kristy looks up at the three men that stand a foot away from her as if seeing them for the first time. “Garrett’s in jail,†she slowly responds, “Rosco found a couple of boxes of stolen electronic equipment under his seat while he stopped him in a speeding trap...and a small bag of money. I guess Randall’s Electronics got robbed last night.â€

“Damn it,†LB mutters to break the silence that slowly caves into the kitchen after hearing the news, “sounds like one of Hogg’s famous frame ups.â€

“Problem is,†Luke speaks up looking at Bo and then to Kristy, “is to prove it...it’ll be harder now to know that Garrett has a record.â€

Kristy numbly nods in agreement as she leans back against the counter for support while she listens to Jamie talking in the other room. “Well we’ve been faced with the likes of Hogg before,†LB responds looking around as he places another comforting arm around Kristy, “and we can do it again.â€

“Out of what?†a tiny voice rings out from behind Bo in the entry way, “Mom,†Jamie whines as she forces her way around Bo and Luke to snuggle tightly against Kristy, “where’s Garrett?â€

“Garrett is in a little trouble at the moment, sweetheart,†Kristy slowly responds as she picks up her daughter whose soft light brown hair tickles her nose, “they have him in jail right now.â€

“But we’ll get him out,†LB smiles as he runs a nervous hand through his thin reddish brown beard that runs under his chin, “we’ll get him out in no time.â€

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Bo stares coolly through the mud splattered windshield at the winding muddy dirt road as his mind slowly turns across the turn of events. Pull the wheel to the left to follow a sharp curve of the road, he can't help but to feel the prickle of excitement rush through him. Excitment he shouldn't be feeling, instead he should feel the panic the rest of his family is feeling now. On the birthcertificate, it had identified Garrett and him as twins; definately not identical, but twins none the less. Despite being twins, a large gap of difference settles between them, a difference that creates animosity between them both.

"Shoulda figured Hogg was up to something," Luke finally speaks up from the passenger seat to cut through the thick silence that had invaded between them in The General Lee, while the powerful engine purrs with strength and power, "things were too quiet around here for his likin'...no money stealing schemes of his for a while now...until last night that is."

Bo shrugs as he fights to hide the small flame of excitement at hearing his brother landing in the pit of trouble, where he generall found himself at. "Bound to happen sooner or later," Bo finally speaks up as his excitement slowly deflates within him, "at least it's not us this time."

"But your brother," Luke quickly thows back at him, his voice is thick with irritation, "damn it Bo! You two both act as if you don't care about one another, could care less what were to happen to the other!" the dark haired Duke runs a muscular hand through his thick hair, "Well it is about to end, I dont' care about your differences. . .you are going to help him out of this mess."

Bo shrugs as he continues to glare out through the windshield as he silently hears the lecture he knows is about to explode within the car from his cousin, the same lecture he hears about every day since Garrett came into Hazzard. "Fine I'll help him out of this mess, never said I was not going to help him," he silently says as he throws The General onto a concrete road, "y'all just figure I won't help, that I am enjoying this...well ok perhaps I am a little, but that don't mean I won't help. And another thing, you are forgetting the fact that he generally starts the fights between us, not me. When it is us in trouble, he enjoys it, laughs at it. You forget that?"

"I know," Luke lets out a long breath of air he had been holding in, "he starts it, but you can end it, ok? The bottom line is, is that you are brothers...family. Jesse is done putting up with the fighting, so am I."

Silence once again explodes between the two cousins as Bo slowly park their beloved car before staring at the tall proud brick sheriff's station. Powerful emotions rage angrily within him while his mind spins through the past year since he learned of Garrett and Kristy, seeing his twin up close and personal after they moved into Hazzard as a surprise to everyone. "Well," he finally speaks, fighting to keep his emotion out of his voice, "what we do now?"

"Go in and see what they got," Luke answers climbing out through the open window and Bo quickly climbs out his where he follows his older cousin up the rain splattered side walk into the wide halls of the court house. After a long moment of following the familiar trail, they walk into the sheriff's station without a knock.

"Ghee ghee," the local sheriff stutters in surprise as he fights with the papers on his desk, "shoulda known it was you two bursting in here without knocking. What ya want? We're closed for the day."

"Garrett," Bo quickly steps ahead of LUke and Luke sends him a questioning glare in surprise to hear Bo taking lead, "you know damn well he didn't steal nothin'...what's Hogg up to now anyways?"

"Hogg?" Sheriff Rosco Coltrane peers through piercing blue eyes up at the young Duke, "This has nothing to do with Hogg, but what I found in your brother's car. Now if that is all, I have work to do."

"No that's not all," Luke quickly spits out as his anger towards the sheriff is noticeable through his own bright blue eyes, "like Bo said, he didn't do it, and you know it. How much is bail?"

"Bail is in the process of being set," Rosco says withoug looking up, "look boys, you will have to come back in the morning if you want to see him...perhaps then we will have more news on bail. But til then, I suggest you go home or at least out of here or else you'll be joining him there."

"You threatenin' us?" Bo's temper flares in his dark blue eyes and Luke places a protective hand on his shoulder and Bo glances back at his cousin.

"Let's go cuz," Luke says before Bo loses his temper and does something stupid. Sullenly, Bo nods and they walk back out into the empty hall way, "we'll have to figure something out...find the real men that robbed that store last night...some evidence."

Bo silently nods as he follows Luke to the General Lee and climbs into the drivers seat to drive back to the old Duke farm.

(Cue anyone)

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Luke’s light blue eyes darted to the brown sign outside the county building.

The name ATELL intrigued the dark haired Duke man’s attention. “Hey Bo, I think we got another option.â€

“What’s that, cousin?†Bo asked. “Ask Miss Lynch to come over and flirt with Rosco the way Miss Tisdale does with Uncle Jesse.†He snorted.

“Not a bad idea,†Luke paused. “But lets try somethin’ different for a change.†He got out of the General. “C’mon Bo,†Luke said and jogged over to the entrance. The blond followed his cousin’s actions from getting out of the orange Dodge, then quick steps to the building.

The two were soon inside and at the door marked… Atell’s Bail Bonds.

“Hello fellas,†A.M. Daniels mildly greeted the Duke boys before the door closed behind them. “What can I help you with?â€

Bo gulped. He had expected Mr. Atell to be in his office not a pretty blonde. “Uh…â€

Luke cleared his throat and flashed a toothy smile at the woman. “Well – is Ale in?â€

“He’s in Macon until this evening,†She replied.

“Ok,†Luke and Bo both said. An awkward silence filled the reception area for several moments until an office door opened, and a trio of associates came out led by Daisy.

She looked just as surprised to see her male kin as they were surprised to see her. “What brings you boys here?†A petite red haired woman inquired.

“Our cousin is in trouble,†Luke stated the obvious. Why else would someone be at a place like this unless they had to be. A bail bonds agency wasn’t actually the local coffee house.

“What happened to Kris?†Daisy demanded. The thought of anyone hurting the sweet strawberry blonde family member made the younger woman unhappy.

“Not Kristy… Garrett.†Bo answered. After a glance to Luke, he told everyone else what was going on with his brother.

“Rosco probably told y’all that because the circuit judge isn’t available,†Heidi deducted. Her dark hair pulled back into a French braid. She looked to the woman at the desk. “I’ll go over and check on Garrett.â€

“That would be great,†Daisy smiled at her friend. Heidi noticed the expression on the boys faces and explained further. “Rosco will be more receptive to someone other than a Duke showing up in his office.â€

“Well, maybe I wanted to go.†Another woman standing by Daisy said.

“P.M., you’re suppose to be doin’ research to take your entrance exam,†A.M. reminded her twin sister.

“She can do that when we come back,†Heidi grabbed her friend’s hand and ran out the door, nearly knocking Bo and Luke over. That sent Daisy, A.M. , and Carleigh into laughter.

(cue anyone)

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"You're late!" Hogg's bushy eye brows furrow in anger as Kristy briskly walks into the sheriff's station, forcing her anger only to rise wildly within her.

"And you're the reason that I'm late!" Kristy angrily snaps at the round commissioner only to bring fire of anger into Hogg's dark brown eyes. "Don't look at me like that Hogg! Garrett was to take care of my children while I went to work for you today and seeing how you have him arrested. . .well he just can come and watch them as was planned. So I had to wait for help to come before leaving."

"And don't you talk to me like that! I am a figure in this town and I will be respected!" Hogg storms while chomping upon a fight cigar, "I want you in your office and I want those reports filed and edited by five tonight other wise you can kiss your job good bye!"

Kristy bites off her temper as she fights off the emotions that rush through her before her mind comes to what is now expected to her. It'd be impossible to finish off the reports in so little of time. "Don't you think that is kinda harsh Boss?" Sheriff Coltrane asks from his desk to bring Kristy's and Hogg's attention to him.

"Harsh? Whose side are you on Coltrane? Hell it was your idea to hire her in the first place!" Hogg snorts in disgust, "I should have expected this from you...this ain't harsh! You wanna see harsh? I can take her job right now and give it to a non Duke who won't cause me no trouble!"

"Ghee ghee!" Coltrane stutters while remaining seated in his chair, "I ain't sided with no one but you, Boss, you should know that. But you should know by now that Kristy is a valuable asset here and if you fire her we will be back to where we were before."

"So be it," Hogg throws daggers through angered dark brown eyes at Kristy, "I'd be getting to work if I were you!"

"Yes sir," Kristy glares at Hogg with her own Duke tempered green-blue eyes before grabbing at her purse and walks over to her closed door before slamming it closed behind her.

(cue anyone)

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As Kristy stormed out of the Courthouse, a black mustang convertible pulls up in front of Boss & Lulu's house a few minutes later.

Looking out the window at the newcomer, Lulu Hogg squeeled. "Vicki! What are you doing here?" she asked excitedly as she watched the petite redhead get out of the mustang.

"Nothing much, Lulu," replied the redhead. "Just needed to get away from Chickasaw County for a few days. It's been too hectic over there. Had two robberies at the bank there in the last week. I'm still after the people who did it."

"I'm glad that you're here now, Vicki. I'm sure that Rosco will be glad to see you too. Come on in. We have alot to talk about," Lulu said, taking Vicki's suitcase as they walked up the steps of the front porch of the house.

Cue: Whoever is ready! :D

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Daney sat in the studio alcove. She turned up the volume on the tape player that was clipped to her belt. The headset wire tangled in a small heap under the paper on her lap. Daisy’s choreography for tonight’s dance class.

All she had to do was time the dance moves to a song. Then so long as a client didn't call, she was free until later.

Daney stood up with the yellow paper in her right hand. She decided if the middle section worked, then the rest of it would too.

Ball change, catch step, snap and jazz square, hitch kick, chenes turn, release.

Syncopation matched.

The song reminded her of Garrett. He had a gruff exterior at times but he was pretty special like his sister Kristy.

The studio door burst open. P.M. ran into the room. “Looks good, but it ain’t gonna help Garrett.â€

Daney took the headphones off and laid them on the alcove bench. She glanced over her left shoulder. “What are you talkin’ about?â€

“Your cousin got arrested. Rosco’s holding him in the jail.†P.M. told the older woman.

“Explain it on the way.†Daney spun around, unconcerned with appearance. She stepped over to the desk and left the paper, grabbed her backpack. She followed the young law student out of the room, down the stairs and outside.

“Maybe you should’ve changed…†P.M. teased. She led the way out of the alley, then a shortcut over to the Sheriff’s Office.

Heidi was leaned against one of the pillars in front of the building.

“Find anythin’ out?†P.M. shouted.

Heidi shook her head. “No, but you yell like that again and it just might get Rosco outta the department.â€

“Look, I only came because I gotta pick up a paper from the register’s office.†P.M. glanced from Heidi to Daney.

“Maybe Emery won’t be able to find it and Rosco will have to help him.†Daney suggested.

“Works for me.†Heidi smiled. She then held the door open for the other two. The three walked down the hall and toward the register’s office.

(Cue Kristy. )

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Anger and frustration bubbles lively within Garrett's tired body as he stares blankly at the brick wall that lies opposite of the ratty old cot. How he wind up in this mess? In jail for something he knew he didn't commit? Hell, he hasn't exactly walked the straight line in Hazzard and definately not before, but he still hadn't stolen any electronics. But how did it wind up in his car? "Damn it," he mutters silently as he listens to the activity above him, "what now?"

Silence abruptly answers his spoken question as he remains staring at the wall while images of the road might lead him in the near future. Chills rush up and down his back at the thought of having to spend another night in another jail encounter. He had been caught and arrested twice in his past for two totally different incidents, his longest stay in jail had been a month and a half for stealing a box of electronics from a near by store. Hell, he had been guilty then. . .and deserved what he got. Not now.

Garrett abruptly looks at the stairs as the silence that had captured the sheriff's station upstairs is interrupted by the scraping of a door opening. Instictively, Garrett glances down at his watch and sighs that it isn't even close to being time for dinner. He sighs discouragedly as he forces himself to relax into the cot, leaning his back against the cold metal bars behind him.

Surprise thoroughly streaks through Garrett at the sound of footsteps beating upon the wooden flight of stairs that leads down to the floor of jail cells where he lies. Perhaps company? Garrett quickly shoves the thought out of his mind as he remembers Rosco blocking Kristy and not allowing her to come see him. 'Probably Rosco back to intergate me,' Garrett silently thinks, while watching the gated stair way in anticipation.

His expectations of finding Rosco walking down the stairs is thrown to an halt as Daney approaches the end of the stair way with concern etched in her face. "Daney," Garrett says aloud as he jumps off of his cot to walk to his locked jail door.

(Cue Daney)

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“Garrett,†Daney smiled at her blonde cousin. The other two had gone to the register’s office, then the Sheriff had been called down there. She didn’t think Rosco would have a problem with her being down in cell area. He had been pleasant in the hallway, something about going to an afternoon police seminar in the city.

“I have to admit, I thought about bustin’ you outta here. The problem with that is, if any more robberies happen,†She stared respectfully at him. “It could land you in more trouble,†She said gently and placed her back pack on the floor, then started to unzip it. “So it’s up to you…I can get you out or,†Her left hand pulled out a small case. “Leave you something so you can escape later if you don’t want to now.â€

Her eyebrows arched, noticing the expression on Garret’s face. She wasn’t sure what his decision he made by the way his fingers gripped the metal bars. He didn’t seem as tense, but some folks were good at hiding their emotion.

“It’s your choice…â€

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**About 30 minutes earlier...**

While Daney was talking to Garrett at the jail, back at Boss's & Lulu's house, Lulu was talking to her & Rosco's god-daughter Vicki about everything that has been happening in Hazzard since Vicki left to take that temporary job with Sheriff Little in Chickasaw...

"So--you're telling me that Rosco is trying to find out who has been doing the robberies around here?" asked the redhead surprised.

"Yeah, that's about it, I guess, honey," said Lulu, taking a sip of her coffee.

"That is what is happening in Chickasaw right now too, Lulu. That is why Sheriff Little talked me to working for him for a little while...to help him solve the string of robberies there," said Vicki, taking a sip of her iced tea then added, "I only came when you called me to tell me that you had some news to tell me that I'm not going to like too much."

--> Just then, Rosco came walking in the door.

Lulu looked up and saw her younger brother. "Rosco, tell Vicki what is going on."

Rosco grinned excitedly at Vicki. "Sure, Lulu. Perhaps, maybe you'll like to come to the jailhouse and see who I have in there for the recent robberies. It's a friend of yours."

Vicki rolled her blue-gray eyes at Rosco. "Oh, no! What have you done now?" Vicki asked surprised as she followed Rosco outside...

(Cue: Whoever is ready! :wink: )

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Garrett grips tightly onto the metal bars that entraps him within the small cell as he fights to contain the excitement that bubbles through him. Excitment at the thought of someone coming to help him, someone willing to help bust him lose. Abruptly, his excitement is deflated as his sister comes to mind, at how upset she would be seeing him taking advantage of thier cousin's generousity. Daney was making a big risk by even suggesting to help bust him lose. . .if only Rosco would walk down the steps now, she'd be sharing the cell with him. Not alone if she was caught in the act.

"I can't believe I am going to say this," Garrett runs a nervous finger across his thick, long scar, "I'd love getting out of this dump and watching the reaction of the joke you call your law around here, but I don't want you to get in trouble."

He allows silence to fall between them as he takes in his cousin while thinking of freedom. "I'll take what you got to bust me out later, that way," he pauses, "hopefully they can't trace it back to you. Thank-you."

(Cue Daney or anyone)

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"You're welcome." Daney slid the small plastic case between two of the bars. She zipped the backpack closed with her right hand, held one strap between her palm and fingers. It was slung over her shoulder, then she stood up. "Inside is somethin' that should work to jimmy the lock open."

She stared at Garrett. He would rather be the only one to get in trouble, then risk something harming people he cared about. Especially Kristy. "If all goes well, you'll be outta here by nightfall." She paused. "And please don't be so hard on Rosco, you know he really can't help some of the things he has to do..."

She noticed Garret's eyebrows raise. Sometimes that happened where everyone had their own opinion of the same person. It all depended on their experience. Inspite of Rosco or anyone else coming down the stairs, she waited to see what Garret had to say. If he wanted to meet somewhere or something.

(cue Garrett)

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Garrett allows the silence to accelerate within the humid jail cell as his mind continues to wonder quickly from thought to thought before settling on a thought. For a short moment, he silently thinks about Daney's statement, of not being too hard on Rosco. Glancing down at the case he slowly leaves the thought of Rosco behind to wonder through ideas on how and when to escape. Night shouldn't be too far long away now and the local law should be on their way home, that is unless Rosco orders a deputy to guard him.

"So," he begins as he looks up at Daney from the case that rests in his hands, "you wanna meet somewhere later on? If not, I could always find somewhere to -"

Abruptly he is cut off as foot steps begin to thunder above on the floor within the sheriff's station. Garrett quickly eyes Daney with heavy worry for her safety, for her freedom before his attention is drawn to the open stair way where heavy foot steps begin to fall, growing closer by the second.


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Daney grabbed her backpack quickly, heart pounding faster than the thumps on the staircase. She saw Garrett’s reaction. She half smiled, positive that the Sheriff’s Office hadn’t been updated with the latest surveillance equipment. Thankful for his concern. An idea came to her quickly incase it was Rosco or Enos.

“Well, the train to Grinder’s Switch is running right on time…†She sang hinted where someone would be waiting if Garrett did escape. The crossing was about a mile from the town square.

The average size suited figure at the chain link barrier that separated the room from the stairwell clapped their hands. “Nice, you have a routine to that?†A raspy voice inquired.

Daney nodded. She didn’t recognize the person at all. She figured he was someone who had business with Boss Hogg. Hazel eyed attention darted to Garrett to see if he knew who this person was. “The county commissioner’s room is upstairs.†She said matter of factly.

(cue Garrett)

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Garrett nods silently to himself as he forces himself to listen to the thoughts that courses through him while watching Daney slowly begins to walk away. A small smile begins to spread across Garrett's face as Daney continues to walk away and begins to sing her hint of where to run.

Abruptly her singing comes to a stop as a raspy male's voice speaks out to her, to grab Garrett's attention. Glaring through the gate a tall broad shoulder man stands with thick coal black hair and piercingly dark eyes. Catching Daney's look back, Garrett shrugs his shoulders to indicate his lack of knowledge of who the man is.

"Thank-you ma'am," the raspy voice speaks up from the tall man as Daney indicates where Hogg's office is located at, "but I'm not here to see him. . .I'm here to see the young man down there."

Garrett abruptly glances back up at him from glaring down at the ground as he grows alert at hearing the man's response. Garrett watches in silence while he watches the tall man make his way past Daney to walk towards where Garrett is locked up at.

Garrett glares coldly at the strange man while the man's dark eyes seems to pierce through him. "I don't know who you are," Garrett is the first to speak up, "so why you here to see me? What you want?"

"Ah you just jump down to it," the man smiles boldly at him while he grabs the near by wooden stool and sits down, "well as to who I am, that is to no concern or business to you. What I want is you."

Anger and frustration soars through Garrett as he looks up at Daney to find her still standing where the man had left her. "Well first of all. . .I am locked up and therefore no one can have me," Garrett turns his attention back to the man, "and second of all...no one has me to start out with."

The man glares angrilly at Garrett for a long moment before breaking the silence, "Well I am sure you already have a plan for escaping, but if not, I can give you a hand at escaping. But I think it is in your best interest if you were to do what -"

"I don't need no help from anyone I don't know," Garrett abruptly interupts him, "and if you are threatening me...you are threatening the wrong person! I don't know who you think you are, but - "

"It don't matter who I am, but what you will do for me!" he abruptly jumps up, staring angrily at Garrett through demanding eyes before glaring up to Daney where she stands, "I think it would be nice if you were to leave us alone for a few minutes, ma'am."

Garrett glances from him and back to Daney as his mind wonders within him of what the man wants and who he is. "I'll meet you when I get the chance later on," Garrett finally answers the unasked question, not wanting her to get hurt if it were ever to turn to that.

(Cue Daney)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Daney’s jaw dropped slightly at Garrett replying in front of the unknown man. The black haired stranger appeared amused. Was he changing his mind about what he had come for?

The man glanced from the blond male to the satin sleeveless unitard (neck to ankle leotard) attired brunette female. The dark material matched the green of hazel eyes that stared at him.

“Alright,†Daney acknowledged Garrett. Her jazz shoes making no noise, as she went toward the stairway. “It was nice meetin’ you…†She paused and waited to see if the dark haired man would offer his name.

It wasn’t given by the time Daney made it to the first step. “Take care, primo.†She spoke quietly. She glanced over her shoulder and slowly crept up the stairs.

Stopping when she couldn’t see the downstairs area, but might possibly be able to hear snippets of the conversation between Garrett and the man.

(cue Kristy)

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Garrett listens to his heart thuddering powerfully within him while he watches Daney slowly disappearing from where she once was. Staring at the dark and empty stair way he silently wonders if she will do as she is told or has gone within the shadows of the corners somewhere. A small smile slowly creeps across his face as he silently realizes that she is as much a Duke as anyone else is, meaning she hasn't listened as she was told to do.

"What you grinnin' at boy?" the man's powerful voice boomerrangs within the small basement of cells to bring Garrett's attention back to him.

"Nothin'," Garrett slumps further down into his cot while glaring willfully at the man sitting on the stool, silently daring him to make his move, "just tryin' to make sense of all that you are sayin', cause so far, you haven't said nothin'."

"A smart ass, eh?" the broad shouldered stranger says while shaking his head in disappointment, struggling to fight loose from Garrett's cold and long glare, "Well then you better grow some smarts, boy, and begin to understand what I am talking about. . .about what I want." He pauses for a long moment as he glares up the shadow covered stair way before glaring back at Garrett, "I think if you were to listen you would learn that we all want the same thing." He shrugs, "Me and my boys have been following you pretty close and I think I got the jist of who you are and what motivates you. If I know you, you are going to bust lose and break free from this dump, maybe meet that friend of yours some place."

"You know nothin' 'bout me," Garrett straightens up as he feels his body growing tense at the man's change in attitude and change in voice, "and you still haven't tol' me what you want."

"I know more than what you think and if you'd shut your trap I'd get to what I want," the stranger snaps as he angrily grabs ahold of a metal bar, "When you bust out of here, you are going to ditch that woman friend of yours and meet up with me at my hideout...if you don't bust out, I will help you get outta here. I'll then tell you what I want from you."

"What makes you so sure I'll do as you say?" Garrett says, his voice full of attitude, "Because I am not about to go meet up with you or any of your boys no matter what you say."

A thin evil smile creeps across the man's handsome face as he staples his fingers up against his chiseld chin. "Oh sure you will," the smile grows as a flame flickers within his dark eyes, "because if you don't show up at my hideout by midnight tonight, the next time you see Shay, Jamie, and Kristy will at thier funeral. Too bad it'll have to be all closed baskets."

"Don't you dare touch them!" Garrett instantly is thrown to his feet in anger and in fear, "I don't know who the hell you think you are or what you want, but you don't mess with them! You mess with -"

"Then what?" he shrugs, "I getta deal with you? You're nothin' compared to the likes I have dealt with. I'll see you comin' a mile away and squish you like the bug you are."

"I ain't scared of you," Garrett puts up his brave front, "or your men...I've dealt with the likes of you before I came down to this hick town. You come within a mile of my family and I'll -"

"I know more about you than you know me, you know nothing about me to be saying you've dealt with the likes of me. I've ran down your past and know who you hang out with and all the trouble you have been in... and I'm a whole lot worse than the men you've faced," the stranger pauses to allow the thought to sink in, "you've got two options you can continue with your bravery and watch the slaughter of your sister and her children or you can do what is best for everyone and come to my hideout," he leans close the bars to grab onto Garrett's shirt and yank him tightly against the bars to whisper their hideout in Garrett's ear before shoving him forcefully back. "It's your choice Garrett...you have til midnight sharp to meet me and my boys...you not there you face the consequences."

The stranger gives Garrett a daring smile over his shoulder as he heads towards the stair way. As he begins to walk up the stairs he yells over his shoulder, "I'll be seeing you."

(Cue Daney...or anyone)

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BALLADEER: "Can things get any worse?"

With the stranger unaware, Vicki had overheard everything as she was listening from outside the jail cell window. The stranger's voice had sounded vaguely familiar, like she knew him from somewhere.

Even though this stranger might be somebody she knows, Vicki knew that this stranger cannot be trusted.

She knew that she, Daney, and everyone else needs to come up with a plan to help Garrett clear his name.

To do that, Vicki knew that she needed to stay around Hazzard for a little while longer, and to find out what this stranger wants, and the only way to do that is to ask him herself.

Just thinking about it, Vicki rushes towards her car in the chilly pitch black night air, hopefully waiting for the stranger to leave...

Several hours later, the stranger walks down the sidewalk towards the Courthouse. He stopped in front of the jail cell window, wondering if Garrett Duke was going to escape out of there. The stranger cauitiously walked in a direction of an dark alley without being seen by anyone or so he thinks that is.

As the stranger walked around, the sun was nearly down completely, and everything was almost pitch black. Like the small town had been deserted for the night.

Even at Cooter's Garage, where there is always a light on, the place is pitch black.

Without a moon, there were no shadows. Beyond the occasional streetlight or headlights of a car, it was a soot-black night.

The stranger walks up to a pay phone and dials a number.

"Hello...yeah, everything is fine...I think that this boy will take the bait, unless his cousins get in the way...I'll be at the hideout in about 30 minutes just as soon as I steal a car...see you soon...bye," said the stranger as he hung up the telephone and stepped out of the phone booth.

As the stranger walked along an alley, an arm snaked out from behind him and grabbed him in a stranglehold as she put her black gloved hand over his nose & mouth. In her other hand, she jabbed something hard against his ribs.

"Not a sound..." said a woman with a raspy, hissed voice in his ear as she dragged him through the alley then added as she took her gloved hand away from his mouth, "Do as your told until we get to that car parked across the street."

"Yeah...yeah, whatever you say," said the stranger, nodding his head slowly, surprised with the woman's forcefulness as he walked slowly with the woman across the street to her car.

In the dim streetlight, he thought that he had seen this car before somewhere. As the woman started the car in the near pitch black night, the stranger looks at her closely. She looked vaguely familiar to him.

"Do I know her from somewhere?" the stranger thought to himself, looking out the windshield noticing that they were heading out of town...

**CUE: Daney, Kristy, or anyone! :wink: **

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Mommy," Shay's tiny voice penetrates the silence that had accumulated within the small confines of the old farm's kitchen. Taking a deep breath to bring herself back into reality from her distant thoughts, Kristy slowly takes her soft caring greenish blue eyes away from the small window that hangs above the kitchen sink.

"Yeah Shay?" Kristy slowly answers as she struggles to fight back her deep emotions that rage wildly within her. Glancing down at Shay a small smile slowly creeps across her soft face as his innocence and love seems to radiate off of his small body. Looking at her children had always seemed to make things better, make the black storm clouds above to lessen or to disappear; at least for the moment.

"More," Shay grins up at Kristy, displaying the few small teeth he has while holding up his red sippee cup for Kristy to see.

"Again?" Kristy forces a playful smile at her son who nods his thin brightly blond head up at her, while staring at her with loving bright blue eyes, "What do you say?"

"Please," he grins up at her again to shove her fears and anger aside and to replace it with love and happiness that her children seem to bring her with only a smile.

"OK," Kristy gently grabs the cup while standing up and shoves the yellow lid off the plastic dup while walking over to the aging refridgerator. Grabbing the apple juice away from the top shelf and beginning to struggle with opening the cap she asks, "Where's your sister?"

"Jamie with LB," Shay answers half understandably while the other half remains only understandable to those who have gotten to know Shay, to understand him.

Kristy nods while pouring him a half cup full of juice and puts on the yellow lid before giving it back to Shay. Putting the plastic container of apple juice back into the fridge, she asks, "What do you say now?"

"Tank-you," Shay giggles before taking a long drink of his juice while beginning to walk out of the kitching.

Taking a deep breath in attempt to fight off the emotions within her, Kristy silently follows him into the small hallway and into the play room where she finds her four and a half year old daughter sitting upon the carpetted floor playing tea party with LB and a few of her favorite dolls.

"More tea please," LB speaks up within the silent play room while sitting cross legged in holey and stained tight faded blue jeans in front of a spread out yellow blanket.

"Dark tea or light tea?" Jamie returns LB's question with another question as she twirls her soft light brown hair with her right index finger, her hair pulled back into two tight pig tails.

"Um I think I'll stick with what I had, that was pretty good," LB answers as he rubs his brissly chin as if in deep thought, "the dark tea."

"OK," Jamie says in a giddy voice as she reaches over and grabs a bright white and round plastic pitcher with flowers on the sides to pour it into LB's bright pink cup, "there you go."

"Thank-you," LB smiles at the young girl as he pretends to take a drink from the plastic cup, "Mmmm this is good. You are the best tea maker I have ever known!"

A smile of admiration and love breaks across Kristy wary face as she watches her young daughter take another drink from her own plastic pink cup and at watching LB Davenport play so gentle with her; showing his love and care despite them not being his kids. "I know," Jamie finally responds proudly, "I'm the best around."

"I know you are," LB agrees with Jamie as Shay waddles over to sit next to LB, leaning an elbow upon LB's greasy knee. "Oh we've got company again. You want some tea, Shay? Tea and apple juice goes well together."

"Tea," Shay smiles while reaching over to grab another cup, knocking over they yellow pitcher.

"Shay!" Jamie abruptly yells in anger at the tipped over cup, "you've just spilled light tea...you better clean it up right now!"

"Oh Jamie, it was an accident," LB answers as he picks up the pitcher and sits up it up right, "besides it wasn't full, you must have drank it all. You were really thirsty!"

Jamie's anger quickly turns to giggling as she looks at the pretend spilled tea and up at LB with love and excitement in her soft green-blue eyes. "Oh that's right," she speaks up, "I better make more!"

Silence falls over the blanket of cups and pretent cookies and tea while Jamie leans over and pretends to make more tea into the pitcher. "Mommy's sad," Shay's weak voice breaks into the silence once again and LB looks over at him in concern who points up at Kristy who remains in the entry way of the room, watching with interest.

"Thank-you Shay," he grins slightly at the small toddler as he stiffly stands up from sitting upon the floor, "may I be excused, Jamie? I need to talk to your mom about something."

"I know I know...Uncle Garrett," she rolls her big eyes at the intrusion before eyeing her younger brother, "OK you can be excused...Shay can take your place. Here Shay...you can have dark tea and a chocolate cookie."

"Cookie!" Shay giggles again as LB playfully runs a hand through Shay's thin hair before slowly walking towards Kristy who's attention remains on her children.

"Hey Kris," LB softly speaks up as he rests a long muscular hand upon Kristy's petite shoulder before drawing her into a hug, "Garrett's a big kid, he can look after his own."

"I know he is," Kristy slowly responds as they seperate before they walk into the kitchen with LB's arms around his shoulders, "but you don't know how he was before he came to Hazzard. I knew it was only a matter of time before -"

"So you believe he did this?" LB interrupts her in disbelief as he leads Kristy to a chair, "Have you ever considered that he didn't steal those electronics? I mean this is Hazzard...and that is what Hogg is good at; framing people of what they didn't do...especially Dukes."

"So you've said and I really hope that he didn't do this. He has no reason to do that," Kristy takes a deep breath, "but he was found with stolen property a few years before we came to town...Garrett's been in a load of trouble in the past. I wouldn't put anything past him." Kristy pauses once again as she looks over LB's grease stained long sleeved shirt, "I thought Hazzard has changed him, but why whould it? He don't feel like he fits in, he'd rather be in Atlanta with his hoodlum friends...maybe" she sniffles, "maybe he figures if he finds himself in trouble here too, that dad will come to his rescue and force him back to Atlanta so dad could keep an eye on him."

Silence fills the kitchen as Shay's and Jamie's laugher fills the silent house before LB pats Kristy on the knee to bring her attention onto him. His deeply crazy filled green eyes are filled with worry and sadness. "Well then that was his choice and it is him that should pay for the crime, not you to worry about," LB pauses, "but I also wouldn't put it past Hogg to do this or one of his business buddies. Don't give up on Garrett now or start believing in the worse scenerios out there."

"Yeah maybe," Kristy says, her voice filled with dread and regret, "I hope you're right...maybe we could, or someone could prove otherwise. But if -"

"No ifs Kristy," LB shook his head, "Garrett doesn't seem the person to do what he is claimed of doing. Maybe he's done it before, but now? You think he wants to put himself away and not be able to play with Shay or Jamie again? He loves them too much to just put them aside."

"I know...I just keep going to his wild past and how much he hates being here. I don't mean anything against you or anybody really...it's not his kinda place; he don't feel like he fits in with Uncle Jesse and them guys and doesnt' really hang out with anyone. Back in Atlanta or when he was in the Army he had friends...friends that brought him into trouble, but friends nonetheless," she sighs while listening to Jamie in the play room, "I just hope that he will be ok...that he'll make it through this."

"He's a big boy and can take care of himself...he's done it in the past, why now be different?" LB stands up to walk behind Kristy to begin to massage her tense shoulders, "If he can handle the state pen he can definately handle Hazzard's jail system and believe me, we'll get him outta there before he is moved anywhere else. It just takes time. You just worry too much...let Garrett do the worrying, you need to be here for the kids...and me."

LB smiles at her before giving her a soft gentle kiss on the cheek and Kristy slowly gives him a hug. "Thank-you," she says wiping at her face, "I'd be lost without you."

"I know you would," a large smile grows upon LB's ruggedly handsome face, "good thing I found you when I did, huh?"

"Of course," a thin smile spreads across Kristy's face as her emotions seem to settle again within her, "Let's go check on the children."

(Cue anyone)

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  • 2 months later...

Bo and Luke came dragging in at 12:30, when they'd realized it was too late to get Garret out of jail legally, and they sure as heck didn't want to get him into any more trouble.

Bo smiled when he saw his girlfriend, Beth, sitting on the couch. "Hey, Baby."

"Hey," she replied. "I got a call from Kris, so I came over. Let's take a walk."

Bo nodded, and let her take his hand. The two of them walked side by side out to the creek on the edge of Duke's property. Beth clung to Bo's hand, not wanting to let go.

"Dang it, Beth. I hate myself right now."

"Why, Bo? Why on earth would you hate yourself?"

"Because...Because Garrett's my brother. My twin. And I don't give a dang about him. If it was up to me, I don't even know if I'd try to get him out. I... I love Luke more than I do him, and he's my brother. He and Kris are all I have left of my momma and daddy. And I can't believe I feel like this."

Beth's blue eyes rested on Bo's. Nothing about her expression was condemning. "I understand, Bo. At least partially. I've seen the way your cousins are treating Garrett. You feel like they've forgotten you. You feel like he's come in and changed everything you've ever believed in. But he hasn't, Bo. Please give him a chance to prove himself to you."

Bo smiled half-heartedly. "OK, Beth. But only 'cause you asked me too."

"I love you, Bo. And nothin' will ever change that. I'll never give that kind of love to your brother. I hope that helps."

Bo gave her a long kiss. "It sure does."

The crack of a twig startled them, and they turned to look in the woods. They saw nothing...

(Cue somebody...anybody!)

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  • 1 month later...

Bo blinked in surprise and put a protective arm around Beth’s waist at a new figure's arrival disrupting their time alone.

“Hey, cousin. Beth.†Daisy said quietly. “Cooter called. Rosco and Enos are on their way to the farm,†She paused, noticing the attentive look on the young couple’s faces. “Luke is headed over to Panda’s place until this thing clears over. Thought I’d see if y’all wanted to go before I left too,†She took a breath before continuing. “Cooter also said that Sunshine reported seein' Garrett near the railroad track crossing on Oak Street.â€

(cue Beth!)

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"Good Lord, Daisy, you nearly scared us to death!" Bo said. "I'm just glad it was you."

Beth took Bo's hand. "Come on, honey. We've got to get back and find Garrett."

"Beth..." he looked at her for a moment, the pleading look in her blue eyes clearly getting to him. "OK."

Daisy smiled. "Come on, y'all. We'll take the Jeep. Luke's got General Lee."

Bo nodded, and the three of them walked up the hill together.

(Cue anybody who wants to do something here...lol)

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  • 1 month later...

Exhaustion ripples across Garrett's numb body as he stares blankly down at the old, rusted rail road tracks. Kicking a large rock as he slowly walks alongside the old tracks, his mind slowly winds within; rushing from the words of the stranger to the future. Questions soon follow, questions of who the man was and what he wants. Garrett has dealt with mean and big guys before without showing much fear, but he had always known what he was up against. He knows nothing about the man at the prison or what he wants; he will be facing him and his men blindly.

Lighting a cigarette with an old lighter, his mind freezes upon the tall muscular man that had visited him; the man's thick voice vibrating lively within him. Each threatening word seems to drill his fear deeper within him, fear for his sister and her children. "Damn it," Garrett angrily kicks at the rock as he senses his vulnerability; he has to do as the man says. For a moment his mind latches onto a memory of the past, back when he was running with his friends in Knoxville. If it was like it had been back then, the stranger wouldn't have a hold on him as he does now; because in Knoxville he had fit in, had belonged. In Hazzard, Garrett felt more like an outsider.

Watching the large rock bounce harshly against a metal track and richochets across the tracks, Garrett slowly steps out his cigarette. Glancing up into the dark night, a large glow of a light lingers feet away with a dark, tall threatening shadow standing boldly in the middle of the light. The stranger. Fear and anger continue to rage within him as thoughts of the past and future rush through him. Refusing to show any trace of emotion, Garrett boldly steps forward and toward the threatening man.

(Cue Daney or anyone)

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The dark haired man smiles mirthfully at the Duke who kept his word. “You could take lessons from this fella.†He calls to an accomplice.

“Screw off!†The other person mutters. Wavy ginger locks tumble onto his forehead. Sunburned left hand slides the hair back in place. Blue – green eyes notice Garret’s unchanging expression. “Your sister and her kids are alright.â€

“We aren’t here for dance class.†Dark eyes flicker attention between blond and auburn men. The voice rambles, a postcard is held out for Garrett.

(cue Garrett, please.)

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Garrett watches the two men for a short silent moment while feeling his anger rush thickly through him. Feeling the coolness of the night brushing against his clammy skin, chills rush across his body while his thoughts rush wildly through him; struggling to recall what had led him here. The stolen electronics. Of which, he had nothing to do with; he had been just as puzzled and shocked as Rosco acted to be when he had searched the trunk.

"They better be better than OK, you dumb jackass!" Garrett angrily hisses as he stumbles past the extended post card to clench tightly onto the man's tight fitting shirt. Abruptly one of the leader's guards quickly and harshly grabs a handful of hair, yanking Garrett away from the leader to throw him forcefully onto the dusty ground. Pain flairs through Garrett as he begins to repeatedly kick him in the chest, stomach, and in the face. Struggling to reposition himself under the man's heavy booted foot, Garrett watches the boot coming in and out for a short moment, ignoring the pain, before abruptly reaching out and yanks the man's foot out from under him. Silence explodes through the dark night as the large man collapses onto the ground besides Garrett with a large thud, letting out a short cry of pain.

Garrett slowly and stiffly gets up as the other guard quickly begins to move in as the other slowly stands up. "Enough!" the leader barks and the two men turn their attention back to him, "Garrett's smart, he's learned his lesson. Haven't you boy? You don't mess with me."

Garrett glares coldly at the leader and his two goons for a long silent momente while feeling a slight trickle of blood dripping down from his nose and from his forehead. "Look. I'm here...what you want?" Garrett slowly responds, taking a step back from them, eyeing them cautiously.

"First of all, this is for you," once again the leader extends the post card, taking a couple of steps closer to Garrett to wave it in his face before Garrett warily takes it from him. "Read it now and I will proceed with instructions."

Garrett allows silence to move in between them as his eyes continue to stare through the three large men, his mind rambling for a way to escape. After a short moment he takes a small step back to disappear from the darkness and into the small lighting of the old shack-like building.

The cover of the post card shows a picture of Mickey and Goofey with the emblem of DisneyLand in the lower left corner. Turning the cover he finds the back to be covered in thick black ink, in sloppy hand writting. Silently reading the sloppy hand writing, Garrett could hear his own heart thuddering angrily within me as the words send his mind spinning within him.

Finishing reading what was wrote, he rereads it, before letting it all sink in to send his anger accelerating within him. As of the post card, the leader pretty much now controls him...what he does and how he thinks. He is to be their new member or he'll be losing a sister. It is up to him to help them stir trouble in Hazzard by robbing other stores as they had already hit...up to him, to help them escape.

"If you think," Garrett interrupts the silence as he steps back into the darkness, "that I will go along with you and do what you do, you can forget it!"

"OK," the leader shrugs, motioning to his two associates, "Hank and Zeb." The two men step threatenly close to Garrett who attempts walk away only to step into another muscular man that stands three inches taller than Garrett. "Meet Marv there Garrett. Why don't the three of you take him back to his place and have him watch the death of his sis -"

"You leave her out of this!" Garrett yells as he pushes the first two away from him, "She has nothing to do with this...I have nothing to do with you! I don't even know who you are!"

"Don't matter who I am just as long as you are in with us," the leader shrugs stepping closer to him, "it's up to you...you're with us or they'll get to work right away." He pauses for a while to glance through the dark night, "As of you...we know you and your style. We are old friends with an associate of yours in Knoxville, that is what led us down here; you. We like what we heard and now like what we see in you. You with us or should they get to work?"

Garrett stares coldy at him for a long moment as his mind returns to his past, trying to think of the associate he was talking about. "Rocker," Garrett slowly speaks aloud of a dangerous man he had ran around with, a powerful man who knew how to use about any gun or knife invented and wasn't afraid to use them.

"He thought you may guess him," the leader smiles, "So, what is it gonna be?"

A shiver rushes through Garrett at the thought of him being friends with Rocker. Garrett had ran around with him and proud to belong with him and his group of friends, to belong you had to be someone he approved of before hand, you had to earn his respect. Now, after a couple of years away and in Hazzard, the likes of him only brings fear of the power they hold. Knowing the kind of person he is now, Garrett is certian they won't think twice of killing or torturing Kristy. "Don't you even touch her!" Garrett spits at them angrily, "It infiriates me that Rocker would turn you to me...and then you go back on him to threaten me! Maybe I should go back to Knoxville and tell him what you are doing!"

"You wouldn't," the leader fights to block Garrett's bluff.

"Oh I would and he'd be down here in a heartbeat to beat the snot out of all of you! Y'all know it!" Garrett yells, stepping confidently towards them, "I know Rocker for years and he don't change...he may be one of the dirtiest people I know, but the one thing he has is respect for friends and their family. I'd like to see what he'd do to the likes of you!"

For a moment fear enters the leader's eyes before he returns to his emotionaless state. "Go for it, but at the end you'd be watching the death of your sister," he shrugs again, "you make the call."

For a long moment Garrett stares at him and his men, allowing thoughts to rush through him. He could always make a sneak away to Knoxville after agreeing. "I'm in," he reluctantly replies, "and if you even touch my sister and her kids, you'll be regretting it heavily!"

"As long as you're with us...you have no worries," he grins as he pats Garrett on the back before Garrett shoves him away.

(Cue anyone)

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Enos sat on the courthouse steps, softly whistling to himself. There were just some things he was never gonna understand.

His boots tapped on the cement. The deputy had gone over all the reports received in the last hour.

He had gotten used to things being complicated when it involved any of the Dukes. So it was no surprise that Garrett had managed to find a way out of the jail cell. He was pretty sure Bo and Luke had not helped Garrett. Kristy wouldn’t risk her job. Daisy was the most likely candidate. Enos sighed.

The index finger of each hand rubbed a temple in general frustration. Tears moistened his eyelashes, blue eyes peeked around. His shoulders heaved up and down, his breath hitched…

* * *

Rosco sat in a patrol car. Somehow the Dukes had all alluded capture. None of them had been at the farmhouse. Far as he knew, Boss had made no plans with anyone to frame anyone. The Sheriff rubbed at a spot of dirt on the dashboard.

“Achoo…†He sneezed. His other hand came up to cover his mouth. “Achooo!†The second utterance muffled. His hand slid off the dash, over the steering wheel, then to a handkerchief in a pants pocket. The thin white cotton material was wiped quickly across his face, and then tossed on the floor mat.

“Woof!†Flash barked as if in protest of Rosco’s movement.

“Hush, darlin’,†blue eyes darted toward where his beloved pet lay snuggled on the passenger seat. He hesitantly smiled. “You wouldn’t happen to know anythin’?†A low growl made Rosco pause momentarily, and adjust his position in the seat. “Guess not-†His weary head leaned back against the cold glass. Eyelids fluttered together.

Flash turned her head to the sound of raindrops on the window as Rosco fell asleep, his thoughts on the case.

(cue anyone!)

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