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I like but just because I might be related to General Grant, his mothers maiden name was Schuetzow and that was my Grandmother's maiden name my Father's side of family. Oh by the way I did a !/25 scale Concorde version of with the artwork done by my father, and I just got the research for the flag and stuff. It started out as a great wandering one night a couple of years ago. I entered it in a model show and everybody was amazed by it and wandering about it didn't win but everybody like thow.

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the general grant does look cool - but it is trying to be too much like the lee in my opinion

at least state side you have better taste in DOH rip offs - try a Yugo 311 done up like the lee - it is painful to see

i will not even bother posting up a pic (if i had one) - it is evil - i leave notes on the windsheild saying STOP DISRESPECTING THE GENERAL LEE - never listen though

on the thing about family inventions - here is one that i always thought was a good idea but it ruins the fun of a car - my grandfather invented ABS

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