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Favorite Bo Quotes

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On 3/31/2007 at 7:33 AM, BoJamesDuke said:

OKay, this is one of the best things John did in the show and its his impressions of Rosco. They are so awsome.

This one comes from Sky Bandits over Hazzard in Season 7

Guy: Tri County Armoured Transport

Bo: This is Sheriff Roscooo P. Coltrane callin', shame shame everybody knows your name.

G: Oh Sheriff this is Mr. Baker, I'm concerned over my bank shipment over to Capitol City this afternoon.

B: Oh tiddly tuddly, I don't blame ya...

G: After those other two hold ups I can't afford to let anything go wrong...

B: Widjit! Other two hold ups?!

G: O'course shriff I called ya about the one outside a'Greenville, don't ya remember?

B: Are you kiddin' me fella o'course I remember, i'm a highly trained officer o'the law I remmber things like that, s'been busy round here!

G: I'd like you to give our armoured truck from capitol city an escort through Hazzard County just in case those crooks are still in the area. It's leaving at 3:15.

B: Dooo that's a big 10-4, Sheriff Roscoooo P. Coltrane's on the job them criminals in trouble, big big big trouble...if there's a flaw in the slaw i'll find it! Dooo i'm gone!

(hangs up)

Then the next one I dont remember rightly where it comes from but he goes.

Luke: I don't like that little giggle of Rosco's...

Bo: Didn't sound no different to me... *gives the same noise Rosco did* See, just stupid.


2nd one is from Season 2 Days of Shine and Roses.

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On 1/13/2010 at 12:56 AM, GeneralLeeGirl said:

Some of my favs are

From High Octane

Bo: Think we ought to give her mouth-to-mouth recreation?

Luke: You mean resuscitation

Bo: Yeah, but I think I'm a whole lot closer to the truth!

From Limo One is Missing

Bo: We'll be good so long as we don't have to stop for gas again, There couldn't have been more than a gallon of gas in that can.

Luke: In a one gallon can, no kiddin!

From... umm.. Good Neighbors Duke?

Bo: Luke's got a plan. I don't know what it is, so I'm just gonna go along for the ride and smile pretty. Maybe throw out a couple yee-haws. Y'all in?

I can't remember this one... The one with the ugly waitresses at the Boars Nest. And both Bo and Luke wind up with one in the end.

Luke: She walks like a trucker!

Bo: Yeah I know. Tell me about it! Woo-hoo!

From the demolition derby one...

Bo: Well, there's four in the crew, that's two apiece. But since we're cousins, I'll let you have one of mine.

Once again. I can't remember where this is from

Bo: Luke, you ain't even sane enough for me to call you crazy! (I say that one all the time!)

And again. Can't remember... lol It's right before they hit a jump. I DO know that much!

Bo: This is it cousin

Luke What's that supposed to mean?

Bo: I don't know, it just seems like an appropriate thing to say at a time like this!

Those are 2 the demolition derby ones about the waitress and the crew guys are Season 2 Hazzard Connection and the others are Season 3 Along Came a Duke.

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On 7/5/2007 at 8:32 AM, morgan said:

Question: in the episode "The runaway", when Bo and Luke distroyed Daisy's car, Bo says "Daisy will kill you" to Luke; he answered something that I don't understand (I forgot to put the subtitles), then Bo replies "You could stop me" and then Luke says something else, something about the drive.

Do you remember this last phrase?

He tells Bo "Oh Lord! Not the way you drive!"

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