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  1. Happy Birthday. :D I echo what Carlos said, really appreciate all you do here at HNet. Hope it was a great day for you!

  2. LOL Timing is everything!

  3. You're just a good ol' girl, never meanin' no harm... :)

  4. Happy Birthday BoJames! :)

  5. I'll swing through at 9 then. :)

  6. I also see you updated your "About Me" tab...which means I have to update mine now because mine was basically in response to yours. LOL

  7. Wow, I hadn't noticed I had over 6000 hits. Folks probably lookin' for my bikini photos or something....

    I notice you're now my friend. Took ya long enough! :D

  8. Hi Hopester! I've been a Dukes fan since it aired back in the 80s. I came into I think around the time of the Coy and Vance episodes (I was about 6 at the time) and I remember being very upset when the show was cancelled! LOL. Always glad to see a new DOH fan, no matter how old ya are, or how long ya been one. Khee! Looking forward to looking at your art!

  9. Nyah nyah! :)

    I suppose you could add me to your ignore list but...you can't ignore me. LOL

  10. Thanks, Garrett! I had a nice b-day. Chocolate cake makes it all the better. Khee! :)

  11. Ya made it! Welcome to HNet!

  12. Happy Birthday Hoss!

  13. Howdy Garrett. :) Things are going well here, have been pretty busy. (Seems like I'm always busy ROFL). Hope all is well with you! (and those muses are behaving!) LOL

  14. It's called bein' in-cog-neat-o. :)

  15. Hi there,

    Sorry about that. All new users are moderated with their first few posts. I hadn't had a chance to log in and validate your posts. Anyway, you're off moderation now. I believe you should be able to set up an avatar as well.

    Welcome to HNet!

  16. Khee! Well I must have a few scrambled brains tonight as I was able to spot three episodes in Hoss's latest list. But those were it. LOL

    Good luck on the job hunt! Hopefully something will come soon for ya!

  17. Khee! Howdy to you too! Things are going awright here, hope all is well with you. You're doing awesome on that anagram thread! I stare at those things and just can't figure them. LOL

  18. Howdy! Thanks for the note. I'm doing fine, been busy taking care of family but things are good here. Hope all is well with you!

  19. Hi Roger, I tried twice to change the NASCAR thread under hobbies to all caps but it won't do it for some reason. Sorry.

  20. All fixed. LOL. I dunno what happened either, the links were kinda funky. But they're comin' through now!

  21. Howdy Bo! Yup, everything's going awright here. LOL

  22. If you've had the issue with the chat over the past couple of weeks, we've been having some technical issues with the server that HNet is on. We've notified our provider and they are working on it. There's been times when the whole site has gone down, several times. Things seem better this week. If you continue to regularly have issues with the chat, let us know.

  23. It would appear they've hijacked your story. I'm not entirely amused with Cowboy at the moment...

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