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  1. Thanks for the warning. I live in western Pennsylvania so I should be safe when you drive up to western Ohio. Ohio is a pretty wide state so I'm not too nervous about you being in this part of the country. Still, I'm going to be a little extra cautious in November since you're only going to be about 300 miles away.

    I'm more worried about my youngest nephew who turns 16 later this year and lives in the same county I do. LOL

    You should still be cautious. Just keep a ear open to the news. :lol: But I feel sorry for you that you have to worry about your nephew. I know all my aunts and uncles on my mom's side are going to be worried about their youngest niece (aka me :)). I know everyone's going to be worried about me though but not as much as whenever my brother starts driving, which I don't know when my parents will let him.

  2. With CD driving on the east side of the big pond and KD getting ready to drive here on the west side of the big pond I'm starting to wonder if any continent is safe.....hmmmm, maybe Australia and Antarctica.

    Boy, you gave me a chuckle Roger. I guess everyone should watch out for us. Even all of western Ohio when I start driving to my grandparents when we do trips up. Which the first time might be in November.

  3. I'll say that all of this disappoints me. I say what Ben Jones wrote and I actually emailed the email he put. After I sent it, I got an email that said that I won't get a response for a couple of weeks because They've gotten a big volume of responses. I had to laugh when I saw it since I could just think that it was everyone telling them that they don't like the idea of not having the flag on the General Lees.

    Below is the email I sent them. I think that this explains how everyone feels.

    "So I've heard that your going to take off the confederate flag on the General Lees because it effends some people. Well, I'm not one of them. Because I've watched Dukes of Hazzard, when ever I see the flag, I think of the show. I don't think of what happened many years ago. That was history and this is now. There are more people in the world that think of the Dukes when they see the flag. That is also what makes the General Lee special and everyone knows its him when they see that. If you take it off, you'll be hurting more people than helping. You probably won't sell anymore cars. You'll end up losing money and probably regret your decision. I think that if you do do this, you'll lose a lot of trust in people.

    It's all up to you on what you do, but think of all the fans out in the world that will be disappointed and think of all the people that will not be big fans of you anymore. That includes me."

    I'm proud of what I sent. I hope that they'll reconsider all of this after seeing what we all had to say about it.

  4. Congratulations!

    Just remember, all the stunts on The Dukes of Hazzard were done by professionals so don't go crazy.

    Be safe CDoherty......and you too later on K-Duke!

    Thanks Roger. I know not to do anything on the Dukes. I wouldn't hear the end of it from my parents if I did.

  5. Congrats. But I guess you might be congratulating me in a few months 'cause I can get my driver's permit in October. It's exciting. But I still need to read the little book we get and have to read before we take our test. It's goin' to be interesting to see which of my parent's cars I have to take my driving test in. It's between a 2004 Dodge Caravan and a 2000 Chrysler something:-P. I might have to years switched but it's close enough.

  6. It's so sad. We won 1 out of 3 games against the Cardinals. But my best friend's little brother went to the game today and caught a foul ball. He went as a birthday present from their mom.

    But Reds are still ahead by 7 games. Then Cardinals and third Pirates.

  7. Well, I'll say that the ones now aren't the worst. We've had the cops come once for our upstairs neighbors and I think a little while later, the guy got arrested for trying to print money.

    But we've had crazy people living beside us. It's even too hard to explain. Let's just say that most of them had to be evicted and only the sane ones stayed. Well maybe one crazy guy stayed.:confused:

    I guess it's just that I've hated this house for such a long time. I think they just have added to that whole opinion.

  8. So me and my brother share a room and it's in the front of our house. Our house is also an apartment. Well our new upstairs neighbor was plunging the bath tub with a plunger and I'm pretty sure that's what made our ceiling leak. It hasn't done it is years. We've had to move so much and put so plastic down. It's horrible. I hate our house.

    I want to move so badly. I'm like an emotional wreck. Nothings been damaged yet, it's just who I am. Hope that it ends soon. But now I'm going to feel awful in school, all thanks to my neighbors.

    So has any of ya guys had a house as bad as this?

  9. Humph.

    Well Roger I aplogize that your team is going through a "slump" and you are worried about not making the wild card. Though do find it hard to feel bad for you too much seeing as how your team was in first place or close to first place and had a chance at the wild card. Meaning they at least played good baseball.

    My Cubs on the other hand...oh never mind, that's right. They're rebuilding...just as Theo rebuilt the Red Sox. Give the Cubs a couple of years and they'll be winning the World Series just as the Red Sox did. :rofl: Well this Cubs fan can only hope.

    Best of luck Roger and K Duke to both of your teams. Hopefully they'll keep the Cardinals out of the post season....:innocent:

    Yah. I'm hoping we win against them this weekend I think it is.;)

    I'm also sorry that we had to be the one to win Roger. Sometimes it happens like that. It's sad to see how sad you are.:cry:

  10. What can I say? You win some, you lose some. ;)

    Yah, I agree. We had this 10 game winning streak going but then lost. It was sad. I'm surprised with how well we've done this year. I think we didn't do that well.

  11. Trust me on this one. It was dull. You stood on your feet all day and all week doing the same thing. Even though it was boring it paid well....10 cents a muskrat. As long as your knife wasn't dull and you were willing to work fast you could make out pretty well It's how I bought my first car.

    Keep us posted on how it's going K-Duke

    That all sounds interesting.

    Well I'll say that I'm going to a needed orientation tomorrow morning at 9. Then I'll go to my section orientation sometime in September. But im goin' to my outfit fitting on Monday. I'm goin' to be a farmer. Can't wait to see what I look like.:p

  12. Well I would wish you and your team the best of luck, but don't know if I can do t hat since they are playing my Cubs. GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!! :escape: Sorry once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan. They've had a rough year so far and they need all the wins they can get...LOL.

    Thanks for the update on the standings...just glad the Cubs aren't last any more.

    Well I'll take that wish anyway. Reds are winning though. So yay for us.

    Roger, I hope you win. But we'll see who wins on September 11 when Reds and Pirates go against each other.

  13. Well, well, well. I just was that the Reds are at the top of the National League in the central area with the most win. 71 to be specific. We'll have to see if the can make it 72 tonight and beat the Cubs.

    And so ya know Garrett, Cubs are 4th and the Pirates are 2nd.

  14. Not counting things like mowing yards and doing all kinds of odd jobs, my first real job was skinning muskrats.

    That's an interesting job. I'm just glad that I can work someplace that will be fun, since it will be around little kids and a lot of them are in costumes so that will be even more fun to see.

  15. It's not really an official job but I've been making money for the past few years fixing, restoring, selling and scrapping bikes.

    I've also done a few background extra roles when the opportunity came around. I'd love to try out for bigger roles, but unfortunately I don't have the time with school.

    I guess that is a first job. But I don't really have anything during school that's on the weekend. I'm just that boring in school. :)

  16. So I just got home from being at our local ammusment park. We went there to get mine and my mom's ID's for work. This is my first job which I'm excited for. I'm a Gopher which means I will take people's places when they need to use the bathroom or go to their breaks. I'm going to be working all fall and I'm at our kids area.

    This makes me wonder what everyone's first jobs were.

  17. Look closely, he's in Forrest Gump too! He said that when he first got the script he didn't know that that was also the name of the main character so when he was handed the script he asked, "What's a 'Forrest Gump'?" He told me that yesterday at D.Fest. :D

    Haha. That's funny to hear. I wish I could have went, but I had fun at my sleepover at my friend's house.

  18. So I just finish watching Smokey and the Bandit and watched the part with Sonny in it. But when he flew into that pond of water, I just had to laugh. The only thing I could think was, "He wasn't thinking that he would be doin' that more." I couldn't help thinking that since it's true. I wonder what he thought when he did have to do it, even though he was in a car and not on a motorcycle.

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