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  1. Hey Roger, I can't get it to do right. I try to post and it won't let me and when I try to quote something, it doesn't even show on the screen! What's going on??

  2. Hey Countrygirl , I see you're from Wisconsin....I think, if I'm not mistaken, that's where Tom Wopat is from.

  3. Fan of the month- March '18

  4. Thank you for all the welcomes...I hope to be here more often....or anywhere more often.....!!

  5. Hey there! Great stuff you have on your page! I was wondering how I could get a pic for an avatar of Hobie...??? ( You may have no idea but you seem to know a lot, so I just thought I would ask! Thanks!

  6. Hi, welcome to Hazzard!

  7. Hi there Luke, good to see you. Tell your cousin Pansie and your uncle Lester I said hi!

  8. Thank you! Good to be here!

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