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  1. Hi Bill. You should have those pictures in an email by now :).

  2. Guess what? Time to spring clean that inbox again!

  3. Hi Mark. I'm trying to PM you and your inbox is full again!


  4. Mark, your inbox is full, so I can't send you a PM. You'll have to backup and/or delete some old messages.


  5. Hey! Welcome back :).

    Are they putting something in the water in Texas, because daisydukeXenosstrait returned to HNet recently.

  6. Hi - I tried to PM you earlier, but you've reached your message limit. Time to clear some out :).

  7. I just tried to reply to your PM and got a message saying your inbox is full. Let me know when you clear it out :).

  8. Hi there. I wanted to send you a PM, but it said I couldn't. Not sure if being "friends" makes a difference. Otherwise, can you PM me your email address?


  9. Happy Birthday :).

  10. Which credits do you mean?

  11. I doubt that I'll do any other government cars, but I'll probably do the state car and the Happy Birthday car.

  12. I saw it, but it's really late here. I will get to it first thing in the morning :)

  13. Gracias por sus deseos de cumpleaños.

    Tenga un buen día.

  14. I don't see the point in doing the Reunion decals when the center is the same as the Roseville logo. I can't get any better quality screengrabs to show me the detail that's currently missing, so I wouldn't be able to do a very good version.

  15. I've already called you a Jackeen in your go-cart/woodwork thread - I thought I'd better be nice for once :).

  16. I was going to pop it back in, but if you think I should "leave ih ouh", I will ;).

    North Dubliners eh: what are they like?!

  17. Thanks. I haven't been ignoring you, I just haven't spent much time on the patrol cars recently. I did look through five episodes toward the end of season 7 the other day, and found nothing!

    It looks like the Allied Security car is a '71 Matador. I'll try to include it in my next patrol cars post. The badge looks pretty detailed with a load of shading. It's not possible to get a good enough screengrab to reproduce it as vector art. The best I got was only slighly better than the one you have already.

  18. Happy birthday, Darrell :).

  19. Most of the patrol cars in SATB were Pontiacs.

    I found this in under 30 seconds on Google:


  20. I'm pretty sure I don't have a screengrab of Allied Security - I did look. I'll let you know if I come across it in an episode.

    As I said in my last message, I do not plan to post/upload any more artwork relating to the vehicles you enquired about.

  21. I don't plan to upload any other artwork for the Petey Willis vehicles, Carnival of Thrills cars or the MB Carver #44 car - what you see now is what I'm giving for free!

    I'll keep an eye out for the Allied Security truck and let you know if I see it, but I've got too much else on to go looking for it.

  22. I don't have any plans to do any vans at the moment. Their signage was mostly something similar to Arial. What other vehicle decals are you talking about?

  23. I have no idea who is accusing you, or what they are accusing you of. Your last post in the What If Cars thread seemed to imply that you had been banned and that it involved me somehow. I do not appreciate being implicated in this way, especially when you haven't even been banned. I don't know who posted the warnings on your page, but they are under your name and not from any of the moderators or any other member.

    Maybe in the future you might consider originating your own artwork rather than reposting mine with minor changes. That way no one (it wasn't me) can accuse you of stealing. I plan to carry on doing Dukes related artwork for fun, and post it when I feel like it. When I do post another car outline I don't want to see a dozen variations reposted with every police livery on them - it's not a good way to repay me for the tens of hours I have spent working on your requests.

  24. I'll see what the mods want to do - maybe leave a few with a link.

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