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  1. In the last couple years, I’ve been replicating the interior of the Boar’s Nest at Cooter’s in Pigeon Forge. The bar area is done and the rest will be completed in the near future. I’ve put pictures up here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/10867551@N00/1v6Y9c7N34
  2. Souds good- I need some kick-back time at the ol' watering hole: Untitled by Mark, on Flickr
  3. Yes, I know I'm resurrecting a very old zombie thread... Yes, two cars can fit in the garage, but barely, and not side by side or in a row. In early episodes, you can see another vehicle parked inside at a right angle to main 'bay' in the middle. Like this: Untitled by Mark, on Flickr
  4. Back to Hazzard Square, I'm working on signage for all the storefronts. Untitled by Mark, on Flickr
  5. Yes to both and thank you! I've been quite busy over the last year or more so I've missed spending time in Hazzard. Mark
  6. And in 'The Shootist', you can see inside that room that is labled 'office' in Dukes (they never showed inside of that space in the series).
  7. Can anyone provide episode titles that feature Cooter's brown chevy tow truck? I believe its just season one but I could be wrong. I know its featured heavily in Repo Men, but I need to know the others. Thanks in advance for any help! Mark
  8. Anyone here seen the movie Logan Lucky? Its been one of my favorite movies since it came out and I realized today that it has a very 'Dukes' flavor to it. If you haven't seen it, do so any let me know what you think! Mark
  9. Sorry I'm late to the party here myself, but that write-up Roger did made my head so big, I couldn't get through the door to the next room where the computer is! But seriously: I appreciate the love, and I appreciate the comradery here even more. Dukes fans are nothing but the finest people, so this is always a welcoming place to 'set a spell' and chew the fat. Mark
  10. I get the impression Enos is always at church 10 minutes early anyway! M
  11. Yes indeed- part of the plan! I'm willing to fudge the numbers a little on vehicles. If they have to be out of scale, I'd prefer slightly larger anyway. M
  12. Much appreciated! Yes, this is half the scale of my garage and Boar's Nest models. Those were 1/2"=1' (1/24 in the familiar model kit scale). This mockup is 1/4"=1' (1/48 in model kit scale). M
  13. This is the beginning of a larger project- basically a model of a model. This is to figure out if this scale is good for the eventual project to see if its big enough, etc., but its fun to see Hazzard Square in 3 dimensions even in this monotone form! To answer the inevitable question, its made from printed designes mounted to foam core and assembled with hot glue. (cat inserted for scale)
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