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  1. Hey :)

    It's been a while since we've spoken or last I logged on here, but just wanted to see how things were and hope everything is okay with you and Garrett, lol.

  2. I've been doing well, I suppose, heh. What have you been up to? ;) Garrett still givin' you trouble?

  3. How do you do, my long lost friend? ;)

  4. Hey Rog! :D Sorry it's taken me this long to reply, I've got spring fever. ;) All is good down here, save for those nasty tornadoes. None has ripped through here yet, but they've been mighty close. Hope everyone is doing okay on your end! I've missed ya too, pal! :)

  5. That should tell you something about him, then haha!. ;) I say name him Garrett! Ha! I'm only kidding. :) What did you name him, anyways? I'd definitely love to see pictures, I've never seen a Bichon breed...don't even know what it is! :D Course I'm not a huge dog lover either, only for Huskies, Laberdors, (I know it's spelled wrong) King Charles Cavaliers and pugs. I do like Corgis too, heh. Hope all is well with you, and that no tornado has blown you away yet. I'm not joking about it either. I'm trying to get up with BL, but no answer yet and I'm pretty worried.

  6. Haha, I'd say the older one isn't thrilled about it; means she (or was it a he?) isn't the "baby" anymore. ;) Or well, that's her way of thinking.

    What breed of puppy did you get? :)

  7. It's me in the flesh, figuratively speaking that is. ;) Everything's going great down this way, hope it is down your way as well. I'm still hangin' around ;) Got a little bored and decided to see what was going on here at Hnet.

  8. HAHA! I simply adored that song! The words spoken made it that much more special! I loved it BoJames! :) And don't worry about what others think of your writing style. I KNOW you're a great writer as does the whole community of HNet! We'll all be there to back you up too! Usually, and I've had first hand experience with this, the ones who leave reviews and PMs are nothing more than 13 year olds thinking they can play some higher deity over others. You are an excellent writer and mentor ;) And I would recommend others to come to you if they need help in that department!

  9. He Rog! :) Things are doin' pretty good in Hazard. It's actually been quiet here lately! Shocking, I know! :p Hehe, I suspect though our moonshine runners around here are gearin' up, it's about that time of year.

  10. Yup. I'm replying to it now, Rog. :)

  11. Bahaha! You do NOT know how much Garrett just boosted up Lori's ego...:D And here she thought he had forgotten how to smile. :p

  12. Hey, Elly May. I'm hangin' in there. How bout yourself?

  13. Bwahaha! Garrett can be delighted in his gloomy, sour, grouchy sort of way. :p haha! But we all love him just the same. He provides amusing entertainment.

  14. You're very welcome darlin'! :D Atleast you thought and even may attempt to change your writing, not many do. We need a lot more people to care about what they write. :)

    Hahaha! I'd expect nothing less from your fickle opinion! :p

    Check ya inbox...I'm pretty sure Garrett's gonna find his surprise! Haha!

  15. Hehe, well she may just end up and surprise him one of these days ;) Not too often she gets a reason to stroll back into Hazzard.

    :) I'm glad my advice helped. I know it's difficult to work with POVs so you're not alone. I'm the opposite though, I find it difficult to write in the first person and usually only write those for a solo, but that's for things like HP, LoTR, Naruto....If I'm using Lori though, I'm like you, I find it easier to write in the Third person. Just stick to what you feel is right and what makes YOU happy.

  16. It's cases like that though, is why I stick to strictly Third POV. Which POV do you feel more comfortable with?

    Hehe, well she may just make a visit to see her pal ;) She misses Garrett as well, as do I! :D It's been so long since I've heard from him directly, heh. Hahaha! That's the greatest thing about having a muse like him though, it's always interesting. Lori and I don't differ too much at all, though we don't usually see eye to eye on some things.

    Yes that definitely sounds like him LOL poor Kristy. But even if he did kick her to the side, he'd just get grouchy because you're using him and not her. It's a danged if you do and danged if you don't situation with him...he gets jealous cause you DONT use him and when you DO, he doesnt want you too.

    She actually is behaving for me. Well, as far as a demon/bounty hunter CAN behave LOL. I've converted her to Supernatural, of all things. ROFL!

  17. Yeah, when dealing with POVs, people tend to like having one POV throughout the entire book. It gets difficult because when playing the bad guys you use terms like I and Me and it gets confusing. So, like the Twilight series and please forgive me for using such a horrible piece of writing, the writer tends to name what person is telling the story. The only time someone really understands using both POVs during a story is with flashbacks.

    But I seriously don't see how it would get confusing from using first POV then using third POV for the baddies, I really don't. Was it just that one person or what? Because, that wouldn't be confusing...it would actually be helpful and LESS confusing. So, if that's your comfort zone, then do it. Because if it's only one person and not a whole group, then that person simply doesn't know how to read.

  18. You always have trouble with what POV to use. :p But, I don't blame you really, certain stories call for certain POVs. If you need help, just let me know. :)

    Haha, I would be heart broken if I let my muses down. ;) I use Lori for other things now, I thought of putting her to rest completely, but actually teared up at the idea. She's just too much apart of me.

    I hope you can get back into the swing of writing, I know it's frustrating, believe me. Glad everything is okay with you there.

    Have a Good day!


  19. Well don't get me wrong, I still love Dukes, just gave up writing for it. ;) I've been a member on here for too long to not come back to this place. :p hehe. How's things going with you?

  20. Heh, I love the cold weather so I'm usually outside then too. But, just cause you're such a flattering person and a great friend to me, I'll definitely sign in more often than I have. :)

  21. Hey Rog! :D It's gettin' pretty around here since it's finally fall! I've been outside mostly, hence why I've not been on here much at all lately! How're you doing?

  22. Hey Garrett. Things are good here, been outside and whatnot since it's finally fall. Been writing for LoTR mainly, finally found a fandom, other than Harry Potter, that I fit in nicely with. :p I've put anything and everything that is Dukes to rest, finally. I've found something I'm really good at and unfortunaly, Dukes isn't one of them. Hope all is well with you.

  23. It's cool and I don't really see how it would hurt feelings, to be honest. I mean all writers try to publish their works in any way they know how so they can get feedback to see how they can improve their writing and such.


  24. You're welcome. :) Yeah, you can post it on FFnet, usually you'll get atleast a few reviews and you can also see how many people have read your story through the statistics. I know it has a page like that...cause I seen it...or was that on deviant art?...ah heck I can't member LOL.

  25. It really depends on what the reader likes. Change, for some, is good. The third person can be quite boring if you don't add the right amount of details, whereas the first person allows the reader to step into the character's shoes. Though I do find writing in the third person to be easier (for me, atleast). Change for you could be good, where you've used the first person thus far. So I do suggest changing up the POV and see how your readers react to it, if they like it, keep it and if they don't, switch back to the first person. :) Sometimes if an author uses one POV for so long they tend to become boring and predictable, or rather the character does-the readers, understanding how a character thinks and acts, will automatically know what the character will say or do, thus making the story predictable.-So change is good, I say go for it. :D


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