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  1. Down at the Boars Nest Daisy en Enos were still having an amazing night. A bit short of breath from dancing they had grabbed themselves some barstools and settled themselves at the bar. ‘That was great.†Daisy said with a broad smile. “I never knew you were this good a dancer.†“Well I’ve had enough time to watch others doing it.†Enos said grinning. Becky Lee brought them another round of drinks and together they watched Pete Summer, make a fool out of him self by taking the microphone and singing to a girl who really didn’t want to have anything to do with him. “O poor Pete.†Daisy said sincere seeing the girl turning him down. “O don’t feel sorry for Pete.†Ernie said from behind the bar. I have seen him do this at least fifty times to fifty different girls. I think they‘re starting to see through his routine. Daisy took a sip from her coke. Although Enos had said he didn’t mind her drinking, after the story she kind of didn’t feel like it anymore. That didn’t meant she wouldn’t drink anymore at all, but tonight she didn’t want to. She looked at here watch. It was almost twelve but she didn’t wanna go home yet. “Enos I wanna go somewhere and do something silly but I don’t know what.†She said. “Well we could go for a right in my car and see if anything silly comes along, but where would you like to go then?†“I don’t know, it’s just that I’m so happy I wanna do something like going outside on the street screaming my lungs out, or singing so everyone can hear it..†Enos looked at here and smiled. “How could this girl ever be his?†He stood up and walked behind her while she was still sitting on her barstool so and he wrapped his arms around her, giving her a kiss in her neck. “Everything you want honey, but I better get us out of town then. Wouldn’t want you singing wake up all the neighbors that would be disturbing the peace.†Daisy grinned and came of her stool. “Like peace ever lives in Hazzard.†She said soft and after Enos paid for the drinks, they walked out, their arms wrapped around each other. Morning came at the Duke farm, but it came a bit early to some peoples liking. It had taken Nick still a couple of hours before he had fallen to sleep the night before and he was still very tired. Luke and Uncle Jesse had both already knocked on his bedroom door, telling it was time to get out. Both were given a not so happy groan as response indicating the boy was awake, but after half an hour there was still no trace of the kid. Bo was pretty much of a morning person, that is, if they hadn’t been to the Boars Nest the night before, so he was cheery as ever when he knocked on Nick’s room and walked in whistling. Nick who couldn’t handle that much happiness in the morning hided away under the blankets as far as possible when he heard Bo come in. “Rise and shine sleeping beauty.†Bo joked as he stood in front of the bed. “Breakfast is almost ready.†“No thanks I’ll skip breakfast, wake me up for lunch.†Nick mumbled form under the blankets being very serious. Bo grinned and pulled the blankets away. “Hey! What you did that fore?†Nick screamed out in frustration being shook up by the cold air and trying to get his blankets back.†“Good morning to you too buddy.†Bo grinned while throwing the blankets back on the bed. Come on get yaself dressed we’ll be waiting for ya.†“No really, I don’t want to, have breakfast without me. I just wanna sleep some more.†And again Nick hided under the blankets turning his back towards Bo. “Come on kiddo, ya have to get out now. It will do you no good lying in bed half the day.†“I don’t care and leave me alone.†Nick snapped Bo sight. He didn’t had Luke’s patient for things like this and if it wasn’t for him having promised to get the boy out of bed, he would have walked away, just letting the boy be. Again Bo tossed the blankets and lifted Nick from the bed up in the air and dragged him over his shoulder. Nick was fighting him kicking and screaming feeling embarrassed to be carried around like he was some little kid. “Bo would you put me down!†He screamed out hitting with his fist on Bo’s back. “If I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to eat, now put me down ya hear.†“Well then ya won’t eat, as long as ya appear at the table.†Bo said cranky while he walked to the bathroom still carrying the boy over his shoulder. “And will ya keep it down? Daisy is still sleeping.†Now Nick got definitely upset. â€Why is she aloud to stay in and I’m not?†He cried out. “Cause you’re still a kid and unfortunately have to do as you’re told.†Bo said while putting the kid down on the bathroom floor. “Now you think ya can get ready yourself in about 10 minutes or do I have to put ya under that shower myself, pajamas and all?†Nick sighed and figured out he had no choice. “Alright, alright I’ll be there in a sec.†he moaned “Would you get out now?†â€As ya wish kiddo.†Bo said and left the bathroom. Ten minutes later Nick was sitting at the breakfast table still not very cheerful. Jesse’s cooking made up for a lot though. If he had to sit here anyway, he decided, he could eat just as well and Jesse’s bacon and eggs were sure a good medicine for his morning mood. “Why is Daisy still in bed?†Nick asked at Jesseâ€Is she sick?†Jesse shuck his head. “No but she was home really late tonight and she has to work again this evening so we just letting her sleep for awhile.†He answered kind. “Can’t remember we ever have such luck.†Luke mumbled jokingly to Bo. Jesse heard what Luke said but only gave his oldest nephew a stern look. Jesse put everyone’s plates on the table and said grace. Nick made sure not to make a sound and even closed his eyes during grace but wasn’t really praying with them and didn’t say ‘amen’. “So when are we going fishing?†He asked Luke. “What you think of after lunch.’ Luke responded “Great I bet ya I catch the first fish again!†He said enthusiastic. “And after ya apologized to Bo for being rude back there.†Nick sighed; he already had had the idea he wouldn’t get away with that as easy as it seemed. He looked at the blond young man who sat in front of him across the table. . Bo didn’t seem up set or mad or anything so he kind of wondered why he had to apologize, but he figured he’d better not argue. “Sorry Bo, I was just cranky. Didn’t intend to be mean to you.†Bo smiled, also thinking Luke was pushing this one a bit. “That’s okay kiddo, just know next time I will put ya under that shower and it will be a cold one.†He said grinning. “Cute Bo, real cute.†Nick muttered like he had heard the Duke Cousins say more then once. The other people at the table couldn’t help laughing. After breakfast Bo and Luke started chopping wood and Jesse and Nick took care of the dishes. Nick’s mind was wondering of constantly causing him almost to drop a plate. “You thinking of something?†Jesse asked him. “Yeah kind of.†Nick just responded. “Wanna talk about it?†Nick doubted. He didn’t know of Jesse would appreciate the questions he had. “Luke told me ya head trouble sleeping to night, does it has something to do with that?†Jesse asked again when he wasn’t given a response. “Eh...No not really.†Nick stuttered a bit. “Well maybe a bit eeh I don’t know, just that I was thinking about God.†Jesse raised his eyebrows for a second, he didn’t expect that to trouble the boy. “Now that’s a good subject to think about, so what’s bugging you?†“Well, please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be rude or anything.†Nick said in advance, thinking the subject might be a bit tender since what happened the day he came to the farm. “But I don’t think he exists†Jesse thought for a moment and then smiled. “Sure he exists, and he’s there for you too if ya need him.†The old man said caring. â€But how ya know that for sure? I mean not like he’s showing himself or something.†“How I know huh…well I know because I do see Him showing Himself a lot actually. I see Him if I look to my kids and I remember how lucky I’ve been to have them. And I see Him if I think back of my late wife Lavinia and how many happy years we’ve got together and believe it or not I even see Him in you asking me this questions.†Nick frowned and looked at Jesse with questioning eyes. How could he have anything to do with God? “I know this might be a bit complicated for ya and I don’t expect ya to understand immediately.†He said with a soft smile while placing his hand on the boys head for a second. “But let me tell you this. I know God exist the most of all because He lives in my heart and because of that I just know it. I can feel it. But if ya lock your heart He can’t get in and ya can’t feel Him. So ya have to open up your heart if ya want to.†Nick still wasn’t ready to give up. “But why is he making all this bad things happening then? Cause if I was God I would make sure everybody was happy†“Ya would, wouldn’t ya?†Jesse said with a soft smile. “I think it’s very difficult to make everybody happy, but I think God is trying to. Just that some things just have to happen for a reason, for a bigger purpose.†“Why can’t everybody be happy? Lot of people are praying right? If He just answered their prayers I’m sure they all be happy.†Nick said convinced things would be as simple as that. “Sure it would, but what if all those people asked for the same thing? Like winning the lottery? He would have to disappoint a lot of people to make one person happy. And a lot of people ask for things that just ain’t good for them. Ya got to thrust God knows what’s good for ya and he will give ya what ya need. “ “Did you ever doubt he exists or not?†Jesse nodded. “Yes I did, when I was a young boy. I guess everybody doubts ones in a while and that’s okay. Without doubt there is no choice and without choice there is no free will and God did give us free will to use it.†Jesse could see on Nick’s face he was going to theoretical on the kid. “You know what why don’t try it yourself for ones.†Jesse said while he handed Nick the last plate. “Why don’t ya ask Him something ya really want? Something that’s realistic. See whether he hears ya.†Nick frowned he didn’t really know about that. “Give it thought, ya don’t have to tell me or ya did it, or what it was ya prayed for, but think about it. Ya might be surprised.†Nick climbed on a chair to put the stack of dried plates he collected, in the top cabinet. “Alright, maybe I’ll do that, but I’m not sure yet what I should ask about.†He said while getting down again. Jesse smiled “I’m sure ya think of something. Now why don’t ya go see whether Sheila is in for some exercise?†Jesse knew Nick loved the horses and he had let him walk Sheila on a lead now and then, him not being able yet to ride alone. “Alright. I’ll do that.†Nick replied enthusiastic. â€Ya know how to put the halter on her right?†Jesse asked just to be sure. “Yes sir not a problem.†And he wanted to run out of the kitchen when something came to mind. “Uncle Jesse?†He said hanging in the doorpost. . “Yeah†The man responded. “How do you ask God something?†Jesse smiled. “Just fold ya hands, close ya eyes, say what ya have the say and end with a sincere Amen.â€
  2. Definitely is sad, only thing I don't get is that John wrote this on the opening of his fansite himself (actually it's still there): Hi there! I appreciate everyone's concern about the "Smallville" rumors but need to strongly reprimand whoever posted todays newsletter regarding the future of my character. In fact, I have read several scripts with Jonathan Kent in them and have no evidence of his demise. Also... Please don't email anyone at The WB about this as they are busy preparing a fantastic second part of the season for us all. Again... Rumors are just that and shouldn't be taken too seriously. And please don't write to Mr. Janollari. He is a big fan of not only the show but of mine as well. A great guy! Happy New Year! John I understand the plot of the series shouldn't be told, that would ruin the exitement, but he could have let rumors just be rumors and not comment on it at all, instead of saying they weren't true, when they were. I didn't see the episode myself yet but could it be Jonathan Kent returns? Awakend from the dead or something? Stranger things have happned in Smallville. Lov, JM
  3. Sounds really good! I'm very curious what's gonna happen to good oll Enos Lov JM
  4. At the farm the phone rung and Jesse answered. Nick who was sitting at the table listened careful. “’Duke farm, Jesse speaking…..Ah ha….Yes I see that…..well Luke ain’t home at the moment and…..Just a moment please.†Jesse looked up from the phone and held his hand over the horn. “Nick would you get yourself ready for bed please.†He asked gentle. “I ain’t aloud to hear right?†He said but without arguing any further he got up from his chair and walked to the stairs. “Thank you.†Jesse said to him and continued the conversation. Because of Bo and Luke being home late the last couple of days Luke hadn’t been up to Nick’s room no more check up on him, but tonight he did. He wasn’t surprised to see the light was still on as he walked over to the room. More surprised he was not to see it go out when his footsteps noticeably came closer to the kid’s bedroom. Luke gave a short nock on the door and then walked in. He saw Nick standing in front of the window holding something in his hand. “Ain’t you suppose to be in bed a long time ago?†Luke said while he stood besides the boy and also looked through the window “Couldn’t sleep.†Nick mumbled. â€And how’s that?†Luke asked â€Don’t know, just couldn’t.†“While standing up here ain’t gonna help you, come on in bed with ya.†He said while pulled back the blankets from the bed. Nick sighed and stepped in to the bed still holding something in his hand. â€What ya got there?†Luke asked while he sat down on the side of the bed. “Nothing special.†Nick said, hiding the thing under the blankets. â€Don’t ya wanna show me? Ya don’t have to I was just curious.†Luke said “Well I guess ya can see it.†Nick said a bit hesitating but pulled out an old wrinkled photograph and handed it to Luke. Luke saw a men and a woman standing next to each other holding a baby and a little fellaw which was obviously Nick about 6 years ago. “That’s ya family right?†Luke asked already knowing the answer. Nick nodded. “Only thing I got left from them.†“And the baby that’s Thom?†“Yep he’s much bigger now of course.†“Where did they take this picture?†Luke asked. “Uhm I think it was on a birthday from my aunt. A sister of my mother. I remember the beginning of the day was nice but later on my mom and her family got in to a fight and we never went back again. Didn’t saw much kinfolk at all after that.†Luke nodded, he didn’t want to stereotype nobody but a look at the picture did tell a lot of Nick’s family story. The first thing he noticed was that nobody was laughing. Second thing was the nice looking outfit the mother wore while Nicks clothes looked like they could fall apart any minute and his shoes had wholes in them. The father didn’t showed a lot of warmth. The large man with a lot of hair on his face had his cap pulled over his head this low you could barely see his eyes and he didn’t even lay a much as a hand on the boy’s shoulder he was standing next to. Luke didn’t want Nick to know what he thought and so he just smiled and handed him back the photograph. “Nice picture.†He said “Better hold on to it very well.†“How was working on the junkyard?†Nick asked to change the subject. “Well wouldn’t wanna make a career out of it but it was okay. I heard you finished your book already.†“Yeah and now Uncle Jesse wants me to write a book report, but I rather read then write.†“While I think it is pretty great ya doing it. I won’t be such a great step when ya go back to school.†Nick shrugged but then smiled. “You know I’m using your old working workbook to write in?†Luke nodded. “Yep saw that when I read your work.†Nick had been a little surprised about Luke immediately reading what he had wrote down. “Well it ain’t finished yet, but anyway I looked through your old work to see what a book report was supposed to look like, but I didn’t see a lot of work done, only drawings from cars and engines.†Nick said grinning. “And some conversations you Enos and Cooter had on paper about ditching the next English period.†Luke smiled. “Well I guess you’re right to say English wasn’t my favorite subject.†He said while going with his hand through his hair in a apologizing way. “I was better in physics and Math and stuff, but I was always sure to pass it although barely.†“I don’t like going back to school. Rather help out on the farm or garage. I mean I like reading books and stuff, but I don’t like having to do assignments on it.†Luke smiled while he got up and stood beside the bed. “Working on a farm is fine, but going to school gives ya a choice in case one day you change your mind.†Nick shrugged. “Guess so but I still am glad I don’t have to go now.†“That’s okay, hey what about you and me going fishing tomorrow afternoon after chores?†“Don’t I have to go to Cooter’s than?†Nick asked surprised. :â€Hmm, I think he won’t mind if I ask him if I can borrow ya for a day.†Nick yawned and stretched himself. “That would be cool, but only if Cooter don’t mind ‘cause I did promise I’d be there.†Luke smiled. “I’ll be sure to ask him.†He said “Think ya be able to get some sleep now?†“Yeah I guess I will.†Nick said while putting the picture on the table next to his bed.†“Good, see ya in the morning then. Good night.†“Good night Luke.â€
  5. well I guess this one has some 'Dukes elements' in it. In the mind of John J. Blanchard by Tommy Shane Steiner Fly fishin'; Workin' on that Firebird engine. Runnin' 99 proof moonshine cross that county line. 3, 2, 1 and ignition: off on some space shuttle mission, Playin' QB for the Cowboy's: Getting high on the crowd noise and the bright lights, 'Cause deep inside, things were rockin' in the mind, Of John J. Blanchard.
  6. I love Tom's voice so I voted for him, but I also got a lot of John's music I listen to. Alltime favorite is 'Up on Cripple Creek ' by Tom. JM
  7. just_me

    Saved By The Bell

    Hmm, don't know about that. I think he would chace girls the same way, but Zack was always arranging things to make money or campaning for something. I don't see a young Bo do that. He would just wanna have a laugh while Luke would be the one with the plan. Lov, JM
  8. At the Boars Nest Daisy’s shift had come to an end. She stood alongside the bar talking to Becky Lee. “So ya like working here Becky Lee?’ She asked. During work they never had a lot of time to talk. “Well yeah.†Becky said smiling, “It are long hours but I like it.†“Well good and if any of this guys is bothering you, just holler and we’ll show him something.†Becky smiled she was lucky to have Daisy as her co-worker. They had hit it off since the first day they worked together. “Oh Lordy, Enos will be here in a minute and I look lousy after working all day.†Daisy complained. Becky looked at her with a grin on her face. “Daisy, I know I’m kind of new here but from what you told me, that guy wants to dance with you whole his life. I don’t think he mind if you look a little worn out, what is not even true, cause ya look great as ever.†“O Becky you’re so sweet. I don’t know, I never cared much about how I looked around Enos but lately everything has changed.†“Alright so you come here.†Becky said while she grabbed her magic purse and pulled out a brush. “You definitely have to wear you hair down, cause it works great for you, just have to tie these front locks up at the back to keep it al together like this.†And she handed Daisy a hand mirror to show her what she had done. “Becky you’re an angel.†“Wait a minute I’m not done yet.†Becky interrupted her. “And she reached for her make-up powder and padded Daisy’s face gently. “Now only some lipstick and you’re ready to knock this guy out of his boots.†Earl the bartender looked from the other end of the bar at the girls. Daisy Duke was the only girl he knew who could get her make-up done in a room full half drunken men without getting any comments on it. Most of the guys would thnk twice before annoying her. Daisy took the mirror and put on some lipstick, but just before she finished Enos came walking in. Like time stood still Daisy froze for a moment, like she was caught. Becky Lee was so nice to take the mirror and lipstick from her, awakening Daisy from her temporary hypnoses and ending the silly looking picture. “Hi there Daisy.†Enos said when he stood in front of her beaming like always. He looked kind of trendy not wearing his uniform, but light blue jeans and a polo shirt. His hair that was normally pretty flatted by his hat had a lot more body now but was still tidy modeled. “Hi Enos, you’re looking stunning to tonight.†Daisy said. Enos blushed and chuckled a bit. “Oe well thank you Daisy. You looking great yourself but well…that ain’t much of a surprise cause your always looking great.†Beck Lee giggled a bit in an ‘I told you so kind’ of way. “You wanna sit down and have a drink†Daisy asked. Cause Enos didn’t respond at once Becky interfered “Yeah sounds like a good idea.†She said. “ Cause if you two keep starring at each other like this you’ll be blocking the bar the whole night. Now you two lovebirds just settle yourselves down and I’ll get ya something to drink?†Daisy and Enos both chuckled and sat down at a table in the back of the bar. “Ain’t Becky a great girl?†Daisy said when they had sat down. “Ya she is nice, is she new in town?†Daisy nodded. “Moved here together with her parents a couple of months a go and you know what…Bo is dating her!†“Ya kidding me.†Enos said “I didn’t know Bo was seeing somebody. Well really seeing somebody I mean.†“She told me a couple of days a go. But Bo doesn’t know that yet so don’t tell him anything cause actually I’m kinda waiting or I can tease him with it on of these days.†“Bo Duke having a steady girlfriend, that’s something new.†Enos grinned. “Yeah it sure is.†Daisy affirmed but became silent as Becky-Lee came to bring their drinks. “One root beer for the gentleman and a special cocktail for the lady, first round is on the house.†“Thank you sugar.†Daisy said sincere knowing ‘on the house’ mend she or Earl was paying for it, ‘cause Boss Hogg didn’t allowed any drinks to be given away for free. Daisy tasted the cocktail and had to cough right away. “Woho I think that little girl wants me to be dragged outside in stead of walking.†“Well I’ll carry you anytime you want me to ya know that.†Enos joked. “Don’t ya mind me drinking?†She said suddenly wondering this. “I mean you never drink yourself.†“O no don’t be crazy, I don’t mind at all, I just chose not to drink myself.†“Why is that anyway?†Daisy asked realizing she didn’t know. A sad look disappeared on Enos’s his face and it seemed he had to gain some confidence before telling her. “Well you know my mama died when Lizzy and me were still kids right?†“Yeah she had a heart attack right?†Daisy said not quite understanding where Enos was heading. “Yeah well, that’s what dad told us and everybody else for that matter. Until I came home really drunk one night after a party. I think it was after we won the state football championship, Luke was there too, not doing much better. My dad had to drag me of the floor cause I didn’t made it to my bed. The next morning he sat me down to have a talk. He told me what really happened to my mother. It seemed mom was never really happy. There was no special reason for it but she just was never happy and to overcome that she drunk or took some pills or sometimes even both. We were to young to really notice something. Of course we noticed she had bad moments in which she even could be angry to us and I know Lizzy maid a drawing at school ones of mom with a glass in her hand, because she just didn’t knew better, but really knowing we didn’t. Dad said he tried to help her and make her stop but then she would get mad and even more unhappy, so he just let her to it, cause he couldn’t stand seeing her upset.†“Oh Enos she didn’t…†Daisy said feeling sorry she had brought op this conversation. “No, she probably didn’t intent to kill herself. Dad said she wouldn’t do that to me or Lizzy and if she did she would’ve left a note. Probably it was just an accident, to many pills together with to much vodka.†Enos swallowed for a moment and took a sip from his root beer. “Dad wasn’t really mad at me and he didn’t forbid me to drink from then. He said it ain’t alcohol that destroys people but that people destroy themselves, that’s why he always kept running shine even after mom died. He just wanted me to know what alcohol could do to you and that you’re suppose to be mature about it. I guess after hearing the story I decided on my own I didn’t want to drink no more. You never know what genes can do to you.†Daisy took Enos hand and laid it in hers. “I’m sorry I brought this all up, I didn’t wanna make you sad.†She said sincere. “I didn’t know.†“Oh it doesn’t matter. Actually I’m kind of glad I told ya, cause I never told anyone before. I never wanted to tell anybody but I don’t wanna have no secrets for you Daisy, you’re to important to me.†“You’re very important to me too Enos and you can tell me anything ya want and I won’t tell nobody if ya don’t want me to. Ya can trust me on that.†“I know I can, but if ya do wanna talk about it to somebody I guess you can tell it to Uncle Jesse. I think he might know something, ‘cause of dad and him being friends and otherwise I’m sure he won’t tell nobody.†Daisy still felt a bit bad about bringing the subject up but somewhere she was also a little glad she had. “O I almost forget I have something for ya.†Enos said while he got a little white box from his pocket. ‘Now don’t scare, it ain’t a ring.†He said in advance. Daisy looked at he little box with big eye’s “Oh Enos you shouldn’t have.†“I know, but I wanted to.†He said smiling. Nervously Daisy opened the box and looked at a beautiful silver bracelet with little roses on it and little shining stones in-between them. “But this is really expensive!†Daisy said. “I can’t except this.†“Well I think I would be kind of insulted if ya didn’t†Enos joked. “It was my moms, and I want you to have it.†“But Enosmyou know I’m a country-girl, always busy with my hands and stuff.. What if I lose it or I break it?†Enos shrugged his shoulders. “Than that would be a shame, a real big one, but I wouldn’t be up-set and I still want you to have it.†Daisy stood up from her chair, sad herself down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck to give the deputy a big and long kiss on the lips. “Enos I love you.†She mumbled just hard enough for him to hear while holding her forehead pressed against his. “You really mean that?†Enos asked like her loving eyes weren’t prove enough. “Yes I do.†She said and gave him another kiss. As she looked at Enos he had a weird kind of look on his face and his eyes were widely spread. “What’s the matter?†She asked a bit startled. “Something I said?†“Oh No,,, or actually yes …I mean†Enos stumble. “I mean I love you to Daisy, but I’m just trying really hard not to pass out and ruin this moment.†He said like he was truthfully afraid of fainting. “O silly you.†Daisy said smiling and getting of his lap. “What about a dance would that keep you on your feet?†“I think it would.†Enos grinned back, acknowledging the situation was funny. And so they moved to the dance floor, dancing fast on the Dierx Bentley and Lynard Skynard songs and slow at the music of Joe Nichols. And while they danced in the middle of the Boars Nest and Daisy had her head resting on Enos’s shoulder she felt as the queen of the ball.
  9. Also a great song is: Steiner Tommy Shane What if she's an angel There's a man standing on the corner With a sign sayin "will work for food" You know the man You see him every morning The one you never give your money to You can sit there with your window rolled up Wondering when the lights going to turn green Never knowing what a couple more bucks In his pocket might mean What if he's an angel sent here from Heaven And he's making certain that you're doing your best To take the time to help one another Brother are you going to pass that test You can go on with your day to day Trying to forget what you saw in his face Knowing deep down it could have been his saving grace What if he's an angel There's a man There's a woman Living right above you in apartment G There's alot of noise coming from the ceiling And it don't sound like harmony You can sit there with your TV turned up While the words and his anger fly Come tomorrow when you see her with her shades on Can you look her in the eye What if she's sent here from heaven And she's making certain that you're doing your best To take the time to help one another Brother are you going to pass that test You can go on with your day to day Trying to forget what you saw in her face Knowing deep down it could have been her saving grace What if she's an angel A little girl on daddy's lap Hiding her disease with a baseball cap You can turn the channel Most people do But what if you were sitting in her daddy's shoes Maybe she's an angel Sent here from Heaven And she's making certain you're doing your best To take the time to help one another Brother are you going to pass that test You can go on with your day to day Trying to forget what you saw in her face Knowing deep down it could have been her saving grace What if she's an angel
  10. “Cooter thinks he gonna beat you and Bo during the race on Saturday.†Nick said to Luke when they were driving Dixie home. “Yeah well Cooter is known for having an overactive imagination. Let him prove it first.†Luke said laughing. “Who’s gonna drive? You or Bo?†‘Hmm we didn’t decide on that yet. I think I give the honors to Bo but it won’t do no harm teasing him a bit, not letting him know that yet.†Nick grinned. “Can I drive with ya’all?†Luke shook his head. “Neh we would be going really fast kiddo.†“Yeah I know!†Nick said excided. “It would be to dangerous and by the way the extra weight would slow the car down. When you’re sixteen you can drive your own races.†“Alright.†Nick sighed. “But it sucks to be a kid, can’t do nothing.†Luke grinned but didn’t respond. “How’s Daisy coming home now, when we have Dixie?†Nick chanced the subject. “Enos is taking here out jukin’ tonight after work so I guess he’ll drive her home.†Luke explained. â€What’s jukin’?†“Going out dancing on a jukebox.†Luke said as he parked Dixie in front of the farm and got out. “Is Daisy in love with Enos?†Nick asked while Luke handed him a grocery bag to bring inside. “You’re asking a whole lot of questions today kid.†Luke noticed while they walked in to the kitchen. “Only cause I wanna know a lot of things.†Nick said like it was obvious. “Well if ya really wanna know you should ask it herself, but I think she does. Otherwise she wouldn’t be dating him and she and Enos go along way back.†Luke said and put all the groceries on the kitchen table. “So maybe they will get married, move out and have kids and stuff?†Nick asked again. Luke frowned. “Could be possible and I think Jesse would be pleased if they did it in that order yes, but ya’re thinking quite ahead there. Things don’t usually go that fast, not even in Hazzard. But why ya wanna know all this stuff?†Nick shrugged. “O no reason, just thinking. Can I call Ray and Max or they wanna play?†“Check your watch.†Luke just answered. Nick did and saw it was half past 5. “To late again right?†Nick asked. Luke nodded. “We’ll be eating in about half an hour, you can try after supper.†And so Nick did, but after supper his friends needed to do homework and with Bo and Luke of to the junkyard he decided to walk up to the bookcase again. After putting Winnetou back on the shelf he watched the titles of the other books. He had to stand on his toes to read the ones on the highest shelve. “Didn’t you like Karl May?†Jesse asked from the couch. “I did too Uncle Jesse, but I already finished it.†Jesse frowned and walked up to the bookcase. “You’re sure?†He asked while getting Winnetou from the shelf again. He could see the pages had fresh wrinkles in them even at the end, but he still found it hard to believe an 11 year old would finish this book within the week. “Yeah I had a lot of time to, with Bo and Luke gone every evening. It’s a bit sad and some times a bit slow, but overall I liked it.†Uncle Jesse was impressed. “Well I make you a deal, cause I don’t really have a lot of books your age laying around, Bo and Luke never were great readers, but if you write me a book report on Winnetou I’ll go in to town and buy you a knew one.†“What’s a book report?†Nick asked. “Well then you write down where the story is about, what is special about the book and what you liked or didn’t like. You have to do a lot of them later on in high school and because you’ll be going to school again sooner or later it wouldn’t do you no harm to practice a little in advance. See whether you write as well as you read. What ya say?†“Do I have to?†Nick said with reluctant expression on his face. “I think it would be good for ya.†Jesse answered with a smile. Nick sighed. He knew that meant he had to. “Alright I will write the report.†He said with out much enthusiasm. “Doesn’t mean now you have to buy me a book ya know. Ya’all bought me enough.†He said looking at his clothes. “Don’t ya worry about that†Uncle Jesse said “Let me just see whether I can find ya some of my kids old workbooks you can use to write in.†As Jesse left the living room Nick sighed. Where did he let himself get talked in to?
  11. “Well ‘cause they’re my buddies of course.†He said in a ‘that’s obvious’ kind of way. “They would do the same thing for me, better yet they did ones.†“Bo and Luke fixed your car so you could race?†Nick asked not understanding why this would have been necessary. Cooter grinned “No they raced for me ones, that is Luke did. It was quite an important race back then. I needed to win so I could sell the car I was racing in and pay the mortgage on my garage. Boss Hogg who organized the race had made the whole thing in to one big scam though. If you lost the race, you lost your car, that was in the small prints on the bottom of the entrance form. So if the boys would lose they’d lose the General and if I lost I would lose my garage.†Nick listened careful. He loved these stories. “So what happened, who won and did you get in to a fight? Must be hard to stay friends in situation like that†Cooter smiled about the questions bursting out the little fellaw. “No we didn’t get in to a fight. While at least me not with them. Thing happened though I unfortunately broke my leg so I couldn’t race, I did try of course but it wasn’t working so Luke offered to drive for me.†“But then Bo and Luke had to race against each other.†“Yes sir, they had to and if Luke won I would be saved but they’d lose the General Lee. Ya can imagine I wasn’t to third about the situation, though the worsted things was seeing rivalry making those boy go off at each other. Now they had never raced against each other and although Uncle Jesse always told them Dukes don’t fight Dukes they almost took a swing at each other.†“Just because they had to race against each other?†Nick asked. Cooter nodded. “Ya bet, both of them have a lot of pride going around ya know and some times very short nerves. But like I said is almost became a fight but they figured out their differences were stupid and they settled them quick enough. During the race though they were both eager enough to win. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to cry or cheer watching that race.††. “But you still have hour garage and Bo and Luke still have the general,†Nick said still confused. “Yeah well it could only happen in Hazzard but they finished at the same time and made it a tie. It was nerve-racking until the end though. Bo had to cross the finish line backwards cause he lost his front gears and Luke had lost all of his engine power, like I said it could only happen in Hazzard.†“What could only happen in Hazzard?†Luke asked while he walked in to the garage. After he had dropped the General of by Cooter he had been repairing some windows for Widow Baxley, done some shopping and picked up Daisy’s Jeep at the Boars Nest. ‘You and Bo finishing first, both in a car that has broken down.†Cooter said while getting of his workbench and bended over the General again. Luke laughed out loud. “I guess in the end it is all in the driver and not in the machine.†“O yeah?†Cooter said a bit daring. “Want me to stop working on the General and see or ya gonna make it like this, mister hot shot driver?†Luke grinned. “No Cooter, we couldn’t do without you, ya know that. We owe you big time for all the last minute work you put in to this car.†â€Goes without saying.†Cooter mumbled. “Tomorrow morning she’ll be ready for you and Bo to wreck again.†He said joking. “Great.†Luke said walking up to Nick and wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “He Cooter, if ya ain’t putting this guy to work anyway, ya mind if I take him home?†He said smirking while putting his knuckles on the top of the boy’s head. With a moaning sound Nick tried to wrestle him self loose from Luke’s grip but with out much luck. “Sure, he worked hard enough for one day.†Cooter said and then gave a teasing look to Nick. “But I hope that kid is one heck of a driver when he grows up. ‘cause he sure ain’t no mechanic.†Luke gave Nick a questioning look. Nick just shrugged his shoulder a bit apologizing “I can’t help it I don’t know what a nut wrench is.†He muttered lightly insulted. Luke laughed. “Like having Bo working on your car right?†He said to Cooter. “Better push it over a cliff yourself and save on gas.†“Your right there Lukas Dukas, but maybe there is some hope.†And he grabbed a wrench from his toolbox. “He Nicholas what kind of wrench is this?†He said teasingly. Nick sighed. “It’s a plier wrench alright, can we go home now?†He asked, having enough of the men making fun of him. â€Yeah we’re going home.†Luke said. “You just go and grab your things from the back okay?†“Alright.†Nick said and ran in to the back. Cooter scratched under his hat. “He’s funny ya know, didn’t thought that the first time I met him and he tried to scratch my eyeballs out, but he’s a nice kid.†“Yeah he is.†Luke affirmed “Alright I’m ready!†Nick entered yelling. “See ya later Cooter!†Luke said while putting his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “See you tomorrow Cooter!†Nick said and together they walked out of the garage.
  12. Thanx! I'll see what I can do. In the beginning I just put them in to be a diversion, with al the kid-stuff going on and so. But I think you’re right and they are entitled to their own storyline. Just thinking about what it should be’, cause I don’t want them to get married yet or Daisy getting kidnapped, cause you already did that, and I thought about getting Daisy pregnant all of a sudden but Dixie and Bettie are already having a lot of that going around ( Doing that magnificent bye the way) so…I’m still thinking, but until then I’ll let them pop-up a little more. Lov, JM
  13. Alright so in my last post of 'A new home' I have Cooter working on the General. Note that I'm just some citygirl knowing nothing about cars so I just made it short and made something up hoping it's possible/realistic. If what I wrote down now is really dumb just let me know and I'll try to change it. Of course any other constructive criticism is still welcome Lov, JM
  14. Man, and I just thought Hazzard was a small town. Gonna be quite some map if we keep this up LOL JM
  15. And so days past by and it became Monday. There were just 6 days before the big race that weekend. ‘Cause their temporary employer had agreed to pay Bo and Luke in advance Luke left the General at Cooter’s garage when he dropped of Nick that afternoon and Cooter went to work on it right away. It hadn’t taken Nick long to get used to Cooter over the last couple of days. His first task had been sorting screws and bolts which was totally boring, but did gave him the opportunity to observe the odd mechanic with while he worked. Nick didn’t know much about car mechanics but he did love cars and he was fascinated by Cooter working on them. Cooter also loosened up around the boy as he saw Nick was serious about his work and gave him more fun things to do like running errands in town and washing cars. That Monday Cooter noticed Nick was watching him again while he worked on the General. “He Nick, if you’re just standing there, think ya can hand met that fuel inlet nut wrench from that there toolbox.†He asked from under the hood. “Which one is that?†Nick asked while laying down the boxes he was stacking. “The grey steel one with the vinyl grip.†Cooter specified. Nick took al look at the toolbox and grabbed the first thing he imagined a nut wrench would look like. “This one?†while handing Cooter the tool. “No that’s a plier wrench doesn’t even looks like it.†Cooter grinned. Nick took another look at the toolbox, almost all the tools were maid out of grey steel “This one then?†He gave it a second try. “Nope, that’s a combination wrench but you getting closer though. Just hold this here fuel line for me would ya please, but make sure it stays put.†Nick held the metal fuel line, but couldn’t help letting it slip from its place. “I’m sorry.†He said while trying to stop the small bits of fluid that appeared, with his fingers. “No harm done.†Cooter just said while he returned with the wrench. He took hold of the line, attached it to the engine again and whipped everything clean. “Won’t take to long before this oll car is purring like a kitten again.†Cooter said looking content. “Cooter can I ask ya something?†Nick asked with a frown on his forehead. “Sure shoot.†Cooter said while he lifted himself on his workbench swinging his legs. “Don’t ya wanna win the race?†Nick asked. “Sure I want to, better yet, I tell you I’m gonna win it, no doubt about that.†“So why you’re going to all this trouble to fix the General? Bo and Luke are your competition right? If they couldn’t race, you would have a better chance.†Nick reacted truthfully wondering about this. Cooter scratched under his hat before he answered.
  16. The following days were pretty busy for the Duke family. After the fields were plowed the sawing of the winter grain started together with the painting of the barn. Also Cooter had kept his promise to keep his eyes and ears open and found Bo and Luke an evening job crushing old car wrecks at the junkyard, which was good for their financial position but not for there amount of free time. Bo and Luke weren’t the only ones busy though. After the brake in, Nick had tenderly been forced to apologize to Cooter immediately the next day. Although Cooter had been able to fix the carburetor it hadn’t been worth as much as it had been new but he refused to charge his friends with any costs. They did decide though Nick would help out in the garage, two hours each day for a week, to make up for the trouble he caused. Nick wasn’t particularly thrilled about that, first of all because he had to help out at the garage on the same time school was out and he usually used to play with Max and Randy at that time. Secondly, he didn’t knew Cooter at all besides their midnight come together and he couldn’t help being a bit intimidated bye this greasy looking man who maid weird rimes all day and could cheer out all of a sudden just because he had found the right screw to match a hole. Nick was smart enough not to complain though and so he let himself be dropped of at the garage without showing any objections. *edited With everybody busy as they were days went by quick, but Bo wouldn’t be a Duke if he didn’t find time to spend with a girl. After he and Luke had worked on the junkyard he had picked up Becky Lee and drove her to the river. They talked, kissed, laughed, kissed told each other stories, kissed some more, rolled through the grass together in a playful teasing way and ended up holding each other watching the sunset. Bo couldn’t remember feeling so happy to be around a girl since his first crush in 7th grade. He actually liked listening to what she had to say, she made him laugh and most of all he would actually miss her if he couldn’t see her anymore. A deep sigh escaped from his longs while he stroked her long blond hair. “What you sighing about?†Becky-Lee asked him laughing. “Nothing much.†He said dreamy. “Just that I was thinking how lucky I am laying her with a beautiful, smart and funny girl like you in my arms.†“Yeah right.†Becky-Lee said in a sarcastic kind of grin. “Well yeah I think you are really special.†Bo said sincere while he tried to kiss her, but she moved a way and sat up straight with her back towards him. “You shouldn’t say those things Bo.†She said in a sad voice. Bo looked surprised at her with a desperate look on his face. This was not the kind of response he expected to get. “Why not?†He asked upset. “Cause it ain’t true!†She sniffed. Bo could hear the tears in her voice and got up and tried to face her but she kept winding her head. “Why would you say something like that?†He said panicking. He didn’t want her to be upset just because he tried to say something nice and he didn’t quite get what made her act like this all of a sudden when they were just having fun. She looked at him flaming eyes. “I know you Beauregard Duke and I know your reputation. You never hang around a girl for long. Now I like you and I like being with you, oh Lord help me but I can’t do nothing else but like you but we both no you gonna get bored with us being to getter sooner or later. So just let us enjoy this while it lasts, but don’t go and fool us both be saying stupid things like you think I’m special okay?†Bo was shocked by her reaction. He had never guessed she thought like this. “No, not okay. Becky that ain’t fair.†He said almost insulted. “You can’t say you know me just because of what other people say about me. Even if what they say is true.†“Ain’t it then?†She asked while whipping her tears. “Well yeah I guess, but that doesn’t say nothing ‘bout you and me. Becky I really do think your special. O Lordy, I never felt ‘bout a girl like I feel about you. You make my head spin when you’re around me and to be truthful that scares me sometimes. Heck, I even talked with Luke about you.†“Well that don’t say nothing, men are always talking bout the girls they scored.†She said, but on a bit calmer tone. “I don’t mean I bragged about you.†Bo defended himself. “I mean I really told him about you and how I like being with you and I don’t wanna loose you.†Becky now looked at him with hope in her eyes. “You really mean that?†She asked “Yeah I really do. Don’t get me wrong now I don’t mean like settling down or something, I mean I really do care about you but I’m not ready for that not by long, but I really don’t wanna loose you neither.†He said while whipping a tear from her check. “Bye the way, I didn’t even score you yet so I couldn’t even be bragging about that anyway. Not that I mind.†He quickly added. Becky grinned. “Yeah sure ya don’t.†Bo blushed. “While maybe a little, but not a lot. It’s your choice and actually I kind of respect ya for it.†“O Bo that’s a really nice thing to say and I respect you for being honest.†She said with a soft smile. “So are we okay then?†Bo asked with an insecure look. â€Yeah we are.†She said and gave him a kiss on the lips. “And I’m sorry I behaved so emotional.†“Well you’re a woman ain’t ya?†Bo said grinning. “Yes I am. So tell me Bo Duke.†Becky said a bit smug, while tossing her hair back regaining her self-confidence again. “What exactly do you like about me?†Bo smirked. “Hmm let me think.†he said while he bowed over her, pushing her in to the grass and holding her arms pressed to the ground “I like how you’re so modest and how you never ask for any compliments, but most of all.†He said while giving her a kiss after every part of a sentence. “I like how you like me.†“Argh! Bo Duke, you are terrible!†Becky called out, playfully trying to push him of her, but Bo wrapped his arms around her, holding not intending to let her go anytime soon.
  17. Yep it seems to be an epedemic. I also got my notepad located near the tv. My roommates declared me crazy!!! Well what do they know WAHAHAHA JM
  18. Well this are obviously enough mine favorites: Bo: This guy Murphy, was he a race car driver? Luke: Gotta be. Everybody talks about him. Luke: "I'm tired of you getting us into trouble and me having to think of a way out Also very funny: One armed bandits Bo: Me and Luke would be glad to help out. Wouldn't we Luke? Luke: Nope Bo, What do you mean nope, Its your civic duty, Why, at least two of them kids at the orphanage could be yours Luke: Bo's always bragging on me! Daisy's song Bo: What's the last thing he expects right now? Luke: A fat man in a red suit, driving reindeer Bo: No, us. We'll use Stonewall Jackson's old tactic. When tey think you're running away, you attack Luke: Stonewall Jackson had the Confederate Army. I've got you. JM
  19. weehee, for that kind of money we can better make it our selves. I'm sure we can!!! (LOL) JM
  20. You also could show the four adjoining county's Chickasaw county Choctaw County Hatchapee County Yreka County And because I know for sure there was a Chickasaw Road and a Choctaw road, I'm sure there are roads named after the other counties. -And what about the different still-sites (Although nobody exactually knows where they were of course.) -Ya also had Dry creek and Bronsons Canyon (with the red clay.) Hey and what about a more detailed map of the centre with -Cooter's garage, -Boars Nest -Boss' Bank, -Boss' House, -The Court house, -The sherrifs station, -The town square, -The church. -Mr. Ruebottem's store, -MIss Tisdale's postoffice, Location will be a problem, but you can use your own imagination and that might just make it all of the more fun to do. Good Luck, JM
  21. Also check 'Going Home' In the Round Robin section by Dixie en Bettie It's very good. JM
  22. Well there al lots of places that should be on the map, what about: -Dukes farm, -Cooter's garage, -Boars Nest -Boss' Bank, -Boss' House, -The Court house, -The sherrifs station, -The town square, -The church. -Mr. Ruebottem's store, -MIss Tisdale's postoffice, -the o'll Indian caves, -the hazzard fishing pond, -And what about the different still-sites (Although nobody exactually knows where they were of course.) -Bronson Canyon with the red clay, There are several creek's that could be mentioned How's that creek called with that bridge that's was always out? Willow's Creek and Willow's Bridge. Well something like that. You also had Dry Creek that I know for sure. You also could show the four adjoining county's Chickasaw county Choctaw County Hatchapee County Yreka County And well lot's of other things which I can't think of now. Location will be a problem, but you can use your own imagination and that might just make it all of the more fun to do. Good Luck, JM
  23. I love this song, sounds like me too, when I'm having a good time with the right music , O Lord help us all!! (LOL) Only Tequila I can handle, it's Gin & Tonic that does the trick Lov, JM She said I’m going out with my girlfriends Margaritas at the holiday inn Oh have mercy my only thought Was tequila makes her clothes fall off I told her put an extra layer on I know what happens when she drinks Patron Her closets missing half the things she bought Yea tequila makes her clothes fall off She’ll start by kicking out of her shoes Lose an earring in her drink Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall Drop a contact down the sink Them panty hose aint gonna last too long If the dj puts bon jovi on She might come home in a table cloth Yea tequila makes her clothes fall off She can handle any champagne brunch A bridal shower with Bacardi punch Jello shooters full of Smirnoff But tequila makes her clothes fall off She’ll start by kicking out of her shoes Lose an earring in her drink Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall Drop a contact down the sink She don’t mean nothing She's just havin fun Tomorrow she say oh how have I done friends will joke about the stuff she lost Yea tequila makes her clothes fall off Oh tequila makes her clothes fall off Oh tequila makes her clothes fall off
  24. When Nick and Luke arrived at the farm Jesse and Bo were still up, Jesse out of concern, Bo out of loyalty to Luke. As they walked in to the living room Jesse was on the edge of his nerves and wanted to have a firm conversation with the kid. The reinsuring expression on Luke’s face though let him know there was no need for that anymore and things had been solved. “Better get straight to bed son.†Luke said giving Nick an excuse to leave the room as soon as possible. Nick nodded almost thankfully and walked to the stairs, however turning around before leaving the room. He looked shy at the two man who were hanging over their cups of coffee. “Uncle Jesse, Bo I’m sorry I caused so much trouble and I get ya’all out of bed. It was stupid and I won’t do it again.†“That’s alright.†Jesse muttered . “Just go to bed now.†Nick nodded and the three man looked at the stiff moving boy walking up the stairs and disappearing from their views. Jesse sighed. “Do I wanna hear the story now?†He asked Luke. “Nothing that can’t wait till tomorrow.†Luke said calm, really longing for his bed. “Alright and how was Cooter?†Luke grinned. “Cooter was fine, Cooter is always fine even if ya get him out of bed at three in the morning.†“Can’t say that goes for everyone.†Bo yawned while getting up from his chairs. “I’m of to bed.†“Same her cus.†Luke agreed. “Goodnight Uncle Jesse.†“Goodnight boys.â€
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