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  1. Well said, Lori. It's maybe not so much about him disliking Dukes itself, as wanting to be known for more than that - especially since music always was, even before Dukes, and has been since, his biggest love. At heart, I think he's more a musician and singer than an actor, seven years of Hazzard County aside. In my limited experience (more watching him than directly speaking I admit), he can be very gracious even if you mention Dukes later in a conversation, as long as you don't start the conversation with it and/or focus just on it. Just my opinion, but I kinda think maybe he does what he does (singing and Broadway) because he loves it, not because, even after the years, he's truly entirely comfortable being "a star". He doesn't eat up attention the way John does; in fact if you hear him speak he'll even speak of himself as part of an ensemble doing a show, not as starring in one. Acting "fannish" with him seems to be the quickest way to turn him off. Being more carefully but casually friendly, I've heard, can open him up more. To be fair, maybe he feels too hemmed in at big Dukes events with all that concentrated focus, even if we do all love to see him there.
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