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The Andy Griffith Show(1960-1968)

Skipper Duke

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(Not sure which one. Season 4 Fun Girls or Season 5 The Arrest of the Fun Girls)

Andy Taylor:"Git them girls outta here! What's a matter with you!?"

Barney Fife:"Now, look Andy! This ain't our fault-" Andy Taylor:"Yer right! It ain't our fault! It's your fault! The whole stupid thing is due to you Mr. Fix It! You beat everything! You know that!?"

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(Season 4 Hot Rod Otis)

Otis Campbell:"Andy? Annndy‼️"
Andy Taylor:"What is it Otis⁉️"
Otis Campbell:"I need a drink of water."
Andy Taylor:"Alright here you go." Otis takes a drink.
Andy Taylor:"That's all?" Otis Campbell nods.

Andy Taylor:"Goodnight Otis."
Otis Campbell:"Andy ‼️ Annndy ‼️"
Andy Taylor:"No Otis."
Otis Campbell:"Please Andy it helps me sleep⁉️ Just finish the one you started last time."
Andy:"Ok  Fe Fi Foe Fum I smell the blood of a English Mon said the giant."

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(Season 2 Aunt Bee the Warden)

Andy Taylor:"How's things with your prisoners?" Barney Fife:"Well, uh, they escaped." Andy Taylor:"Escaped!?" Barney Fife:(Not wanting Otis to hear.)"Shhh." Andy Taylor:"Well, how did they escape?" Barney Fife:"You know that metal craft set I gave to one of 'em?" Andy Taylor:"Yeah." Barney Fife:"Darn guy went and made a pass key!"

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Gilligan's Island and The Andy Griffith Show fans... Who remembers the days of the old channel TBS The Super Station with its programming of Scooby Doo cartoons, Gilligan's Island reruns, The Andy Griffith Show reruns, Baseball games, World Series, WCW Monday Nitro and other wrestling shows?

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Happy Mayberry Monday, everybody! This is based on an old joke about Calvin Coolidge, and I thought I’d try my hand at writing it into a scene we might have seen in Mayberry...

Floyd: Hello, Andy! 
Andy: Mornin’, Floyd. (Sits down next to Floyd outside the barbershop)
Floyd: Missed you at church yesterday.
Andy: Yeah, I had an emergency I had to tend to so I couldn’t make it. You were there, were you?
Floyd: Oh, Andy, you know I always make it to church every Sunday! Been going there for years! Why, I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t...
Andy: (Interrupting) I know, Floyd, I know. So what did you think of the sermon?
Floyd: The sermon?
Andy: Yeah. The preacher did preach a sermon, didn’t he? 
Floyd: Oh sure, sure.
Andy: What did you think of it?
Floyd: I’m trying to remember...
Andy: Floyd, you just heard it yesterday, don’t tell me you forgot it already!
Floyd: It’s coming back to me, just a minute... AH!!
Andy: What did the preacher preach about? 
Floyd: He preached about sin.
Andy: (Waiting... waiting... waiting...) Well what did he say about it?
Floyd: He was against it.
Andy: (Just stares at Floyd)

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(Season 2 The Farmer Takes a Wife)

Jeff Pruitt:"There never was a Pruitt that ever worked in a place that had a roof on it! And there never was a Pruitt who ever wore a tie or ever wore a suit or ever tried to ride a cup and saucer piggy back on his knee! You know somethin' Thelma Lou, I believe yer tryin' to change me! I'm gonna have no part of it! I'm goin' back to Bertha, at least she likes me the way I am!"

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(Theme From The Andy Griffith Show The Fishin' Hole)

Well now, take down your fishing pole
And meet me at the fishing hole
We may not get a bite all day
But don't you rush away
What a great place to rest your bones
And mighty fine for skipping stones
You'll feel fresh as a lemonade a-setting in the shade
Whether it's hot, whether it's cool
Oh what a spot for whistling like a fool
What a fine day to take a stroll and wind up at the fishing hole
I can't think of a better way to pass the time of day
We'll have no need to call the roll
When we get to the fishing hole
They'll be you, me, and old dog, trey to do the time away
If we don't hook a perch or bass
We'll cool our toes in dewy grass
Or else pull up a weed to chaw
And maybe sit and jaw
Hanging around, taking our ease
Watching that hound a scratching at his fleas
I'm gonna take down my fishing pole
And meet you at the fishing hole
I can't think of a better way
To pass the time of day

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Just watched the episode where Otis rides a cow. I am so confused though... what on earth was wrong with Floyd in that episode?? He was acting half out of it... and nothing ever came of it. I was certain someone had slipped him moonshine or something O.o 

Andy: Floyd, have you seen anything of Otis lately? 

Floyd: Not since yesterday morning. Said he was leaving town. He came in for a shave... Twice over, too. That means he'd be away for quite a while. Oh, he told me just where he was going. He and I are very close... For years, just like brothers. You know that, don't you, Andy? 

Andy: Yeah. He said where he was going? 

Floyd: It's only natural he would. We were great pals... I was just like a big brother to him. Only last week, I was taking him a-home and he fell down a well. He thought he was in quicksand. I got him up, though. 

Andy: Floyd, where did he go? 

Floyd: Oh, he went right home. After all, he was soakin' wet. Boy, you fall down a well... And you're wet. 

Andy: What about yesterday? 

Floyd: Uh, well, he came in for a shave. 

Andy: Floyd, you told us that. And he said he was leaving for... Where was that, now? Was it siler city? He's got people up there. 

Floyd: No, not siler city. Bridgeton? Bridgeton! Bridgeton! Uh... No, not bridgeton. 

Andy: Floyd, this is important. Will you please concentrate? 

Floyd: Oh, you bet I will. Let me see... Hmm... Was it Raleigh? Oh, no. He wouldn't go to Raleigh. Do you know what they charge for things in those big cities? 

Andy: Yeah, Floyd... a arm and a leg. 

Floyd: An arm and a... Oh! Isn't that funny? I want to remember that. You hear that on TV? 

Andy: Was it by any chance mt. Pilot? 

Floyd: Ah! That's it. Mt. Pilot... that's where he said he was going. I knew I'd get it. Oh, Barn! If you find him, will you tell him to pop back every couple of weeks? I don't want him falling in the hands of a strange barber.

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In “Barney Gets His Man”, I noticed some sloppy fill lighting by the crew. After Barney and Andy come down out of the tree, they take a breather on an old fallen tree. Look closely and you can see a bright spot to the right move it’s way over to light the shadows on their faces.

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