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Hazzard is where I am

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So I am a lifelong "Dukes" fan. It was my favorite show as a kid. When the Nashville Network put it back on the air when I was in college I taped every episode. 
So to quote/steal these questions from another thread:
Tell us a little more about your love of the Dukes.....

Favorite Character- Luke and Enos

Favorite Episode(s)- High Octane, Daisy's Song, Ghost of the General Lee, Repo Men, Mason Dixon's Girls,  The New Dukes 

Favorite Vehicle(s)- The General !!, Daisy's Road Runner, I always had a weird liking for Cooter's brown Chevy Towtruck in the early episodes as well

Favorite Season- 1 (by far I love the Georgia Episodes both for how they were written and the color/atmosphere of actual GA., I like Season 5 a lot as well, YES I ACTUALLY REALLY ENJOY COY AND VANCE, plus it has Cleetus and Enos

Do you watch them a lot?-I go in spurts

Ever met any of the stars?- I've met Cooter, Cleetus, Rosco, and Ace (Jerry Rushing). I've seen up close Bo and Daisy but did not endure the lines to meet them

Do you have any Dukes toys - Just the holdovers from my childhood- The board game, the card game, Boss's Caddy (matchbox), my General Lee Wrist Racer, the Knickerbocker rev up car from the Barn Buster/Stunt set, the sheets and pillowcase (that my 8 year old boy currently uses

DVDs?-I have seasons 1-5 and the Reunion and Hollywood Movie

Other random tidbits- I went to Duke Fest in Bristol...can't remember the year, whatever year it was that they didn't do the run of the Generals around the track because it was too hot !

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Welcome to HazzardNet!

It's always a bit hard getting into the Coy & Vance episodes at first but when I am I seem to like them more then Bo & Luke! They're not as bad as people make them out to be even though they were mostly designed to be Bo & Luke copies. Coy & Vance often feel like they care more about the person they are helping in the episode while Bo & Luke seem more direct into helping what was done wrong to whoever was done wrong if that makes any sense. :wacko:

I didn't know there was a Dukes boardgame! Is it like a Game of the Goose or something totally different?

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Welcome Flint!! The Coy and Vance ones were ok but I think the reason I ( and most other people if they will admit it!) like Bo and Luke better, is simply because those are the ones we're used to. I think the part where they talk about ALL OF THEM being raised by Uncle Jesse is a stretch...very weak. They should've come up with something better!

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Hey Flint! I really enjoy Coy and Vance myself. Season 5 is a good one. Especially Green Machine episodes. It has to be hard for Byron Cherry to go to the Duke fests knowing that they were replacements and being hated on by a lot of the hard core duke fans. Anyway, im a new member also... Sounds like we have a lot in common when it comes to DOH. Ttyl

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