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The coolest cars in Hazzard!

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  • 3 years later...

I was just reviewing some old threads and stumbled across this one.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Jude Emery's vehicle. I'm not real crazy about the flowers on it but I'd love to own a machine like that.

Overall, I'm not really a "car guy". I used to be when I was younger but these newer vehicles don't have as much personality and they're impossible to work on unless you're a computer expert.

I still haven't outgrown dirt bikes though. I love every episode that has them on.

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Tell me about it Roger! I'm going through for a Heavy-Duty Mechanic, and if you don't show up to class without your laptop your screwed.

They are training mechanics now to do this: Step 1) Hook laptop up to main computer. Step 2) read what computer spits out at you. Step 3) Turn to equipment owner with a sad expression and say that the computer says that they need an engine overhaul.

All that they are teaching us basically is how to replace engines and transmissions. We ain't learning how to fix a blown piston, we are learning how to replace stuff!

A lot of new mechanics will go out to a call on some oil rig in the middle of the bush with no tools, just their laptops to tell the guys whats wrong with it. (Man, do they ever get funny looks when it's an old D8 Cat that doesn't have an on board computer! ;))

This ain't what I signed up for, I signed up to get trained on how to actually fix equipment, not to be an IT guy!

Oh, and my favorite Dukes vehicle is Cooter's tow truck! (just to stay kind of on topic! lol)

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Thanks for knowing how I feel T.J.

It's getting to the point that poor people can't even work on cars anymore. It's a good thing there are no computers in Hazzard 'cause poor Bo and Luke would have never been able to afford to work on the General if it had all the gizmos on it that these modern monstrosities do.

If I looked under the hood of a 1969 Charger I'd be able to tell you what 95% of the things are and what they do. If I looked under the hood of a new car, I bet I wouldn't know 5% of what's there.

You can't even see spark plugs anymore, let alone replace them. I used to be able to change starters, distributors, alternators, fuel pumps, carburators, water pumps and power steering pumps. Now I can't even find them.

(I've looked all over the place for the carburator on my fuel injected Volvo but it's nowhere to be found...LOL)

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Haha! Yeah I know eh?

On the farm, the newest tractor we got is a 1991 Case IH 7140. It is really easy to work on and you can actually get to everything without needing some fancy tool.

In the new John Deere's and Case's and New Holland's I'm lost... Everything's all closed in and you can't see nothing!

On my sister's new VW, the only thing that you can do without having to consult a dealer is top off the windshield washer fluid. You can't even change the oil without taking it back to the dealer. It's ridiculous! (And that's why I won't give up my '89 F-150!)

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  • 4 months later...

I'll leave aside the main featured cars because they've all been mentioned. Here's some of the others I liked (in no particular order):

Cletus's Mercury Cougar (there's a similar one often parked in the square, Cooter also had one as a loaner)

Gaylord Duke's XK-E

Grady Byrd's Mama's '59 DeVille

Swamp Molly's '46 pickup

Doc Petticord's 1950 Olds

Jason Dillard's '68 Shelby Cobra

Mason Dixon's Girls' Pontiac Trans-Am convertible

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Could you just tell what make and year they were just by looking at them?

I'm afraid not. I do like my cars, and know enough to bore non-car types quickly enough, like when the turn signals moved on the XK-E (or E-Type as we call it). The Cougar has to be first generation (and '67-'69 due to the grille). The '59 DeVille is also an iconic car. I'd remembered the cars I liked, but for the details I had to check with the following sites:

The Internet Movie Cars Database


For some movies they even list interesting background cars.

Tilley's Dukes of Hazzard Website


It doesn't appear to have been updated since 2007, but it's still a great resource for cars, characters, and other stuff.

These days it's not so much 'what you know', or even 'who you know', but more often 'what websites you know':).

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