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Hobie Harkins

Frontage Road

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I just thought since we hear about Frontage Road a lot on Hazzard, we ought to learn a little more about it. First, we all know that  Rosco will one day be working on Frontage Road  as the night shift Renta-Cop, at the drive-in Deli,  if he messes up one more time! I'm going to be listening for other things that were mentioned on Frontage Rd. and put them here. If you hear of any, please put them down here, as well.  Frontage Rd. seems pretty generic...


a subsidiary road running parallel to a main road or highway and giving access to houses and businesses .Also called service road

Synonyms for frontage road: blacktop, byway, avenue, approach, artery, beltway, byroad, bypass, boulevard, B-road, slip road, frontage road, blacktop


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The line about Rosco being a rent-a-cop at the drive-in deli on Frontage Road is repeated virtually verbatim in 'Repo Men'. I don't think Frontage Road gets mentioned after that until season 5. In 'Big Daddy', Rosco is said to have "...learned that when he was a rent-a-cop at that all-night pizza parlor on Frontage Road." In the next episode, 'Vance's Lady', Boss tells Rosco, "If you blow the top off my political future your future is gonna be backup bagboy at the all-night supermarket on Frontage Road." I think that's the last time we hear about Frontage Road.

I doubt that Frontage Road had three 24-hour businesses, so were they all part of the same store, or were the writers being lazy?

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