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Living in the past


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Some folks say you shouldn't live in the past but I'm starting to think it's a lot better than living in the present. I've had it with the present. I've seen politically correct insanity taking over everything. The latest is the Boy Scouts dropping half their name and just calling themselves Scouts to please the politically correct police. It truly has risen (or lowered) to the level of insanity. I just found an 80s country music station and it's now all I listen to in my vehicle. I'm now watching more Dukes, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Beverley Hillbillies etc than ever before. I'm way happier because of it. So to the folks who say you shouldn't live in the past, I say...why would you want to live in a world where "Boy Scouts" is practically considered profanity? Why would ANYONE want to live in that kind of world?...I'm not going to stop the world from going down the sewer tubes of political correctness but I am going to do whatever I can to walk in the opposite direction. 

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Same here! I just watched Smokey and The Bandit III ( The worst one of the series!)  and the Rebel flag on the front of the car is blurred out! The Judaized PC crap in this country is ridiculous but hopefully, if and when it gets worse, the mindless cattle will wake up and finally fight back!

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I have all three SATB movies on DVD, but still tend to watch them if they're on TV (the third one isn't shown as often as the first two).

Regarding the TV viewing, I also find myself watching a lot of '80s shows. As well as Dukes, I've recently got the first two seasons of "The Fall Guy" on DVD (the last three are sadly unavailable). I know that all of "CHiPs" is now out on DVD in the US, but it's not available here! Apart from that, I have plenty of '80s comedies and movies to watch.

I hadn't heard about the US arm of the Boy Scouts becoming Scouts BSA until I Googled it. The name change seems to have caused a huge backlash online, so maybe they'll change it back. Speaking of political correctness, I read a story earlier about a butcher in the UK who's been using meat-based innuendos on his pavement sign to amuse his customers. The police have now asked him to tone it down, despite the fact that he's been doing it for 10 years without a single complaint!

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