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OK.....this is from the HUH??? or the WHAAAAT??? Dept. You know those few times/scenes, in episodes that you have no explanation  for? Well, on this episode, when Enos and Rosco had collected all the merchandise that Bo and Luke had  been framed with ( Remember they supposedly tried to make off with merchandise from a dept. store and it was all set up by Boss? ) . Enos and Rosco were in Rosco's office WITH the merchandise and Enos said, " Well I guess that clears the Duke Boys of all charges" And Rosco said, " That's a wrong, that's a wrong! They're probably hiding the evidence, just to weasel out of it!"  WHAAT?? This made no sense! They were HOLDING the evidence ( all except for the car) in their hands even as he said this! This made no sense! 

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