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I'm sort of new. I'm from Canada. I grew up watching The Dukes Of Hazzard reruns on TV. I recently begun watching it again as I have the complete series.
My favourite characters are Jesse, Bo, and Cooter.

I always had a crush on Bo. :)

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You'll find out that Hazzard County is a universe all on its own! Everybody knows everybody and the troubles in Hazzard aren't nearly as stressing as the trouble in the real world, so we like to stay in "The Land" as much as possible! ( The Land is what I refer to Hazzard as, when I tell my wife I'm " Going to the land". She knows I'm going to either sleep, doze or simply " Check out" of earth for a while. Sometimes before going to bed, I tell her I'm going to Hazzard ( like here in a few!) and I crawl in bed and turn TDOH on!

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