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A beautiful song from the Scottish band with guest vocals by The Blue Nile's Paul Buchanan. The guy with long hair isn't Paul, it's British comedian Peter Kay who also directed the very funny video. As well as sell-out comedy shows, Peter is also known for miming to Tony Christie's hit '(Is This The Way To) Amarillo?' in this charity video released in 2005. It features a who's who of British TV and music personalities from the '70s and '80s (Tony Christie himself appears briefly at about 2:20). When British troops in Iraq made their own version of the video it crashed the Ministry of Defence computers due to the number of downloads (see this article).

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This is a great stripped down live version of this song.

(As promised, I'm gonna try to add some titles to this thread. Be prepared for some very ecletic music y'all. LOL. Also, I noticed while skimming back through the thread that Hoss posted Arthur Brown's "Fire" which, yes I did use in a fanfic. I love the opening line, "I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE! And I bring you..." LOL)

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A great chilled-out track for hot summer days. I discovered this track when it was used in the UK hidden camera show 'Trigger Happy TV'. The skydiving video is also fun (skip to 0:57 if you know what a small plane taking off looks like :)).

... Be prepared for some very ecletic music y'all. LOL.

I call my taste in music eclectic too - sounds so much better than weird :).

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It's really just an excuse to post an A/V mashup I came across recently that starts with this track. Normally mashups mix two songs together; this one mixes nine, including videos:

The songs are:

Isaac Hayes - Theme from Shaft

John Williams - The Imperial March from Star Wars

Leftfield - Phat Planet

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Switch Remix - A bit patchy)

Fatboy Slim - Praise You

Doug Wood Band - Drag Racer (BBC Snooker Theme)

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The Streets - Push things forward

I had never heard of Charles Aznavour until seeing the 1976 James Coburn film "Skyriders" (with Robert Culp. :))

I'd say he was well known to people my age (or maybe a bit older) over here. Elvis Costello's cover of Charles Aznavour's song was used on the soundtrack to the movie 'Notting Hill'.

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Thought I'd continue the 'Rise' theme. This is a moody instrumental track that I have on a CD of music used for commercials, although I can't remember what commercial it was used for.

Oh wow. Must...find...this...song...

(was it a Renault commerical? Saw a comment on another YT vid about Claudia Shieffer and Renault LOL)

MaryAnne, thanks for reminding me of Herb Alpert - I'll have dig my album out.


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MaryAnne said:
(was it a Renault commerical? Saw a comment on another YT vid about Claudia Shieffer and Renault LOL)

I've looked into it - the commercial did star Claudia Schiffer, but it was for a different French car maker; Citroën. Here is that commercial for the Citroën Xsara Coupé:

The album I have it on is this one. It has some great tracks on it including

(listed as 'Boss Hogg' on the album).

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May be an angry type song, but love the song all the same. Had the CD in highschool and kinda wish I had kept it...for once it is not Country and not the New Kids on the Block. ;)

Just for warning...the comments under the video wrote by viewers are not the best and could offend. Which is why I didn't read them. I just like the song and video.

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Wipeout - Fat Boys feat. The Beach Boys

Fun video from the mid '80s. Maybe it's this version that makes people think that it was a Beach Boys song. 'Wipe Out' (two words, so I couldn't use it in this thread) was by

and covered by
. Strangely,
lists it as one word.
"Push" Matchbox 20

I wondered why this song was so familiar when I don't have it, or remember it. Finally it dawned on me - it's part of

(along with a bit of 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' by Backstreet Boys just for Garrett ;)). It's not the first time I've heard a song and realised I know it from a Weird Al polka medley :).
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Geno - Dexy's Midnight Runners

I don't know how well this song is known in the US compared to Come on Eileen - it was a UK #1 in 1980. This song is a tribute to soul singer Geno Washington and his group Geno Washington's Ram Jam Band (click here for their version of 'Que Sera Sera'). Of course, when I typed the words "Ram Jam" into YouTube it brought up Black Betty. Just like Black Betty, Dexy's Midnight Runners were from Birmingham, but in this case it's Birmingham in the West Midlands of England and not "Way down in Alabam'". :)

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