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Post somethin about th folks above ye.

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Well I if I understand the gist of this, I'm supposed to post something about you right? As you would be the person above me in this thread.

So...lessee...I'm gonna say that you're a big Dukes of Hazzard fan! :)

im gonna say that the last part of your name, the 1980 part, is because you were born in the early 80s

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Hmmm....I ain't all that smart (but I love Dukes of Hazzard so that's really all that matters in life)

daisyXenos, I wonder if you're supposed to post something about MaryAnne?

I might be interpretting that wrong but if I am there's no pressure on me because I've already established that I'm not that smart.

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I do feel pretty strong when I'm out there splitting wood. I might feel like Luke Duke but my wife said I look more like Emery Potter.

I can tell this thread is going to be trouble. I already plan on filing a formal complaint with the moderators against Daisy for teasing me.

Oh yea, now it's my turn to talk about the last person who posted......

*looks back at last post*

Hey, that's Daisy!!! What a coincidence.

Okay, here I go......

*(remembering that his mom taught him that if he can't say something good about someone he shouldn't say anything at all, Roger Duke's keyboard suddenly experiences "technical difficulties")*

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Uhoh Roger I hear Daisy swings that frying pan like a major league baseball player you better come up with something extra nice her before your head becomes her baseball lol.

ok something nice about daisy *clears throat putting on a serious expression* Daisy's always there when you need her to back you up.....cos she's lethal with that frying pan lol.

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I suppose if I went by the rules I'm supposed to make a comment about B.L. at this point in the game but since my life is in danger I don't think anybody will blame me for breaking the rules.

Thanks for the comment about baseball B.L.. I was up all night trying unsuccessfully to think of something nice to say about Daisy but your comment about her having a strong baseball swing finally made me think of something good to say about her.

To the best of my knowledge DaisyMaeDuke has never tested positive for steroids.

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