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I know we all had this discussion 1,000 times before. Now I liked the new Dukes movie honestly, and I still do. Here out my story. I was looking for an avatar on msn search. I typed in the Dukes of Hazzard. What comes up? Mostly all new Dukes pictures! I AM SO SICK OF THIS! It is almost all the new dukes! The original is always better. Ill give the ways that is different in the movie compared to the old Dukes a little later. It will be a LONG list.

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Here is the differences from the Dukes of Hazzard movie compared to the show.


1. the general's horn is higher pitched.

2. the general is a little reddish.

3. Bo has a beard.

4. Luke has a little beard.

5. The boys are sexual. (sorry hazzardnet)

6. Their clothing is different.

7. Daisy strips on a desk.

8. Daisy is blonde.

9. Bo's hair is a bit red.

10. They smoke.

11. Boss is thin

12. Roscoe is fat.

13. Jesse has a braid.

14. They swear. (They say jackass in the show. They dont in the movie)

Can y'all think of anything else?


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The MOVIE Roscoe is a lot smarter than the TV Roscoe, which I liked. That Roscoe would be a truly worthy opponent to the TV Dukes. In season one, Best's Roscoe was brighter, but had a genuine hatred of the Dukes.

You can count me a fan of the movie Dukes too. I loved Johnny being the NORMAL guy...as compared to the screwball CHARACTER of Seann.

If I'd been Luke, when Bo was explaining to the General why he had to be covered up, I'd've told Annette and Katie, "The car's got issues." :)

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i loved the movie..i will always love the tv show. but u just cant put a perfect copy of the tv into a movie. i watched the show when i was a kid,but now its gotten pretty corny and predictable. if WB wanted to make any money on this movie and appeal to a younger crowd they had to make a bunch of changes. i was happy with all the changes. the movie was more serious then the tv show. plus the show took place in the 70's which was a way different time then today.

the only things i didnt like about the movie are this

1. roscoe threatens jesse with his gun(in the show roscoe never did...and when he did his hand was moving so much that he couldnt hit the side of a barn)

2. the drugs didnt have to be in there.

3.roscoe never chased the dukes at all...unless you count the 5 secs before his flat tire.

thats just my view. and ive been a big fan all my life..and will always be...

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watch an episode....you know pretty much from the beginning that the dukes are going to A)be framed by hogg B)get in trouble with boss hogg and they work together to solve there problem.

there other thing i was kinda wierd on was that hazzard was like the crime capital of the world...every week some dumb crooks just happen to go thru hazzard and start trouble.

also you always know that everything turns out fine every episode. theres never much surprise value to it.

i wasnt trying to diss the show...its always been my favorite.

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Oh. Im cool now. Yeah, it is obvious what will happen, but you gotta love it. I had a different perspective of what you said, Matt. Im sorry. Please forgive me.

Besides that, go on msn search and type in " the Dukes of Hazzard " and it will almost all come up the new dukes. I loved the movie to. Absolutely loved it, but what happened to the original?


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For me, the movie will NEVER replace the TV show. But I had an interesting experience at Wal-Mart in late December:

Here it was, December 2005, and I saw Star Wars toys out there. I know it was ANAKIN SKYWALKER, but it WAS Star Wars. I do remember when it was LUKE SKYWALKER and his bunch in the stores.

I also saw a remote control General Lee...but it was Johnny Knoxville; Seann William Scott and Jessica Simpson on the toy. And I remember when it was John Schneider; Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach on merchandise 25 years ago!

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I seen the remote control GENRAL LEE with the new dukes. I never seen the old one because i was only around for 13 years. Lol. My whole point for this topic was this. Silverado, when you seen the remote control general dont ya think " what happened to the original?"


reesie (mad)

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And the movie wasn't perdictable?? I just think its funny the movie is up for Worst Movie of the Year....thats the only thing amusing about it. And the orignal Rosco is better, I hate Gainey period not just because of the movie.

Oh and crime didn't always just COME to Hazzard Boss usually brought it there, which is kinda the point of the show...dern....

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I love yall SO much. Yall are funny, NICE, and great.

I also had a problem with the new Daisy. The old Daisy wasnt so 'unclothed'. The original Daisy HAD clothes. I think the original was SO much better. Yes, I loved the movie, but where did this movie go? It wasnt the dukes remake. It was a movie within its self.


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I went to see the movie for four reasons (The General, Burt Reynolds, Willie Nelson and Lynda Carter).

I have noticed one thing thow, doesn't the movie seem to be a bit on the dumb side, and Johnny Knoxville is very cute. All during the moving my eyes was on him. I liked the soundtrack and play it every once in a while when I feel like hearing Southern Rock. I would love to see Seann William Scott to make a commerical for Dodge where he opens a new charger and does his Hemi dance and the salesman is played by John Schneider and he asks if he wants to test drive one. My Mom says that Jessica Simpson played a more sweeter version of Daisy as to Catherine Bach in the seris. The bar fight scene in the movie is practically just like the bar fight scene in "Hooper" but in the Burt Reynolds movie the Sheriff doesn't come by and stop the fight. The movie has it's good points and it's bad points and I bought the a copy of the new movie for my Burt Reynolds collection. Hey, did you know that before they was casting the Dukes Movie James Best was filming "Hooper" with Burt Reynolds. Oh one more thing, you the girls father in the beginning of the movie well he is from a very popular tv seris called "Northern Exposure".

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