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One of the highlights of the Dukes movie was that awesome chase in downtown Atlanta after Daisy, Annette and Katie sprung Bo & Luke. In the background(after Luke ticked off Bo for stealing Katie), we heard AC/DC's If You Want Blood in the background.

What songs/musical pieces do you think would fit this chase? I'm looking mainly at MUSIC, not necessarily lyrics.

My choices include:

  • I Stole Your Love by Kiss
  • Detroit Rock City by Kiss
  • King of the Nighttime World by Kiss
  • Tarot Woman by Rainbow

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I thought the music was perfect and still do.! YEEHAW!

I agree. The music in the movie, as it as, was perfect. And if WB had released ALL the songs heard in the movie on CD, I'd've bought the soundtrack. I would buy a two CD set no problem...

...and I'm adding Motley Crew's LOOKS THAT KILL to the list. :D

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Nothing beats seeing KISS at MSG back in 78 ( I was 8 years at the time and my FIRST concert) and then again in 96 on the reunion tour, saw them 3 of 4 SOLD OUT shows in July 96 at MSG - THE only place to see them. I still have my concert shirt , unworn of course , hanging in my closet KISS DESTROYS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN the only city to have it's own shirt other then Detroit on opening night.

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Must be some KISS fans on here.That's cool cause I'm a HUGE KISS Fan. I used to help a tribute band whenever they came into town.There is a Dukes/KISS connection.Gene Simmons and John Schneider are in that Trick Pony video "The Bride". Here is a pic of me in costume suder.jpg

I'm glad to know there're other KISS fans here. Would the tribute band you mentioned happen to be STRUTTER? They used to come to Birmingham quite a bit in the mid 90s.

But what KISS songs, if any, would you select for a Dukes car chase? I don't want to see this thread get shut down for going off topic. :D

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