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What is your favorite type of film?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite type of film?

    • Anthing with car chases!
    • Anything with love and romance!
    • Anything with rolling on the floor comedy!
    • Anything with serious drama!
    • Anything with gun fighting!
    • Any combination of the above!
    • All of the above!

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1. Smokey & The Bandit is my all time favorite as detailed in many , many posts.....

2. Walking Tall (The orignal).. It's up there for me too. Sheriff Buford Pusser is a LEGEND. It also helps thatI did a research paper on him back in high school (got an A for it, should have been an A+ but I forgot an introduction page). The one with the Rock sucked , it wasn't even close to the original.

3. Dazed & Confused - What a great , fun movie . A day on the life of High School kids just looking for a good time on the last day of school in 1976. Awesome soundtrack, awesome cars .

4. Every Which Way But Loose - Clint Eastwood's attempt at a Good Ol' Boy movie and it works. juts remember "Right Turn Clyde" ..

I'm Gone


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My favorite movie is the first (only the first one) Smokey and The Bandit. Has good car chases as noted already plus good actors/actresses in it. There are a lot of similarities between Smokey and the Bandit and the Dukes. :)

~Garrett Duke~

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Hey Y'all!

I haven't seen too many of the movies that y'all mentioned. But, I've definately heard of Smokey and the Bandit. I have only seen the first one, and I have only seen the second reunion Dukes.

I personally like:

--Christmas Comes to Willow Creek, what can I say, Tom AND John are in it! Great story line!

-- Rocky I-V and Rocky Balboa

-- True Grit, an older western with John Wayne, Glen Campbell, and Kim Darby

well, that is all that I can think of, but I am sure that in the middle of the night I will think of something else. It is just my luck that a brilliant idea hits me at midnight, but by the time I get up in the morning I can't remember what the idea was!!

General Grant

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