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Hazzard In Trouble

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Kristy lies quietly awake, staring silently into the thick darkness that surrounds her while listening to the soft rhythmic thicking of the old clock. Staring into the darkness, her thoughts slowly drift back to Garrett in jail for stealing the electronics. What if he did steal the electronics? How could he do such a thing to her? She had brought him down to Hazzard to take him away from his rowdy group of friends, bringing him to the family she had left behind so long ago. She should have known that he may resort to his old ways once everyone began to trust him and gotten to know him. He had a past. He'd been kicked out of the Army and has run ins with the law. Why should Hazzard change him?

"Damn it," she cusses quietly as she slowly sits up as her emotions continue to grow within her. Guilt steadily builds within her, guilt for not trusting her own brother, for accusing him. What if he didn't do it? Afterall, this is Hazzard and Hogg has framed Bo and Luke plenty of times before. Garrett is a Duke, would Hogg frame him too?

Suddenly a pinging noise cracks against her window, attracting her attention only to find the blackness of the night. After a short moment a large rock comes visible as it hits her window. Fear rushes wihtin her as she continues to stare into the darkness, her heart rushing within her as her imagination rushes through her. Fighting her fear of the uncertainty, she climbs slowly out of bed to slowly walk to the window to peer down. Through the street lamp that lies near the drive way's entrance she makes out the muscular form of Garrett.

"Garrett," she wonders aloud as she struggles with why he is outside, especially throwing rocks at her window.

Taking a deep breath, Kristy slowly moves away from the window to put on an bathrobe before stepping out into the dark window. Making her way to the stairs, she slowly and carefully takes the stairs before coming to the door. Opening the door, she is confronted with Garrett standing a couple of inches upon their front step.

"Garrett?" she asks, blocking the door, "What are you doing? They release you already?"

"No," he shakes his head as a hint of sadness and fear flashes in his cold eyes before falling emotionless again, "I ... uh...escaped."

"Now that'll do you a lot of good," Kristy sighs, "what you going to do when they start looking for you? This will be the first place they look."

"I know," he shrugs as he bites onto his lower lip, "I'm not here to stay, I just wanted to," he pauses for a long moment to take her in, "to say I am sorry about all of this." Once again he pauses to flush silence between them as he glares down at his feet. Looking up he continues, "I didn't steal thoses boxes of electronics...I promise. I know what it looks like and I know my past...I'll be charged no doubt. You probably think I did it, don't you?"

Kristy stares silently at her brother, taking him in as her guilt soars within her. "Well it crossed my mind," she silently shrus as movement comes from up the stairs, "I'm sorry Garrett."

"As I said," he starts as he glances over Kristy's shoulder, "as I said, I know what it looks like. I can't deny that it looks like I did it...but I didn't do it. I swear."

"Who is it Kristy?" a tired voice rings out from behind her and Kristy slowly glances behind her to find LB tiredly walking down the dark stairs dressed only his red boxers; his copper brown curly hair lies every which way. "Garrett?" LB questions as he approaches the front door to rest a comforting hand upon Kristy's shoulder, "What you doin' out?"

"I escaped," Garrett sighs as he glances over his shoulder, "I need to get going. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry to do this to you...to put you in the middle."

"We could call the sheriff," LB says.

"Go for it," Garrett shrugs, "I don't care...perhaps that would be for the best. I hope to see you around sometime."

Garrett waves at them before turning back to walk into the darkness of the night.

(Cue anyone!)

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Kristy lies quietly awake, staring silently into the thick darkness that surrounds her while listening to the soft rhythmic thicking of the old clock. Staring into the darkness, her thoughts slowly drift back to Garrett in jail for stealing the electronics. What if he did steal the electronics? How could he do such a thing to her? She had brought him down to Hazzard to take him away from his rowdy group of friends, bringing him to the family she had left behind so long ago. She should have known that he may resort to his old ways once everyone began to trust him and gotten to know him. He had a past. He'd been kicked out of the Army and has run ins with the law. Why should Hazzard change him?

"Damn it," she cusses quietly as she slowly sits up as her emotions continue to grow within her. Guilt steadily builds within her, guilt for not trusting her own brother, for accusing him. What if he didn't do it? Afterall, this is Hazzard and Hogg has framed Bo and Luke plenty of times before. Garrett is a Duke, would Hogg frame him too?

Suddenly a pinging noise cracks against her window, attracting her attention only to find the blackness of the night. After a short moment a large rock comes visible as it hits her window. Fear rushes wihtin her as she continues to stare into the darkness, her heart rushing within her as her imagination rushes through her. Fighting her fear of the uncertainty, she climbs slowly out of bed to slowly walk to the window to peer down. Through the street lamp that lies near the drive way's entrance she makes out the muscular form of Garrett.

"Garrett," she wonders aloud as she struggles with why he is outside, especially throwing rocks at her window.

Taking a deep breath, Kristy slowly moves away from the window to put on an bathrobe before stepping out into the dark window. Making her way to the stairs, she slowly and carefully takes the stairs before coming to the door. Opening the door, she is confronted with Garrett standing a couple of inches upon their front step.

"Garrett?" she asks, blocking the door, "What are you doing? They release you already?"

"No," he shakes his head as a hint of sadness and fear flashes in his cold eyes before falling emotionless again, "I ... uh...escaped."

"Now that'll do you a lot of good," Kristy sighs, "what you going to do when they start looking for you? This will be the first place they look."

"I know," he shrugs as he bites onto his lower lip, "I'm not here to stay, I just wanted to," he pauses for a long moment to take her in, "to say I am sorry about all of this." Once again he pauses to flush silence between them as he glares down at his feet. Looking up he continues, "I didn't steal thoses boxes of electronics...I promise. I know what it looks like and I know my past...I'll be charged no doubt. You probably think I did it, don't you?"

Kristy stares silently at her brother, taking him in as her guilt soars within her. "Well it crossed my mind," she silently shrus as movement comes from up the stairs, "I'm sorry Garrett."

"As I said," he starts as he glances over Kristy's shoulder, "as I said, I know what it looks like. I can't deny that it looks like I did it...but I didn't do it. I swear."

"Who is it Kristy?" a tired voice rings out from behind her and Kristy slowly glances behind her to find LB tiredly walking down the dark stairs dressed only his red boxers; his copper brown curly hair lies every which way. "Garrett?" LB questions as he approaches the front door to rest a comforting hand upon Kristy's shoulder, "What you doin' out?"

"I escaped," Garrett sighs as he glances over his shoulder, "I need to get going. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry to do this to you...to put you in the middle."

"We could call the sheriff," LB says.

"Go for it," Garrett shrugs, "I don't care...perhaps that would be for the best. I hope to see you around sometime."

Garrett waves at them before turning back to walk into the darkness of the night.

(Cue anyone!)

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Luke threw a cassette case against the wall. The list of people he wasn’t torked with was shorter than the list of people he was torked with. He glanced over at Daisy who sat with tape recorder, pencil and tablet.

“You can put it away,†he snapped. “No brilliant idea of mine is gonna get anyone outta trouble.â€

“Lukas,†The brooding oldest Duke grimaced at his given name being used. “Not now, Daisy.†Hazel eyes watched his stocky frame stalk toward the front door. “About now Jesse is probably parlaying with Boss…†She tried to comfort her frustrated cousin. It wasn’t that his feelings weren’t valid, hadn’t he noticed his cousins were getting older and if they always leaned on Luke… people would try and use them to get to him. Maybe one or two had figured that out, gambled to make it a more protective gesture than defiance?

“I’m gonna head over toward the Sheriff’s Department and see what’s going on. Jesse probably is speaking with Boss.†He acknowledged Daisy’s estimation without looking at his younger cousin.

“J.D., you old reprobate… that boy ain’t done nothing wrong.†Jesse spoke angrily.

“You call breaking outta jail nothing wrong?†Boss replied dryly.

“Yep, onconna he was railroaded in there!†Jesse slapped his red hat on the desk between the two gentlemen.

Boss pursed his lips. “You feel that way, you should be gathering evidence to clear him and find my auto parts.â€

“Do the Sheriff’s Department job for nothing, Ha!†Jesse scoffed.

“Then them other kids of yours run and hide-â€

“Nobody did that!â€

“Oh yeah, then how come no one can find them to question ‘em?â€

“Why do they need questioned for?â€

“Don’t you answer me with a question!†Boss yelled. “Get outta my office before I have Rosco put you in a cell.â€

“You’re impossible.†Jesse exclaimed. “And if wasn’t for the fact-†He paused and looked at Boss. “Look, we all want to find out who took those auto parts. Why don’t we work together?â€

“Jesse, you just said you wouldn’t do the law’s job for nothing…â€

“I was just letting off some steam.â€

Boss nodded. “Uh huh- there was a fella here talking with Garrett. Now say he threatened bodily harm to Jamie or Shay, a law abiding citizen would try to stop that.â€

“They would…†Jesse half smiled at his old friend. He watched a pudgy finger press the telephone intercom button. “Rosco, Enos! If you’re in the office, would you mind coming in here for a moment.†His portly frame then lumbered to the coat rack. “Your truck running alright, Jesse?â€

“Yep, you wanna ride with me?†The Duke clan patriarch asked.

“I’d be delighted too.†Boss smiled. He grabbed a hat from a hook. “I’m gonna tell Rosco and Enos to ignore any reports on Garrett for the next few days incase what we speculated is correct.â€

“That’s kind of you, J.D.†Jesse said. Boss had outlandish schemes at times but every now and then, he could surprise folks.

“Little fat buddy- Enos!†Rosco exclaimed. Jesse turned his head to see the Sheriff and Deputy trying to come through the door at the same moment. “Before you leave this building, you tear up Garrett’s arrest report.†Boss spoke crisply.

“Why would we wanna do that?†Enos asked hesitantly. “He escaped from custody.â€

“Umm, yeah. And wouldn’t the two of you do the same thing if you thought some innocent lives was in danger?†Boss replied.

“Well, sure.†Rosco paused. “What innocent lives?â€

“Jamie and Shay…†Jesse whispered.

“Ohhhhhh!†Rosco and Enos said in unison. “Possum on a gum bush, Mr. Hogg who’d wanna hurt them?†Deputy Strate added quietly.

“Some rascal, come on.†Rosco maneuvered to where he was a step away from the younger law officer. “Didn’t you hear me, dipstick? I said come on. We got a report to dispose of.â€

“Yes, sir- Sheriff.†Enos replied eagerly. He followed Rosco over to the desk. Attention flickered between his superior officer looking through files, Boss and Jesse hurrying across the room, then out the double doors.

“And you are not to arrest Garrett again. Least not for the next forty eight hours.†Boss declared before he and Jesse were in the hallway.

Cooter watched Boss and Jesse drive away in a white pick up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Viewing Rosco and Enos hightail it out of the building, then to their vehicles. He hollered out the window. “Enos, where did Jesse and Boss go off too?â€

Enos paused at his patrol cruiser driver door. “They went to find out who really stole the auto parts. Me and the Sheriff are doing double duty.â€

The mechanic chuckled. “Double duty?â€

“Yeah, while we’re out on patrol, look for them fellas too.â€

“How you gonna look for folks you ain’t got a description of?â€

“Say you seen anyone around the department that was an outsider?â€

“Enos, quit yakking and move.†Rosco interrupted the conversation. The deputy glanced to the Sheriff. “Thought maybe Cooter might’ve noticed-â€

“Quicker you listen, faster we’ll find those fellas who framed Garrett.†Rosco tapped his fingers along the gold star emblem impatiently. Blue eyes darted to Cooter in the window. “Ain’t you got a tow job somewhere?â€

“It’s 5 in the morning, Rosco…†Cooter gingerly replied.

“What about that monstrously out by the icehouse?â€

“Got that before closing for the evening.â€

“Ah,†Rosco cleared his throat. “How about that heap Miss Tisdale refers to as a taxi, khee.â€

Enos smiled. “Sheriff, maybe Cooter would like to help us look. Because without auto parts, he can’t finish orders to fix cars.â€

“Enos,†Cooter exclaimed, shook his head. “You trying to bribe me?â€

“Of course he ain’t trying to bribe you,†Rosco answered. “But we know you wanna help us find them polecats.â€

Cooter nodded. “I wouldn’t mind if that’s what you’re getting at.â€

“Alrighty, you find out if Jesse and the Boss have gotten a hold of the other Dukes, then venture toward the highway. “I’ll take route 6,†Rosco paused, glanced in his side mirror at Enos. “You cover the roads by speed traps 3 and 4.â€

“Sounds like a plan,†Cooter agreed and disappeared from the window. Rosco and Enos drove out of town before Cooter made his way down the ladder from the apartment to the work area. He gathered from conversation that Hazzard in trouble, just not from the Dukes. Right now it seemed simple enough… get everyone together.

“Crazy C to Shepard,†His thumb pressed on the talk button. “Crazy C to Shepard. Have you gotten a hold of your flock yet?â€

“That’s a negatory, Crazy.†Jesse’s voice came through the little box on the desk. “And how in tarnation didja know I was looking for ‘em?â€

“Friends in blue,†Cooter replied. “Headed for route 6, the speed traps.â€

“Thank you,†Jesse answered. “Boss and I are heading toward the swamp.â€

“Rosco told me to cover the highway- should I pick L.B up?â€

“No. Best he stay with Kristy, Jamie and Shay. He’ll understand.â€

“Ten four, I’m gone.†Cooter’s thumb slid off the talk button. Mic was placed on the box. Three hours of sleep was better than none at all. He went over to the sink and turned the faucet on. Then splashed cold water on his face. Switched the faucet off, wiped his hands on a towel. Retrieved a key set from the desk and walked outside to the tow truck. Jesse was right. L.B. would completely understand if no one dragged him outta bed to search for the fellas. The mechanic yawned tiredly.

Night was turning into day. The General and some other vehicles were gathered in the parking lot of a highway truck stop.

“I think they moved outta the county,†Luke voiced his opinion. “They had no reason to stay once they had the goods.â€

“Yeah, but they wouldn’t wanna be caught with aforementioned items,†Boss replied. “My guess is they needed a driver. Your cousin being a decent looking fella and driver was a prime candidate.â€

Rosco nodded. “And if they were scouting him or had talked to folks that knew him, they’d have known about Kristy, Jamie and Shay.â€

“Exactly,†Jesse agreed. He took a sip from the Styrofoam cup in his hands that was filled with fresh black coffee. The waitress had made it extra strong after seeing the haggard looking group stumble into the restaurant. “Maybe we oughta switch tracks on the way back in town.â€

“Luke can drop me off at Beth’s place for breakfast,†Bo grinned.

Jesse gingerly looked at his youngest nephew. He continued drinking. Bo caught the cautious expression. “Uncle Jesse I know what it sounds like. That I don’t wanna help Garrett…â€

Luke, Boss, Rosco, Cooter and Enos observed the conversation with mild amusement.

“I ain’t gonna lecture ya,†Jesse turned his attention to the gas pumps. “Fact, maybe you should call Daisy, have her bring Lulu and Bethie here, Cooter could get a hold of L.B., Kristy, Jamie and Shay. Then we’ll have a big ol’ breakfast.â€

“Ain’t no one but Boss got the money to pay for that,†Luke exclaimed.

“Luke Duke, you hush.†Boss paused. “I think we need to get back out on the hunt for them criminals before they decide to rob other fine citizens like me!â€

“J.D. is right, those fellas could change modes operandi any time,†Jesse threw the Styrofoam cup in a waste receptacle.

(cue anyone!)

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LB stood in the window, staring out at the glow of the rising sun. He knew Garrett was in trouble, something had to be wrong. He was wrestling with what he should do. He wanted to find Garrett, determine what was going on. But he also felt it was more imortant to stay with Kristy and the kids. LB turned to look at Kristy, who was in a restless sleep. He knew how worried she was. I'll stay here, she needs that more than me galivanting all over the county looking for her brother. I'll leave that in the Dukes hands, he thought. If they need my help, they'll ask for it.

LB turned back to the window to watch the sun rise, he knew sleep would not come to him now.

Bo Duke sat at the roadside diner, staring out a window into the dawn. He wanted to go home, lay in bed, hug Beth. Anything but be here, he wanted to forget everything. Maybe I do hate Garrett, he thought. Why else would I feel this way? I could care less about what happens to him. Bo's painful thoughts sent a tear rolling down his soft cheek. What if it were me, would anyone care? Maybe before Garrett came, but not now.

"Bo, we should get rolling." Luke interupted his thoughts. "Yeah, gimme a minute." Bo mumbled. He stood up from his seat and walked to the rest room. Bo slammed the door behind him, made at his own thoughts, and Luke for interupting them. He looked into the mirror, his image hurt to look at. He may as well have been looking at Garrett's reflection instead of his own.

(Tag you're it! :lol: )

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Beth was going crazy worrying about Bo. She loved him, and wished that he and his twin could get along better.

She just wished that he was with her, holding her, so she could make him feel better. Tell him the things he needed to hear. Remind him that he was her everything, and that was one thing he never had to worry about Garrett taking over.

God knew how much she loved him. And God knew how much she wanted him to love his brother.

She shook her head as she left the window to sit back down on the bed and worry some more.

(cue Garrett!)

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Feeling alone and cold, Garrett slowly and sleekly moves within the darkness of the night, blending in through the darkness as he moves in behind a farm house's back yard. Thoughts race steadily through him as he slowly makes his way back to the dusty dirt road as he slowly begins to walk towards town, not knowing exactly where to go or what to do. If he don't report to the leader before sun rise to see what his assignment will be, Kristy and the kids will be in danger. If he goes through with what they want him to do, he'll be spending several years in jail for the likes of them. Deep down, Garrett knows that isn't much of a choice for him, because he already knows what he'll do. He'll report to the leader and do as he is asked to do. He'd rather risk spending years in jail than risking his sister's life and her kids.

Attempting to hide his emotions within, Garrett numbly pulls the old post card out from his back pocket to stare at it through the light of the full moon. "Report at sunrise or you'll be witnessing your sister's death..." the card starts in sloppy hand writing. Anger soars through his numb body, anger at Rocker for sending such punks his way. Garrett had nothing but respect for Rocker until now, he had spent several years with Rocker and his friends. Had a lot of fun causing trouble but yet knowing what Rocker is, who Rocker is. Above friends, is business. Drugs and guns are his business. When Garrett had been forced to leave the gang to go to Hazzard with Kristy to protect her from her abusive ex-husband, Rocker had been furious at Garrett. Had threatened Garrett. No one leaves his gang without his say so and to Rocker, Garrett had been a valuable asset to him. A heavy body gaurd and a good friend. Did he purposely send the leader and his friends to Hazzard to target in on Garrett? For revenge? Perhaps the "leader" and his men are apart of Rocker's gang, new members he had approved and sent to Hazzard. Rocker had known how Garrett felt about Kristy. . .

"Damn it," Garrett cusses loudly as he places the card back into his back pocket before digging into his chest pocket to pull out his hard pack of cigarettes. With shakey hands, Garrett slowly pulls out a cigarette and wobbly lights it, watching the flame dance in the darkness for a moment before shutting it out and putting the box and lighter back into his pockets. Breathing out dark smoke, Garrett's thoughts remain on Rocker, on his reactions of him leaving, the anger he had shown. The threat he had said as he had attacked Garrett. Rocker could have killed Garrett without a second thought, the only thing that had saved Garrett was the respect Rocker had for him. He had left Garrett black and blue with several cuts, but Garrett had accepted that knowing if he were anyone else he'd be dead.

"Hey Garre," a voice quickly trails from behind him and Garrett quickly turns around filled with fear and surprise at hearing someone speak his name, behind him. A worm of relief crawls through his chilled body at seeing LB fully dressed and alert running to catch up with him. "Can we talk? Man to man? Friend to friend?"

Shrugging Garrett slowly stops to wait for his friend while thinking through his answer. LB will surely want to know what is happening, the truth. But what can he tell him? He tells him, Kristy may die as well as the kids. The innocent kids that had been born seeing and hearing violence from their father before Kristy had walked out on them. How much can they take? Why put them in the middle of things? "Sure," Garrett shrugs again as he watches the end of the cigarette light up through the darkness.

"You know those things will kill you one day," LB says for starters, pointing to the cigarette. Garrett sighs audibly at the notice, at hearing LB lecture him yet again about him smoking.

"I'll die one day or another. Doesn't matter if it is from this or something else," he shrugs for an answer, "You call Rosco?"

"Me? You know I wouldn't," LB slowly answers as he matches Garrett's pace, taking him in through the moonlight. Once again, he silently wonders how Garrett got the ugly scar on his neck, how he could get the scar without dying. "What's going on?"

"What do you mean, what's going on?" Garrett responds stubbornly.

"Don't play stupid," LB sharply responds, "you are arrested for stealing and then escape without explanation of who. Bo and Luke didn't do it."

"And they wouldn't if they had the chance," Garrett harshly interrupts LB to display his anger and mistrust towards his cousin and twin brother. "They were probably excited that I was there...now disappointed that I'm out."

"On the contrary, they were trying to bail you out. Whether you want to accept them or not, they care," LB answers honestly, "You are family and family comes first with them, the whole family. I know y'all don't see eye to eye on everything, but you should really get to know them, stop distancing your self from them and you will see that they care."

Garrett allows silence to settle amongst them as he lets what LB had just said to sink in, seeing the truth behind it. He had been defensive towards them all since he had entered Hazzard, because he didn't want to be in Hazzard, didn't want to get to know them. He felt like an outcast, like he didn't belong. Maybe it was him, not them. He always assumed it was them who didn't like him, didn't take him for who he was. Everyone comparing him to Bo just because they were twins. Truth be told, they hardly had anything in common other than blood and their last name. And Luke always is so easy to jump up and defend Bo, to be on Bo's side, to protect Bo.

"Yeah maybe," Garrett slowly lets out before taking his last and long breath in of his cigarette, watching the end glow up before throwing it on the ground to stomp it out. Letting out a cloud of cigarette out, Garrett falls back into thinking of Rocker and the leader's threat. What could he do? People would surely hate him if and when he got caught doing whatever he was told to do. Would they believe him that he had been forced to do it? With his past, probably not. Kristy had even doubted his innocence in robbing from the electornic store. No one can blame her.

"So, what's going on?" LB asks only to be followed by an awkward silence as Garrett stubbornly doesn't answer. Not getting an answer LB says, "Look Garrett, we're here as friends, remember? Friends tell friends things that need to be told. I can't help you if you don't talk to me."

"Look LB," Garrett says, "I can't tell you...if I tell you something very bad will happen to someone we both know and care about. I have to do what I have to do...end of story. Trust me," Garrett pauses for a long moment, "if I could tell you, I would. I need all the help I can get..."

"Kristy," LB numbly responds, "they or whoever it is, threatened Kristy and the kids, didn't they?"

"I can't say anything," Garrett responds as he watches the sky slowly lighting up, "thanks for your company...I will see you later on today. But for right now, I need to be alone."

"What are you going to do?" LB pries, "I want to help Garrett...you know I won't say anything."

"I know. But somethings, threatened or not," Garrett starts, "you need to do by yourself. You can help me by protecting Kristy and her kids, to be there for her. She'll need it."

"If you say so, Garre," LB shrugs sadly.

"I do. Thanks LB," Garrett says as he walks forward, leaving LB behind, "I'll be seeing you around."

"Take care Garrett," LB says as he watches his friend slowly fade out of sight.


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(A long time ago, Vicki gave her permission for anyone to use her character… I sorta did. )

“You piece of crap!†Rocker’s associate Scamp hollered at another thug. “This isn’t the chick.â€

“Red hair.†The stocky blond shot back defensively.

“Strawberry blonde,†Scamp hissed. Luckily, he had seen the car pull up at the destined time. With help from another of Rocker’s goons, they had blindfolded and handcuffed the strange woman.

“I thought I recognized her,†Burnett offered.

“Honey, where do you work?†Another associate asked. He leaned close to hear a mumbled reply. “Ahhh,†He turned his head, then spit in Burnett’s direction.

Scamp’s green eyes glanced curiously. “Haas?â€

“Chickafreakin’saw County law officer!†Haas shook his head.

“We’re wasted too much time on this,†A fourth man named Nick warned. “Rocker will be back and we’ll all wish we had taken a trip to Cancun.â€

“Maybe she’ll just forget us?†Burnett mused out loud.

Scamp broke into a sound between howling and laughing. “How do we know Rocker hasn’t found Garrett and left us behind?†Burnett paused. “Maybe he set a trap for us to get caught?â€

“You’re insane,†Haas muttered. “I think we should finish,†he jerked a thumb toward the door. Some of the stolen electronics were in an ice cream truck. While Burnett had gotten himself in trouble with this woman, the others had been out collecting more items. Rocker had plan A and B, in case something went wrong. If he couldn’t get Garrett, he still needed men to handle the merchandise.

They had not heard from their boss for several hours, so they continued with their instructions.

Nick checked to make sure Vicki was comfortable. The dress shirted, khaki pants clad foursome made their way outside. Hank, Zeb and Rocker were suppose to be waiting at the semi with it all fueled near the depot.

Cletus noticed strangers traipsing out of the floral shop. He’d gone fishing for the weekend, had the afternoon patrol shift. He noticed the direction of the vehicle they drove off in. “I should probably check and make sure everything is alright,†He walked from the boarding house. The flower shop door was unlocked. He peered through the window. “Buzzards on a buzz saw,†he exclaimed and flung the door open.

“Are you alright, miss?†He saw the red haired woman shake her head. Cletus wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Four men had just left. A black clad, red haired woman sat handcuffed and blind folded. *Oh gosh* he thought silently. “Ma’am, would you mind if I make a phone call?â€

Her head moved side to side. “Ok.†Cletus took a deep breath, his pulse racing. He stepped over to the counter and picked the phone up. “Gussy, could you get me Cousin Boss’s place, please?†A minute later, his jaw dropped at what Lulu told him. “Thanks, cousin Lulu. Sorry, I interrupted your breakfast.†He hung the receiver up, went back over to the red haired woman.

“Ma’am, I’ll be more than happy to file a report at the station for you later,†He said while untying a rope that held her legs to the bottom of a beige folding chair. It coiled on the floor. “I don’t have my key set with me or I’d try to get this off,†he gently took hold of the handcuffs. “But uh,†he grabbed a flower from the vase at the edge of the desk. “Maybe this’ll make up for it?†Cletus tucked the dainty flower into her shirt pocket. He imagined she smiled at him behind the blind fold. “Flapjacks on a ferris wheel,†he quickly reached to untie the eyes to mouth blindfold.

“C’mon,†His hand still on the cuffs loosely pulled them. “Lulu said everyone is out looking for Garrett.â€

Cletus hurried Vicki out to her car that had been parked across the street, cheeks reddened from her thanks of helping her out.

Hazel eyes watched from the dance studio office window. Ale had gotten stuck in Macon. A.M. and Heidi had gone to get him. P.M. and Carleigh had been dropped off at college on the way there. Daisy had come to town to retrieve some stuff that Daney had forgotten. She giggled watching Vicki’s car sped off. She listened to Cletus over the cb rattle off sketchy information of four men, a vehicle that had went down Main Street, possibly ventured on Pear Lane.

“Are you sure about that?†Enos was heard interrupting. “A vehicle of similar description is near Cayenne Avenue.â€

“You two keep after those cars, they could have something to do with the stolen meer-chandise.†Boss ordered before Cletus and Enos started caterwauling like two little kids over whose turn it was next on playground equipment.

(cue anyone!)

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A broad smile slowly spreads across Rocker’s raggedly handsome face as he slowly pulls himself up from the large wooden chair that was placed in the front left corner of the dully empty room. For a short moment the leader allows a thick silence to form amongst the several men that stands alert around him, awaiting for his instructions, for his words of wisdom. Rocker nods silently to himself as he glances around the room, taking in every face that surrounds him to be filled with pride. Pride for his group of men, the men he had approved and taught and has came so far since his early days. Now if only Garrett didn’t leave, if Garrett still belonged to his group of men, his gang would be complete. At least in his eyes. Rocker took pride in his men and in his own ability to take care of them, to protect them and to give them what they wanted or needed. So why had Garrett been so greedy and left as he did? His sister is a big girl and could take care of herself, he didn’t need to go along with her, didn’t need to hold her hand and help her along. She had family down here in this small hick town that she went to, where she felt comfortable with. But from all that he has gathered and all that he has seen for himself, Garrett didn’t belong nor wanted to belong. Yet he stayed here and away from his true home, where he belonged. In his gang in Knoxville Tennessee.

“Well Rod,†Rocker breaks the thick silence to glance over to the corner to his left where the dark haired tall and muscular man stands with his thick arms crossing his thick chest. Rod, Zeb, and Hank had been his newest bunch to his family, who he had recruited from another well known gang in Knoxville, just after Garrett had left the family. He had chosen Rod to lead the two others and be responsible for Garrett, for delivering the threats and having contact with him. Garrett wouldn’t recognize them and if he did, he’d think they were apart of the other gang, but knowing Garrett’s wit and attitude, he’d catch on quickly, if not already. “Explain your confrontation with Garrett. Good or bad?â€

Rod takes a couple of steps closer to the leader to be closely followed by Zeb and Hank who stands boldly behind him, their legs spread shoulder lengths apart and arms across their thick chests. “Good for us, we all assumed,†Rod gives a low laugh, coming out evil, “I can almost bet your dog that he’ll show up -“

“No one bets on Buck,†with that Rocker’s four year old boxer lifts his heavy, large head off of the cement floor to look at Rocker with large dark eyes, “no matter how good the odds are.â€

“You know what I meant,†Rod rolls his dark eyes as he looks down at the dog that growls lazily up at him and Rod looks back up at Rocker, “I am sure that he’ll be here when you asked him to be here. He was real defensive each time we spoke of Kristy’s name or her kids.â€

Rocker laughs with authority as he pats his leg and the brendalled boxer slowly stands up to walk over to him. “Good,†Rocker nods as he pets the dog, “I thought that’d grab his attention. OK,†Rocker pauses as he takes in the several men that surrounds him and back at the three men that he had relied on so much the past few days, “once he shows up, we all have to be ready. He sees me, he’ll put it all together. Who knows how he’ll -“

“I think he already has put it together,†Zeb speaks up and everyone looks back at him in surprise, “well he has...you can just tell. But that won’t stop him from showing up if that is what needs to be done to protect his sister.â€

“Don’t matter anyway, he’ll find out soon enough,†Rocker nods as he moves past his dog, “when he shows up, we’ll treat him like family despite his reluctancy and he’ll be teamed up with me. First we’ll finish with Hazzard and move on up to Knoxville with him with us...no one leaves my family unless I say so. He’s one of us down deep, it’s just a matter of recruiting him back into the family he once knew.â€

“Wait a minute, Rocker,†Rod speaks up allowing his anger to show, “we are going through all of this just to make him go back up to Knoxville with us? To team up with you?â€

“What? You think you were going to permanently replace him?†Rocker laughs in sarcasm, “That was the plan from day one and you were warned of that -“

“Yes sir I know,†Rod nods reluctantly as he attempts to hide his emotions, his hurt pride, “but you said he wouldn’t get away for leaving you like that, for abandoning you and disrespecting you as he had. Well making him be one of us and teaming up with you doesn’t seem like punishment to me...I think it’d be best to administer some pain of some sort. Have some fun with him.â€

Abruptly, Rocker’s dark green eyes are set a glow with thick anger as he quickly darts towards Rod to harshly grab a hold onto Rod’s tight black t-shirt to throw him against the thick wall. Holding him there heavily, Rocker yells, “I will do what I want to do, I am the head here, I’m the boss. You question me, you’re out!†Silence fills the room as everyone watches while Rod grabs a hold of Rocker’s powerful wrists that holds him tightly against the wall, fighting to breath against Rocker’s grip. “You understand me?!†Rod nods and Rocker lets go. “Very good. Zeb is now in charge and you can serve him with Hank on your task that I have given you. He won’t get off easy, I can guarantee you that Rod...but for now, that’s between me and him.â€

“Yes sir,†Rod deeply breathes in and out as he glares angrily at Hank and Zeb for letting his power slide out from under him.

“Very good,†Rocker smiles at him before stepping back to look back at everyone, “we’re not leaving Hazzard until Garrett is apart of our family once and for all. . .that or dead.â€

(cue Daney or anyone)

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***Special thanks to Daney & Kristy for giving me inspiration to write again, sort of...*** :D


Near Hazzard/Chickasaw County line...about an hour later...

Vicki drove around for a little while through the streets of Hazzard, trying to decide on what to do. She was still fuming from what happened earlier when she was attacked by that gang at the flower shop.

As soon as she was out of Hazzard and within calling distance, she called Sheriff Little on her new car phone, telling him what happened in Hazzard while she was in Hazzard visiting her friends. She had only gotten a car phone only to use in case of an emergency, and for once this was an emergency. The entire Duke Family and the town of Hazzard was in immediate danger...

"So what should I do now, Sheriff?" Vicki asked, into her car phone as she drove towards the Hazzard/Chickasaw County line.

"Did you fill out an statement and an APB while you were in Hazzard?" Sheriff Little asked as he was looking at some wanted posters in his office.

"Of course, I did, Sheriff. I might have been blindfolded the whole time, but I did recognize their voices, and I know what they look like." Vicki said as she pulled her black mustang off the road. "They grabbed me by mistake instead of Kristy Duke."

"That is good to know. What were their names so I can send it to the state police?" Sheriff Little asked.

Vicki told him their names as Sheriff Little was writing them down.

"Do you want me to stay in Hazzard, and find out what this gang is going to do next? They might try to grab someone again." Vicki asked as she looked outside at the clouds coming in from the west.

"Sheriff, are you still there?"

Sheriff Little thought for a moment. He could let Vicki stay in Hazzard so she could keep an eye on the Dukes and protect them from this gang.

After this mess, he might offer her the job of becoming Chickasaw County's 1st ever detective & chief investigator, or perhaps Acting Sheriff when he goes on vacation next month.

Sheriff Little trusted his fiesty redhead deputy with his own life at times.

And he knew that Vicki had a history of helping the Dukes out of trouble, and he knew that she could keep them protected from this ruthless gang.

"Yeah, and keep me posted on what they're going to do. I had just gotten a fax from the State Police Department on our fax line, and this gang is dangerous. Be careful, and keep me posted on what is going on throughout the day & night."

"Don't worry, Sheriff," Vicki said as she turned her mustang around, heading back towards Hazzard. "I'll be careful. I now know how to handle these guys if they try to do anything crazy." :wink:

---CUE: Daney/Kristy/Garrett or Anyone Else---

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(Aww, Vicki!)

Enos tapped his fingers along the weathered gray bus stop bench. Except for Vicki’s report about her encounter, there was nothing else to indicate the Knoxville gang or Garrett was still in the area. After searching for a spell, Boss had him and Rosco go back to duty. They still had a town of folks to take care of, businesses to be run. He glanced over toward Cooter’s. The mechanic was out getting a tow job.

Where did they go? Enos thought to himself. No unusual activities had been spotted at the Hazzard airport. He could rejoin the search party after foot patrol around the square. Cletus was picking up the Sheriff’s Department dry cleaning. The Boar’s Nest was closed until evening. Boss and Rosco were going over the county books.

Luke pinned the last garment from a wicker basket onto the clothes line. They had chosen to see who would stay at the farm incase Garrett wandered onto the property. Jesse was concerned the gang was more interested in causing his nephew permanent bodily injury. Should they follow Garrett to Duke land, Jesse was confident with his oldest dark haired nephew’s fighting skills. Bo could hold them off in a vehicle chase, use the cb to get back up. Miss Lulu had taken Shay to her place, Jamie was keeping Miss Tizdale company at the post office. Cooter had thought L.B. taking Kristy for brunch might help.

Jesse sat in his pick up near the interchange. He figured that might be the best place to keep watch over, best reception for cb transmissions at the moment.

Daisy was beginning to think Bo was right. That Garrett had more than likely taken off with the gang. She glanced at the rainbow sail of the hang glider borrowed from Panda’s house. Jesse had thought maybe a birds eye view would find something, it hadn’t. Slowly, she packed it back in the bag that had been left by one of the many ponds in the county. What hasn’t been tried? She contemplated silently. The Dukes had basic criminal knowledge. And maybe that was a disadvantage. Because they knew all the usual hiding spots- parcels of land could change over time. Especially if there was a lot of wild flora and foliage.

Maybe Garrett had spoken to an old girlfriend or buddy, told them what Hazzard was like. Some place he’d noticed while out cruising in Spitting Cobra. That was a bit illogical. It’d be rude to interrupt Kristy and L.B.’s time together. She put the hang glider in the backseat of Dixie and sat down in the passenger seat for a moment. “Bo Peep, you out there on the Hazzardnet?†Daisy heard Daney through a jumble of static.

She grabbed the mic. “Yeah, twenty.†She spoke hastily.

“About a mile.†Daney replied.

“That headset works good,†Daisy answered.

“It’s alright.â€

Daisy glanced to the sky, squinting to see an identical hang glider begin to descend. “Looks good.â€

“Yeah, over and out…… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.â€

Daisy threw the cb down and ran over to where Daney had landed cautiously on an uneven patch of ground. She grabbed up the bag that had been left next to the one she had used earlier.

“Not too bad, I’d give it a 9.†Daisy grinned.

Daney smiled too. “It really is his decision.†She took the harness clip off.


“Hmm, hmmm.†Daney mumbled and began to get the hang glider ready for the vinyl case. Quietly, she and Daisy put the second hang glider in it’s bag and took it over to the Jeep. “Maybe we’re just not meant to find him.â€

Daisy nodded. She tilted her head to see a yellow and black butterfly flutter over the driver’s windshield wiper. “And he’ll know we at least tried.â€

Daney listened to the birds chirping before answering. She stared at her cousin. “It’s never easy to say goodbye.â€

“It ain’t easy letting go of the ones you love,†Daisy whispered another line from one of Kristy’s favorite singers songs. Daney lifted a hand and patted her cousin’s shoulder. They were use to people coming in and out of their lives. “Maybe someone has heard something,†She heard the rumble of an engine faintly.

“Back to town, pick the kids up?†Daisy asked and headed around toward the driver’s side. Daney walked to the passenger side. “Let’s just go where ever Dixie takes us.â€

A Hazzard Garage tow truck raced by, hot on its back door was the General Lee.

“Hang on,†Daisy exclaimed. Dixie’s tires spun in the grass before joining what appeared to be a good old fashioned chase. Both County Cousins hoped Bo and Cooter were on their way to the gang hide out or Garrett.

(cue Kristy/LB, Garrett or anyone)

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"I just don't believe it," Kristy mumbles as she tiredly holds onto her cold drink, half way to her mouth and half way off of the table clothed table. "I mean it's possible...especially with him. He was forced into moving to Hazzard and he made it known that he wasn't happy about it. He considered them family, his second family...whereas he doesn't feel like he fits in here."

LB numbly nods as he slowly takes a bite from his chicken sandwich as his mind floats back to last night when he had ran Garrett down. Of their conversation and of how Garrett had acted. He had shown emotions...he was afraid. Something he never shows but keeps well hidden in himself, especially fear. LB has seen Garrett in a loud bar fight where it was Garrett versus five big men who was fueled upon heavy alcohol, there was no fear in Garrett's face or appearance. He had seen it as a challenge with possible injuries to himself. Yet last night Garrett had been filled with fear as he had kept walking through the shadows of the night. Kristy. The threat, by who ever it was, was against Kristy. But why would his old gang threaten his sister for? The gang Garrett had considered family.

"Maybe he isn't with them," LB slowly says as he watches their thin petite brunette waitress approaching before waving her away. Glancing back at Kristy he feels his heart thuddering quickly within him, thuddering at her beauty and in disbelief that she could possibly be his girlfriend.

"I wish I could believe that LB," Kristy slowly responds as she glares down at her untouched sandwich, "but what else am I to believe? I mean rumors are spilling around about his gang in town, he's accused of a crime he's done before with them, and then escapes from jail with no explanation. His gang would bust him out without a second, they're loyal to one another."

"Things aren't always as they seem to be," LB shrugs as he struggles on what to tell her, whether or not to tell her of his conversation he had with Garrett last night. "Look Kristy," he caringly takes her petite hand into his from across the table, "when I left last night, I went looking for Garrett."

After a silent pause, Kristy says, "I know and you said that you couldn't find him."

"That was a lie," LB pauses and he watches the surprise enter Kristy's soft and gentle green-blue eyes, "I caught up to him a few blocks away walking through yards and corn fields. I tried talking to him and he really wouldn't say anything, said he couldn't say anything about it. Said if he said anything, something very aweful would happen to someone we both cared for."

Kristy waits for a long moment, waiting for LB to continue. "Who?" she finally asks even though the answer is as apparent to her as the plate in front of her.

"He wouldn't say in words, but it's you," LB nods to himself as he once again takes in Kristy as fear and anger quickly enter her eyes as quickly looks down at her plate. Hiding her emotions. "He's being threatened Kristy. That's why he's doing what he's doing. Says it's just something he has to do."

"Why would his old gang threaten him? Or go after him?" Kristy wanders aloud.

LB waits for a long moment as he thinks of his answer, his response. "Well you said it yourself," he finally responds to recieve a questioning look, "did you say that the gang is loyal? Like a family?"

"Yeah, so?" she asks.

"Well, I don't know much about gangs or how they work," LB confesses, "but of what I heard of, it is easier to join a gang than to leave a gang. A gang leader doesn't want to see a member leave in fear of the knowledge that the member would be taking with them. Perhaps," LB pauses as he watches Kristy's body tense up in fear for her brother, "they were just as upset at him leaving as Garrett was."

"You think they're here to recruit him, again?" Kristy asks, "Or to . . ." Kristy cuts herself off as the horrible thought explodes within her, of losing her brother to the friends he had hung out with, had respected.

"You're guess is as good as mine, but these are some bad men he's dealing with," LB says as he slowly stands up from the table, "I'll go pay and then we'll go meet up with Bo and Luke and tell them what we just came up with."

"OK," Kristy says numbly as she grabs her leather purse from the back of her chair and weakly stands up.

"I'm sorry," LB pulls her into a hug, "this brunch was to help you out, guess I wasn't much help."

Kristy shakes her head as she stares into nothing, her thoughts back into the past of all that she had known of the gang Garrett had hung out with. She had only known him for a year before they moved down to Hazzard together, not much time to know about friends. She just knew enough that they were trouble, that he got into trouble with them. "You can help by helping Garrett," her voice grows strong with emotion, "or he'll do it on his own...they'll kill him LB."

LB hugs her in the middle of the cafe, allowing the other patrons to watch as tears melt down Kristy's soft cheeks. "I won't allow them too. I'll go talk to the boys and then we'll team up against them," LB helps wipes the tears from her cheeks with grease stained thumbs, "I'll drop you off with Jesse and you can go pick up the kids with him."

Kristy stares at LB for a short moment before she slowly moves towards the glass door to walk out into the sunny afternoon, heading towards LB's tow truck.

(Cue anyone)

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The General having lost Cooter’s tow truck and Dixie was almost to the Duke farm when Bo heard L.B.’s call for everyone to meet Cooter’s farm. “That’s a big 10- 4, I can pick up Luke.†Bo said and dropped the cb mic onto the floor. A smile came over his lips seeing his older cousin waiting at the mail box.

He brought the orange stockcar to a gentle stop on the dirt road. “Bow and arrows in trunk?â€

Luke nodded and climbed through the open window. “Thought you didn’t want to help Garrett?â€

“Bethie asked me too,†Bo commented and moved his foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

“Uh huh,†Luke mused. “Think someone found him?â€

“L.B. sounded more like a fella with something on his mind,†Bo checked the rear view mirror and continued driving.

“Maybe the Sheriff’s Department is out on patrol.†Luke looked out the front windshield. “Got any idea who helped Garrett escape?â€

“Anyone can do that with Cletus on duty,†Bo laughed. He glanced over. Luke saw that his younger cousin wanted to finish the ride in silence.

~ ~ ~

Dixie sped toward Jessup Road. “You said it was Garrett’s decision…â€

“In a way,†Daney replied cautiously. “He’s the only one whose had further communication from the gang.â€

“Further?†Daisy asked.

“Kinda got a look at one of ‘em…†Daney said. “Didn’t want to jump to a wrong conclusion. Thought maybe he was a new partner of Mr. Baker’s.â€

“The lawyer fella?â€


Daisy nodded. “Garrett liking his privacy, you minded your business.â€

“Something like that,†Daney paused. She did not regret the attempt to help Garrett. False charges would not be dropped if the gang had taken

Garrett from the jailhouse. Innocent people could have been hurt in that movement. Leaders hated chaos during an operation. Just maybe Garrett had heard that cb transmission and would show up. Or even left some clue with someone where the gang was waiting for him if that were the case. Many scenarios ran through Daney’s mind during the drive to Cooter’s place on Jessup Road.

~ ~ ~

The town mechanic was the first arrival to his farm. Everything appeared as it had been left two days before. The last time he was home. Tiredly, he parked the truck in the driveway next to a stack of firewood, then went inside the house to get a soda.

(cue anyone!)

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  • 2 weeks later...


Vicki pulled her mustang up in front of Boss's house. Hoping that Lulu & Boss would let her spend the night. Sheriff Little had wanted her to stay in Hazzard for a few days, especially after Vicki had called the state police & told them of the gang that is terrorizing Hazzard.

As she drove into town, fear had flashed through her. Could she? She didn't know. All this time she'd been insisting that she be involved too. When it came to the critical point, woud she be strong enough to take down the ruthless gang that Garrett was involved in, and to save him too?

She swallowed hard, nearly choking on the bitter taste of her doubts. A couple of officers from the state police, and Rosco, Enos, & Cletus were ready to put their lives on the line all because of the information that she'd provided about the gang to the state police.

They deserved her honesty & for her to stay in Hazzard, helping them protect their town.


Getting out of her car, Vicki quietly walked up the steps to the front porch of Boss's & Lulu's house. She then sat on the top step for a minute and looked out towards the clouds.

"You don't have to do this, Vicki, you know," Enos said as he approached the redhead. Vicki nodded, but didn't answer.

He tilted his head slightly to get a better look at her face. Enos smiled at her. "Are you really sure that you want to help us?"

She turned away from him and nodded again.

"Vicki, you're not positively sure are you? But you're going to try & help us anyway, aren't you?" Enos asked, as he sat down beside her.

She nodded a third time.

"I have too, Enos. You guys have been my family for the last 14 years. Even after I moved to Chickasaw County a few years back. I'm not going to let the Knoxville gang take over Hazzard County without a fight!"

"Possum on a Gumbush, Vicki! You certainly have that right." Enos said, giving Vicki a little hug, calming the redhead down. "You're definitely our ace in the hole, Rosco will be happy that you're going to stay in town to help us get the gang."

"I know, Enos. I know..." Vicki said, getting up off the floor as she catches a glimpse of an gray van driving by slowly...

"What is it, Vicki?" Enos asked curiously as Vicki stared at the gray van driving down the road.

"Enos, doesn't the driver of that van look familiar to you?" Vicki asked in shock, getting a close look at the driver.

"Possum on a Gumbush! He sure does look familiar. We have to tell Rosco about this!" Enos said excitedly as he & Vicki rush inside Boss's house.

CUE: Daney/Garrett/ or anyone! :wink:

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And what greeted them inside was Miss Lulu listening to KHOGG 1090…

“Garrett Duke, if you’re listening …. Boss has ordered a cease and decease on the APB,†Hazzard County’s supreme superior officer spoke into the radio station microphone. “it’s only good for the next forty hours, you little rascal, Khee.†The Sheriff had thought of the one thing no one else had. And that was to try and inform Garrett he was not in trouble. He looked over at Elton to see if they were off the airwaves. When Elton flipped a switch, he continued speaking.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d play that commercial break until further notice.†He saw the hesitant expression on the young radio announcer’s face. “It’ll be ok,†The Sheriff assured. “Boss Hogg wants his merchandise back and if this is what it takes to retrieve it, he’s all for it.â€

Elton nodded. “Yes, sir. Anything else you want me to add to the message?â€

“Not that I can think of,†Rosco smiled. “Boss figured the less said, the better.†With a tip of his black Stetson, the Sheriff went outside to his patrol car.

The meeting at Cooter’s had been brief. Until they had a reliable sighting of Garrett, his vehicle, the merchandise, there wasn’t anything else that could be done. For all he knew, Garrett was holed up somewhere on Coltrane or Hogg property. Most criminals tended to stay away from law officer’s home territory. It was where they were most likely to be captured.

(cue Garrett, please. He’s been given lots of hiding places, vehicles he could borrow, oh where oh where did he end up… Thanks!)

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Garrett sighs heavily as he glares through the mud splattered window at the thick fog that quickly begins to build from muddy ground. Thoughts continue to race rapidly through him of the past few days, from his arrest to the escape due to his old gang. Frustration grows steadily within him as his thoughts flow back into the past, of all that he had done with his old friends, his gang, of the trouble and the fun they've had. Now they're in Hazzard, threatening Kristy and her kids. If only he had stayed in Knoxville. . .

"Damn it," he hisses out as chills rush up and down his back as he bends over to hit the heat on and the heater loudly rattles from within the dashboard. Listening to the rattling for a long moment, his thoughts continue to flow upon his ragged and angered past and disbelief of his stupidity and blindness quickly floods through him. He knew Rocker almost as well as he knew himself, had felt priveleged to be called a friend of Rockers...to sit next to Rocker and to be one of the few people in the gang to be invited to Rocker's house: repeatedly. He knew Rocker, knew how he worked, knew how he ticked. He also knew how hard Rocker took anyone wanting to walk out of their gang, to leave; Garrett had even witnessed them brutally murder people for attempting to leave. What made Garrett so different? Him being so close and knowing so much of Rocker, would only make it worse to leave.

Yet, Garrett had believed Rocker when he had told him there was no hard feelings; that he understood. "I should've known," Garrett hisses once again as he hits the heat off, too frustrated to listen to the rattling of the heater much longer.

Staring through the hazy fog, Garrett allows his thoughts back into the present, to where he sits now. If he don't follow the instructions of the new friend of Rocker's, Kristy and the kids are dead. No doubt about that. Rocker means what he says. Yet to go along with them is even beyond his ability, his conscience. Before he wouldn't have thought twice about going along with them, robbing people he didn't know, but now it's different. Inside, Garrett refuses to believe that Hazzard has changed him or has softened him up. He's still the same person, just not one to be pushed into doing something...to do anything. He is his own person and will do as he wishes. . .

For a short moment, Garrett glances back down at the old van's dashboard, taking in the old and chipped buttons. Only a couple of hours ago, Garrett had flagged down Brodie and Dobro who had been washing cars at the Boars Nest, collecting money to work on one of their muscle cars. Garrett had bravely walked out into the open and talked them into borrowing Dobro's dad's van that they had brought to the Boar's Nest to wash the cars. The old gray van is big and awkward for Garrett to handle, from being too use to his car and motorcycle.

Frustrated by the thick silence he finds the radio button and the sound of Elton's strong voice fills the air. "How can they handle that junk?" Garrett shakes his head but keeps the radio on as Elton pronounces a commercial break before they play a new song from Alan Jackson.

Looking back up through the hazy fog, Garrett takes in Hogg's big house and the metal fence that keeps in their small front yard. Sitting upon the front steps is Vicki talking to Enos. Seeing Enos in his uniform reminds him of the trouble he is in, with the law and with the bad guys. Things are only to get worse from here if he don't figure something out, somewhere to hide. Last night Garrett had camped out under the old broken bridge that covers half way across the Yellow River as he allowed his thoughts to process, struggling for a half decent idea. The only one he thought of was to run and hide, to never to be found again. But if he did that, there is no telling if they'd go after him or just go for Kristy and the kids.

Abruptly, Garrett's thoughts are interrupted as the urgent sound of Sheriff Coltrane's voice sends shivers up and down his chilled body. A slight relief fills Garrett at hearing that he has forty more minutes to hide before his trouble with the law evaporates. Now he has only one enemy to confront...

Now it's Garrett vs Rocker's group. Question run through Garrett's mind of why they would drop their suspicion when nothing has changed...not yet. Tomorrow morning, when they all wake up with the bank broken into and all the money gone, trouble will once again build up. The bank or Kristy. That was the plan that they had given him early this morning when he had showed up to the gang's meeting. Garrett was to be the hit man, the one that they drop off at the bank and he is to get in and out within five minutes with everyone's money...or Kristy and the kids' life. All depending on Garrett's success upon getting the money. He fails. . .

Taking a deep breath, Garrett turns away from the town square with thought of getting out of town and back into the country. Back to hiding. . .


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Inside Boss's house...

Vicki looked outside as the van drove by slowly. Vicki recognized the driver immediately.

"Vicki, won't you sit down? You've been pacing all over the living room since you & Enos walked inside a few minutes ago," said Lulu as she walked over to her god-daughter.

"I know, Lulu. I'm just worried about Garrett. I wonder if he knows what trouble that he is in right now just by hiding out from the gang," Vicki said, sighing loudly. "I just don't want anything to happen to him."

"I feel the same way, honey. I'm worried too," said Lulu as she gave Vicki a comforting hug.

"Vicki, at least Sheriff Rosco & Mr. Hogg are keeping a lookout for him," said Enos as he walked over to where Vicki & Lulu were standing by the window. "If he turns up in Hazzard County somewhere, we'll be able to find him. And you have Sheriff Little checking out some of Garrett's hiding places in Chickasaw County right now."

"Maybe, Enos." Vicki said as she walked out on the front porch. "I'm going out to get some fresh air, and think things through."

CUE: Daney/Garrett

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Kristy sighs heavily as she glares out through the back picture window that shows her the kids' play set that lies entrapped within the old wooden picket fence. Her thoughts restlessly rushes through thoughts of the past few days, of all that is going on with Garrett. Guilt steadily accelerates within her as her doubt of Garrett continues to nag at her. From the day he had been arrested, she had doubted his innocence. Had even accused him of doing so while she kept reminding herself of his ragged and rough past. He'd stolen stuff before when he was back with the gang, had even gotten kicked out of the Army for drugs. Gotten lucky by only doing a few months in jail due to her own dad's fancy lawyer talk.

"There you," LB's voice penetrates the thick silence that had swallowed the the play room that she had stationed herself in. Surprised, she stiffly turns around to find LB slowly walking towards her, his soft crazy green-brown eyes are hidden by the shadow of the bill of his cap. Rubbing the thin whiskers under his chin while walking towards her, LB continues, "I've been lookin' for you. Where's Shay and Jamie?"

Kristy shrugs while she glances back out at their backyad for a silent long moment, allowing LB to join her at the window. "Daisy took them to the park. Jamie was asking to go and Daisy said it'd help her ease her mind if she took them to the park," Kristy goes silent, losing herself in her thoughts once again.

"That's nice of her," LB finally says before suddenly growing serious, "Look Kris," he takes a heavy deep breath as he slowly takes her in, "I didn't mean to scare you or upset you worse the other day at the diner. I just figured you needed to know that what everyone in town is claiming isn't the only option to the truth."

"I know," Kristy hastily answers, her attention continues to remain upon a big squirel that balances upon the fence, "we've been over this before."

"So we have," LB shrugs his thin shoulders as he glances out at the squirel before back at Kristy, "I just want you to know, that I'm here for you...and for Garrett. Look Kristy, I wish I could promise you the best...that we all will be fine. That Garrett will be home tonight and life will presume as it had before he had been arrested. But in truth I can't promise what the future holds," LB takes another deep breath, allowing his thoughts to organize for a while, "but I can promise that we're doing all that we can to get him back. Hogg and Coltrane has even joined in the search with us and the boys. "

"Yeah I heard Elton read Hogg's statement over the air this morning," Kristy nods, "but you said it yourself, he's up against some bad men. You think that local Hazzard boys will be able to stop a bunch of city boys...city boys with guns and all sorts of fancy weapons? Trust me, LB, I know y'all mean the best and all, but when the gang sees what they're up against, they'll laugh...see it as some joke compared to what they're use to fighting. I've heard and read of all that they're capable of and they've handled men a lot bigger than y'all...and Garrett."

Silence once again begins to build as Kristy's truth rushes through LB, puncturing through the confidence that had built within him; confidence that as a team, they can help Garrett. That everything will be good at the end, like a child's fairy tale. Everyone lives happily ever after. "Don't cut us short, Kristy," LB finally says, "we may not be a bunch of city boys with guns, but we got other things that they don't. We are on our home turf, they aren't. Country is a lot different than the city and perhaps we can use that to our advantage. Especially if and when we can get Garrett to come to us...we can use their tricks on them. We may seem like a good joke to them, but there's a lot more to us than what meets the eye."

Kristy slowly nods as her thoughts swirl around Garrett to what LB says and back to Garrett and her guilt. "I hope so," she pauses for a long moment, "I'm sorry...you're right. I dont' mean to cut y'all short; especially when y'all are out there trying to help and doing all that you can. I'm sorry."

"No need to be sorry. You are right...to what they're use to, we're a joke. Or look to be a joke, but we'll prove them wrong," LB pauses for a long moment before pulling Kristy into a hug. Stepping back he asks, "What else is bothering you?"

Kristy flickers a smile at LB, for him reading her thoughts so well. Or for caring so much. "I don't know," she shrugs as she glances down at the floor and back up at LB, "I just can't believe how stupid I am."

"Stupid? You?" LB asks, looking quizically at her, "Those two words should never be said in the same sentence. You are far from stupid, Kristy."

"Yeah well, while everyone looked to find a possible way to prove that he may be innocent, I doubted him. Looked at the facts and read into them," she pauses, "instead of listening to him, instead of giving him a chance. I should have known to listen to him...I mean he hasn't even attempted to do such a thing since coming to Hazzard. Or talked about it. He's changed and yet I doubted him."

"That don't make you stupid...anyone would think that and I think for a while they did too. Not any shorter than what you did...it is natural to think of who he is and of what he's done in the past. You did what everyone else did and I know Garrett understands," LB pauses to give her a hug and a kiss on her forehead, "He'll be fine Kristy. As for I, I need to get going. I'm going to go meet up with Bo and Luke to look for Garrett himself. Look at his normal hideout areas...perhaps together we can beat this gang he had once called his family."

"Good luck, Longstreet," Kristy smiles shortly at him, "and thank-you."

"Any time for you Kristian," he winks at her before turning around the corner and out the door.


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Boss looked out his office window; lips parted in a crooked smile, mischievous twinkling dark eyes.

HOGG Bail Bonds

He liked the sound of that.

“Cousin Boss, Vicki and Enos seem to be frolicking like two newborn calves on your front porch.†Cletus’s voice came over the cb.

Boss turned to peer at his house through the blinds. He reached a hand back, then jabbed at the mic button with a pudgy thumb. “Why don’t you and Rosco see if they need assistance. I’m still working on the budget.â€

“Thought you were done with that when I left?†Rosco’s voice piped in.

“So did I,†Boss paused. “And if all of you help find the parts and Garrett… I’ll grant fishing privileges at my cabin on Lake Chickamahoney, the very next day off.â€

“Flapjacks on a ferris wheel,†Cletus exclaimed.

“10- 4 little fat buddy, I’m gone.â€

Boss winched hearing the squeal of tires on the opposite side of the town square.

(cue Vicki or anyone!)

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Those squealling of those tires was a familiar black mustang and a Hazzard County police car.

Enos picked up the CB mic in his car. "Vicki, now that we've decided to joined in looking for Garrett or that gang, where do we start looking?"

Vicki turned her black mustang onto Highway 36 towards the Boar's Nest. She then picked up the CB mic.

"I'm not sure, Enos. I think that I saw Garrett driving out of town not more than 30 minutes ago, right after we went over to Boss & Lulu's house."

"Do you think that he's heading towards Chickasaw County?" Enos asked back into the CB mic.

"Probably, Enos." Vicki said back into the CB mic.

She had been driving at a moderate speed, patiently weaving her car down the dirt road back towards Chickasaw County.

She was driving down every road she could think of, every shortcut she could think of, scanning for a gray van.

She was watching for anything out of the ordinary that might signal something different. At last, she saw something different, something out of the ordinary.

At last, she noticed something interesting in front of her. Vicki slammed on the brakes, not believing what she saw in front of her...

--CUE: Kristy/Daney/or anyone-- :wink:


**I made a slight change to my post, just to keep the story going!**

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  • 1 month later...

"Damn," Bo raises his hand in frustration before allowing them to fall upon the roof of the General as he looks over at Luke. Blue eyes begging for help from his cousin. "We've looked high and low for him."

"And yet nothing," Luke finishes his cousin's thoughts while looking across at Bo and then back at LB and Cooter who sit upon the hood of Cooter's old tow truck, "nothing that even resembles Garrett or that van. You two have any luck?"

"Us? Luck? That there Mr. Lukas is a big ol' opposite," Cooter shakes his head in a negatory, "Davenport and luck don't match any more than Duke and luck go together."

"Damn it. He must've crossed the line," Luke shakes his head while running a muscular hand through his tangled dark brown curly hair, "that's all there is to it. He's out of Hazzard and in some other county...heck he could be in Atlanta by now if that's where he wanted to go."

"Atlanta?" LB questions looking at the two Duke cousins while his mind remains upon the conversation he had with Kristy only a couple of hours ago, of her guilt and of her worry.

"Sure why not?" Luke shrugs his shoulders, "Garrett's a city boy himself...he may be living in Hazzard, but deep down Garrett's a city boy. Pure and simple." Luke pauses as a couple of loud motors penetrates the silence of the Hazzard streets, "I'm not saying that is where he is...I have no clue where he is. I'm just saying he's had time to reach Atlanta if he wished to."

Silence builds amongst the four of them as they seem to stare at one another, silently demanding answers from eachother. "What now?" Cooter breaks the silence as the engines grow threatenly closer, "We don't have enough people to search surrounding counties...or Atlanta. He leaves Hazzard, he's as long as gone...that is unless he is in a surrounding county."

"We go -" Luke abruptly cuts himself off as an expensive car comes to an abrupt halt at the far end of the alley that they had parked their cars in to talk. A short moment passes before a loud squeak comes from behind him and he reluctantly glances around to find another expensive car blocking the entrance of the alley behind him.

"Uh Lukas," Cooter quickly stands up from sitting upon his bumper, "better start thinkin'."

"Uh yeah," Luke gulps as he and Bo quickly climb out the rest of the way out of The General from sitting upon their open window of thier door. Silently the two Duke cousins and the two Davenport cousins watch as three men slowly climb out of each car. Three large men.

"What now Luke?" Bo looks desperately over at his cousin, looking at him more like a little brother would to a bigger brother, "Six against four."

Luke glances at Bo for a long moment, sensing his cousin's panic before glancing to his right, taking in the three muscular men that quickly approaches from that side before taking in the three men approaching from his left. "Fight?" Luke shrugs.

"Wow," the taller of the three men approaching towards thier left says as he stops a foot in front of The General's back bumper before motioning everyone to stop, "the kid can count."

"I can do a lot more than count," Bo threatenly walks towards the large man, allowing his Duke temper to rush over him.

"Bo!" Luke quickly gestures Bo to stop who glares at Luke and back at the man who had made the remark. Looking back at the man supposedly in charge, Luke asks, "What you want?"

"You get right to the point, don't you Lukas?" Rod, the larger man smirks at Luke before glancing questionably at Bo and back at Luke, "Well we all want the same thing...don't we boys?"

A few chuckles are discarded upon the six men that had interrupted the meeting before one of the men from the right says, "Yeah Garrett."

"Which by the look of things, you all don't know where he is either," Rod quickly yanks out a large hunting knife that seems to shine in the darkness, "and since he won't come to us as he said he would...you see he doesn't leave us much choice. We figure if we wipe out his family, he'd get the message."

"We were gonna go after Kristy first," another man grins behind Rod to force anger to streak through LB, leaving Cooter to hold him back, "but figured since you all were here and together, we'd get you all first."

"Get the tougher meat out of the way," Rod grins while he runs his fingers along the sharp edges, "and then go after the weaker targets."

"Well Luke?" Bo questions as anger continues to ripple through me towards Rod and the remark that was spoken towards him, "Any plans?"

"Yeah...don't get killed," Luke harshly snaps at Bo as everyone looks at him for the answer.

Laughter once again is spread around them from the city men who now all have large knives held tightly in their muscular hands. "Good luck there," Rod grins at Luke before he eyes Bo, "Get 'em boys...I got the blond kid."

Fear and anger rushes through Luke as he watches the tall musuclar leader jumps forcefully in front of Bo, holding the knife in front of Bo's face. "C'mon Bo," Luke whispers as a smaller muscular man excitedly slides in front of him, proudly showing his knife in front of Luke's face. "Y'all are gonna be sorry for messing with us," Luke quickly spits in the man's face grabbing the guy's thick wrist to block the large knife before spinning him around and yanking the city guy's hand behind his back; forcing him to drop the knife. Kicking the knife away, Luke harshly knees the man in the face before throwing him down upon the wet and dirty cement road.

After watching the man closely to make sure he's ok, Luke protectively glances over his shoulder at Bo who ducks under the man's powerful swing of the knife to elbow him in the ribs. Quickly, Luke is surrounded by two men who had been fighting double against LB and Cooter. Smiles spread across thier rugged faces as they corner Luke in against The General. "Twice as nice, huh?" Luke forces a grin at the two men before he quickly holds onto the roll bars inside of the General to throw his legs harshly out, each boot hitting solidly and forcefully into the men's chest who falls back in surprise. Jumping down, Luke quickly runs over to kick their knives that had scattered away as they had fallen upon their bottoms with Luke's impact.

"Not so easy," one of the men quickly jump up in embarassemetn to harshly punch Luke who bends over in pain and as another fist comes towards his face he quickly yanks a hold of it and rips it behind the man's back who yells out in pain.

Holding the man's arm tightly behind his back, Luke intently watches the other man who slowly gets up. As Luke harshly throws the guy he's holding into the other man who had just stood up a loud and antagonizing cry breaks his concentration. Filld with fear at hearing his couisn's cry out in pain, Luke quickly turns around to find Rod holding tightly onto Bo's shoulders in front of him with the sharp knife resting tightly against his neck. Blood drains down Bo's nose as well as from a cut right above his right eye and a large cut is sliced across the right side of Bo's yellow shirt. His shirt is drenched in blood from where Rod has cut or stabbed his cousin at.

"Bo!" Luke yells and as he grows closer to his cousin Rod holds tighter onto Bo forcing Luke to a halt.

"Not so fast Lukas...you make a move and he's dead," Rod hisses and Luke nods in understanding before glancing back at LB and Cooter to see them rested upon their car, beaten but the men they had been faced with now lay upon the alley's floor. The two men Luke had been fighting stiffly climbs over to Rod to stand behind him.

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"Heard you were looking for me," Garrett boldly steps around the corner and into the old shack that Rocker had made his own.

An evil grin spreads across Rocker's handsome face as he quietly takes in his former friend, his former body guard. "Long time no see, Garr," his evil smile slowly fades as he walks over to a counter where Rocker keeps his drinks. Making a drink for himself and one for Garrett, he slowly walks around and hands Garrett his drink.

"Thanks," Garrett nods, knowing to reject a drink now would be deadly, "I thought we had an understanding when I left. I came to help my sister...that's all. It had nothing to do with you or the gang."

"I figured you'd return," Rocker looks down, disappointment spread across his face as he looks back up, "you were the best Garrett. You have speed, strength, you have guts. You are loyal and smart. All in one. You have what it takes...not like the ones I have now." Rocker pauses momentarily as he continues to take in Garrett's bold and confident posture, "they're loyal...heck they'd do anything I ask of them. Just like you...but they don't have the guts to disagree with me, no guts to tell me no. To afraid of me...afraid of my strength and my power. You? No you weren't afraid to tell me what you thought, to tell me know. You knew your limits and you respected my strength and power. I just can't let someone like you go."

"Wow Rocker, I don't know what to say," Garrett smiles as he takes a long drink from his drink. "Those are quite the comments you gave me. Thank-you," Garrett pauses as he sets down his drink upon another table, "but you don't understand. I can't come back, not to Knoxville and not with you. Kristy would never understand...my family don't understand."

"Since when have you cared about family?" Rocker asks as he places his drink down to step closer to Garrett, "It never stopped you before. Didn't stop you from robbing that liquour store or from that knife fight," he points to Garrett's long and jagged scar that runs behind his right ear and down his chin, "So what's really stopping you? It ain't family."

"I don't know," Garrett responds as his hand subconsciencly goes to this thick scar as he begins to trace it, "I don't know Rocker. I hate Hazzard and everything in it, but I can't go back with you. I've changed."

Rocker glares harshly at Garrett for a long moment. "I see," he grimly smiles at Garrett, as he hears the answer he had feared the most, "I don't understand how you can do this to me...I mean you talk about family? What about us?" Rocker sighs as he raises up his hands, "We are a family...I pretty much raised you myself. How old were you when you were recruited? Twelve?"

"Twelve and a half," Garrett sighs heavily, silently recalling the school fight that had gotten him introduced to the gang, "and I enjoyed it. I just can't do it anymore."

"Chicken I see...stab your family in the back," Rocker abruptly pulls a heavily hand gun from the waist band of his pants, "we've gone way back, done some crazy fun stuff together. Busted you out of trouble so many times...from the law and other gang members. Now?"

"I've saved your hide a few times myself if I remember right," Garrett shrugs, "think that's what made me your body guard...what gave me the priveledge to go to your house and hang out. As friends," Garrett smiles at Rocker while dropping his hand from his scar, "the good ol' days. Something I will always remember, but something I can't go back to. Not now. Perhaps later, not now."

"Your final answer?" Rocker asks showing off his gun, "You are still one of the few people that has been to my house...and repeatedly. I've trusted you, I've loved you as if you were my own. And you're stabbing me in the back for what? For this hick town? For your redneck family? You think you belong here? Fit in here?"

"Hell no," Garrett quickly responds, "I don't feel like I belong nor do I fit in here, I stick out like no other. But I still can't go back with you, not after the stunt you just pulled. Maybe if you had the guts to come down and face me yourself, I would. Instead you sent your apes over and they threatened my sister...you don't mess with her."

"Well then," Rocker's grin spreads across his face, "You may want to change your answer, because Rod and the boys are out there now searching to kill her and your family. Rod just called and said that he had your brother at gun point. Cut him pretty bad too."

"No!" Garrett yells, getting angry for the first time since he walked into the room. Rocker confidently grins and nods as he lifts the gun to aim it at Garrett. Thinking of his sister, of his twin brother hurt and bleeding at gun point, Garrett quickly throws his head down and rolls into Rocker; kicking him in the gut. Grabbing the fallen gun, Garrett abruptly jumps upon Rocker and places the gun directly to his left temple and throws the safety off. Staring into Rocker's scared face, Garrett spits out, "I woulda figured you would have seen that coming, Rock...you yourself taught me that move," Garrett smiles at his old friend, "get up!" Garrett forces Rocker to his feet to go behind him and hold onto his shoulders before placing the gun back at the temple. "I'm only going to say this once, you are going to get me to Rod right now. He hurts Bo any farther, I'm gonna pull the trigger. Understand?"

"I understand, Garrett," Rocker responds as he leads Garrett to his yellow Mustang. "You drive, I'll be in the back with your gun...fully loaded I see."

"OK Garrett," Garrett climbs in first before forcing Rocker into the driver's seat, "damn I should have seen this all coming. You are too smart to be pushed and threatened...too fast and too witty. Too bold."

"Thanks for the lessons, Rock. They've come in handy," Garrett says, honesty in his voice. Deep down he still respects Rocker, aching to go back home with him and have the fun times they once had. But also deep down, he knows it's too late for that. It was too late when they threatened Kristy. "Now hit it. You better hope it's not too late."

* * * * *

"Stop the car," Garrett quickly responds and Rocker throws the car into halt, "Slowly step out, I'm following with the gun."

"Nice and easy Garrett," Rocker says, knowing far too well all that Garrett is capable of doing. After a few moments, Garrett returns behind him, with gun at his old leader's temple, "you who would have replaced me, if I died?" he pauses as they grow closer to the parked car at the end of the alley, "You. Everyone knew it...it was all etched in stone, so to speak. All that needed was for me to die. You would have done great in my position...I'd still pick you."

"As I said, Rocker. Thanks for all the great compliments," Garrett swallows harshly as the back of Rod comes into sight with LB, Cooter, and Luke standing fearfully near the beloved General. "but as I said, it's too late for that. You don't mess with my family, you have a problem, you come to me. You of all people, should have known that."

"I know," Rocker sadly nods as they slowly turn the corner and Luke, LB, and Cooter's eyes slowly leave Rod to Garrett.

"Rod," Garrett smugly answers as he tightens the pressure of the gun to Rocker's head, "I want you and your men to slowly turn around. I wouldn't make any bold moves if I were you...or Rocker's gonna be a pile of blood at my feet. Nice and easy."

Slowly the two men standing behind Rod does as they are told and as they see their leader at gun point they instantly pull their hands up to show they are armless. "Rod!" Garrett yells, "Right now, nice and easy or I'll shoot! Even ask Rocker himself!"

"Turn around Rod, listen to what Garrett says," Rocker says calmly, "he'll shoot and he won't miss."

A brief moment passes before Rod slowly turns around and Garrett is struck with fear as he sees the large slash in his twin brother's shirt, his shirt is covered thickly in blood. Bo's complexion has gone ghastly white behind the blood dripping from his nose and his cut, his right eyes is darkly and ugly bruised. Under his pale neck, Rod's knife holds tightly against Bo's neck, from Garrett's distance, he can see a couple of drops of blood on the sharp shiney knife. Where he has held the knife too tightly against his skin.

"Drop the knife Rod," Garrett's voice is shakey at seeing how bad his brother looks, all this time he had worried about Kristy. He never imagined them going after Bo or the rest of his family. "Drop it!"

"Yeah right...I'll drop it after I finish my job here," Rod flashes an evil grin across his face as his hold on Bo tightens.

"Come on Rod, drop the knife," Rocker begs his body guard, "you don't listen, he'll shoot. Trust me...this is the body guard, my friend I told you about when you got promoted. He'll shoot me and then maybe you when he's done, he won't be finished until he's happy. You mess with his family, you mess with him. It's always been like that, Rod. Drop the knife." Rod's grip lightens on Bo as he glares questionably at his leader, "Damn it Rod! Drop the knife!"

At hear the anger in his leader's voice Rod throws the knife in front of him a couple of feet while he looks at Bo who has gone limp in his grip. "Put my brother down!" Garrett orders, "I got the safety off, all I've got to do is pull a little triggler. Put him down and step out onto the street...as well as the other two!"

Rod looks at Rocker momentarily before he lets go of Bo and quickly steps away and Bo harshly collapses onto the cement , LB, Cooter, and Luke quickly run to him. "Come on boys on the side walk," Garrett lures them out and all three of them listen and as they come out into the open Cletus, Enos, and Rosco jump out from around the corner.

"Freeze!!" Rosco yells, gun out, "Hands up! Y'all are under arrest! Khee khee! I've gone and done it!"

Watching Luke apply his handkerchief to the cut while the others take care of Bo, Garrett slowly glances back at Rocker as Rosco slowly approaches. Taking a deep breath he slowly lowers his gun and his grip. "I'm sorry Rocker," he says disappointment in his voice, "I didn't want it to be this way, you made the call. Not me."

Rocker nods as Rosco quickly yanks his hands behind his back to handcuff him tightly. "You did real good Garrett...real good. You're a true member whether you want to admit it or not," Rosco holds him there at Garrett's request, "you got the position...you come to Knoxville and you can lead the tribe while I'm away. I get my position back when I get out of course."

Garrett looks at the ground and then back at him shaking his head. "I'm sorry Rocker," he says again, "thank-you for all that you did for me. You're the best...just made the wrong choice."

"Damn right," Rocker grins, "I'll see you around Garrett."

Garrett nods him away and as Rosco leads him away, Garrett quickly turns away while lost in thought of all that he's done with Rocker. Of all the compliments Rocker gave him. All that was said seriously as well as was Garrett's.

After watching them be led away in the two patrol cars, leaving Enos behind, Garrett slowly makes his way down to where Bo lies upon the street. "How is he?" Garrett asks, joining everyone.

Looking up, surprised to see him there, Luke says, "He got cut pretty badly and lost a lot of blood. He will be fine," Luke pauses as he stands up, "thanks to you. That was awesome...and brave! You would have done great in war!"

A smile comes across Garrett as Luke pulls him into a deep hug as the ambulance pulls up and two young paramedics run out with a stretcher. "If it wasn't for me," Garrett looks down at his ghastly white brother as they lift him up on the stretcher while place an air mask around his mouth and nose, "this wouldn't have happened."

"I think we're all even...no one is at blame," Luke pats Garrett on the shoulder, "I'm gonna ride along. You wanna ride?"

"No...you go," Garrett sighs as he looks behind him at Enos, "I think I need some explaining to do."

"Thanks again Garrett, you saved his life. Big time!" Luke grins at Garrett and for the first time, Garrett feels like he belongs. As if he is a true Duke and fitting in with the family he had forced to move down to.

"You tell him to get better...that looks pretty bad," Garrett smiles and Luke nods as he is shoved into the back before the door closes and the ambulances races out with the sirens going.

"Wow that was like a scene from a Chuck Norris movie!" LB grins as he imbraces Garrett into a hug, "Perhaps you're not too bad after all."

"Too bad? He saved our hides...I think we owe him a few rounds at The Boar's Nest!" Cooter hugs him before they join Enos to go to the jail for questioning.


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Twenty nine minutes later, Rocker and his gang had been processed and escorted into the downstairs jail cells by Rosco and Enos. The Hazzard County Sheriff’s Department wasn’t use to this many patrons in the facility. Cletus was writing Garrett, L.B. and Cooter’s statements. Boss had sent Vicki to retrieve the stolen merchandise.

At the hospital…

Luke had been calmed by paramedic speculation that the patient would get three or four stitches for his eye incision. One or two stitches on neck laceration, the chest area would be bandaged. Futhur treatment would be determined after surgery and x ray.

Daisy was on the pay phone waiting to be connected with Bethie since the line to the Sheriff’s Department was busy.

A red haired nurse came from the operating room. “Mr. Duke, could I please speak with you.â€

“Yes, miss.†Jesse replied hesitantly. The only sign of nervousness he showed was reaching his hands up to remove the cap from his head.

“This may sound silly but when was the last time your nephew had a tetanus shot?†She asked.

“I-hmm,†Jesse paused. “Not sure, ma’am.â€

“Dr. Brien would like to give one for precautionary measure,†nurse Marlowe stated.

Jesse smiled. “Ok, that’d be all right.â€

“Thank you, sir.†She patted Jesse’s left shoulder. “Your nephew will be out soon.â€

Jesse nodded appreciately. “Much obliged,†he spoke quietly, watched the white uniformed woman hurry back toward the er.

(cue Kristy)

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Stepping out into the chilly afternoon, Kristy numbly begins to follow the cracked sidewalk up to the heavy glass doors that leads into the old court house. Her thoughts happily begin to go through all that LB had told her over the phone only minutes ago though as her thoughts roll over to her other brother, worry and concern joins her happiness. "Hi Kristy," Enos brightly smiles at her as he quickly turns the corner to come face to face with her, before they both come to a halt. "You hear that Garrett captured his gang?"

A broad smile races across her face while she subconciencely runs a hand through her thick strawberry blond hair. "Yeah LB called to tell me," she finally responds before eyeing the sheriff's door only a few feet behind Enos.

"Well don't let me hold you up, Kris," Enos smiles at her before he quietly walks past her.

"Hey Enos," Enos comes to a stop and the two hold eye contact for a while, "thanks for the support. It means a lot."

Enos blushes. "Anytime Kristy."

Kristy smiles at him before slowly turning around to walk towards the sheriff's door. Taking a deep breath, Kristy slowly walks in to find Rosco quietly talking to LB, Cooter, and Garrett. Kristy silently listen in for a moment, awaiting for him to finish before Garrett looks up to find her standing behind Rosco. After a brief moment of silence, Garrett quietly excuses himself to slowly approach his sister. "I'm sorry, Kristy," Garrett's eyes go down cast before he forces them back up at her.

"Sorry? For what?" she takes a deep breath to control her raging emotions, "I should be the one apologizing." As Garrett sends a questioning glare, she finishes, "For not believing you, trusting in you."

"What else were you to believe?" Garrett shrugs his shoulders as Cooter and LB join them at the door, Rosco silently escapes back into his office to let the family be alone. "Y'all didn't have much of a choice, but to believe what was so obvious. Besides you're right, it matched my background." Garrett slowly glances at the two Davenport cousins before glancing back at Kristy. "How's Bo?"

Kristy shrugs her shoulders as her worry once again returns to Bo, of all that LB was willing to say over the phone. "I don't know," she pauses, "I came here first...figured we could go over to the hospital together."

"Good thinkin' sis," Garrett winks at her as they leave the sheriff's department as a group, "where's Jamie and Shay?"

Kristy laughs momentarily. "You'll never believe who's watching them," she pauses as they get to the door, "Boss volunteered to watch them...with help from Lulu. They came to the door right after LB called...said they felt like they should do something since they are the ones that accused you to begin with."

"You trusted Boss to watch the kids?" LB speaks up as he places a protective arm around her petite shoulders. "Shay and Jamie?"

"Yeah sure, why not?" Kristy asks as they reach her truck, "He was playing dolls with Jamie when I left, Lulu was rolling the ball to Shay."

Silence gathers between them as they gather into Kristy's truck before she slowly backs out. "You're right. I'd never believe it," Garrett shakes his head in the passenger seat as he feels his freedom begin to settle within, "Boss babysitting!" That gathers a round of laughter through the truck.


Worry and concern deeply gnaws within Kristy as they walk through the halls, struggling to find the correct floor of which Bo would be at. "Maybe they let him go," LB shrugs in hopeful thought while turning around the corner and another waiting room looms just a head.

"This early?" Cooter asks skeptically, "He lost a lot of blood."

Silence once again filters between them as Kristy leads them to the brightly lit waiting room to find Uncle Jesse sitting with Daisy in the waiting room. "Kristy!" Daisy jumps up and is quickly followed by Jesse. After hugging Kristy, Daisy turns to Garrett to give him a tight hug, "Thank-you so much for what you did for Bo. That was a very brave thing of you!"

Garrett shrugs while stepping back, lost in his own thoughts. "Not really," is all that he can think of to say. Afterall, if he hadn't brought the gang into Hazzard, none of this would have happened.

"Not really?" Jesse asks, "If it wasn't for your courage, Bo would be dead right now...not only that, but you put a stop to your old friends. Which wasn't easy."

Garrett shrugs once again, feeling uncomfortable with everyone's attention directed onto him. "It was nothing...if it wasn't for me," he pauses for a moment as he watches Luke walk into the waiting room from an opposing hall way, "it wouldn't have happened."

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Garrett," Luke calmly responds as he takes everyone in, "you saved Bo's life, end of story. If it wasn't for you, he'd be dead. Thank-you."

"Yeah," Garrett reluctantly answers before silence seeps through them.

"How's Bo?" Kristy finally asks.

"They say he should be out of here by tomorrow," Luke smiles, "they want to keep him over night for a brief observation, but other than that, he'll be home free. A few stitches, bruised and cut up...a lot better than what he would have been, if not for Garrett."

"Why don't y'all go in and have a look for yourself?" Daisy invites them, "He'll be glad to see you. Room one fifteen."

"Thanks," Kristy smiles at the three as she leads Garrett down through the hall while LB and Cooter stays behind with Luke, Daisy, and Jesse. After a silent moment of walking the halls and looking at the numbers, they finally reach the number that they were looking for. "Here we are. You ready?"

Garrett shrugs. "For what?" he asks while Kristy gives him an understanding smile while opening the door. Together they walk into the lighted room to find Bo sitting up in an old and uncomfortable looking hospital bed, looking at a magazine with a couple of IVs hooked into his arm.

"Well you look a little better than the last time I saw you," Garrett says to draw his brother's attention onto them and a weak smile spreads across Bo's pale face. "How you feel?"

Bo watches them walk in before stopping a foot besides his bedside before closing his car magazine to set it on his nightstand. "I'm OK," Bo shrugs while taking them both in, "I'll be out in the morning." Silence breaks between the three siblings while the all three seem to take each other in, enjoying the moment; grateful for what is. "Thanks Garrett." Bo looks across his body and back up at his brother, "for everything."

"Anytime," Garrett forces a smile before stepping up towards the barred in bed and is shortly followed by Kristy, "You get out of this dump," he motions around, "I'll show you who has the fastest car...prove to you that the General will be eating 'Cobra's ' dust."

"You wish," forces a laugh from Bo before he rests back down into his bed.

"I think," Kristy slowly speaks up, "that you should rest up before doing any racing. You take care, Bo."

Bo slowly nods before Kristy bends down to give him a hug and Garrett waves as they slowly leave the room. After a short moment they are greeted by everyone in the waiting room. "How is he?" LB jumps up.

"Seems fine to me," Kristy smiles, "him and Garrett is already talking about racing."

They all laugh momentarily before Cooter and LB make their way into the hall way, on their way to visit Bo.

(Cue Vicki)

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Hello...all...Sorry! :-? I've been away from my computer at home for too long. I've been working about 50+ hours a week, and I don't have alot of time to write anymore! Let's just say that my character has been on vacation for the last few months. Thanks Kristy & Daney for keeping my character alive thru words. LOL! :wink:



Meanwhile at the same time at the Hazzard County Courthouse...

Vicki was inside the booking office on the phone when Rosco & Enos had walked inside. They had stayed out of Vicki view overhearing her phone conversation with Sheriff Little.

"So what do you think of everything that has happened?" Vicki asked her boss, Sheriff Little into the phone.

"Sounds like you had a lot of action there. I'm glad that you decided to stay in Hazzard and helped out. So when do you think that you'll be coming back to Chickasaw?"

"Probably, within the next few hours. Just finishing up some paperwork on Rocker & his gang, then I'll be coming home," said Vicki, taking a drink of her iced tea.

"That's good to hear. Besides, you have a mountain of paperwork piling up here as well. See you when you get here. Bye."

"Bye," said Vicki hanging up the phone.


Looking up, Vicki was startled as she saw Rosco & Enos staring at her.

"Hi, what's up?"

"Nothing much, Vicki. Are you about done with that arrest report on Rocker & his gang?" Rosco asked, as Vicki got up to let Rosco sit down at his desk.

"Yeah, after I fax this to the state police department, I'm going to have to go back to Chickasaw. Sheriff Little told me that I have a mountain of paperwork to do. Plus, he told me that I receive some letters in the mail. One of them came from Los Angeles." Vicki said, sighing loudly.

"I really hate to see you go back to Chickasaw. I was getting used to having you here in Hazzard. You were a lifesaver to all of us, especially the Dukes. Bo & Garrett was just telling me how much they were grateful that you were there at the right time," said Enos, putting his arm around Vicki.

"Me too. I have seen you do alot in the last few weeks here, just like when you were still an Hazzard County deputy a long time ago." Rosco said, nodding his head in agreement.

"Don't worry, y'all." Vicki said, putting her arm around her god-father & her best friend. "I'll be back soon. I'm never gone too long. I'll be back soon. Besides, I'm less than an hour away. About 45 minutes the way Bo drives."

"That's for sure, Vicki. That's for sure," Rosco said, hugging Vicki then waving at her as the redhead walked down the steps of the courthouse.

**Cue: Kristy/Daney** :wink:

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(posting after Kristy proof read)

~ ~ ~

“Ahhh,†Boss pretended to be dismayed at Jamie winning a game of go fish. He set the last two cards in his left hand down on the coffee table. “Who taught you to play so well?â€

“My mom,†the kindergartner exclaimed proudly. She looked over at her younger brother playing with the cb mic. Jamie glanced at the dark eyed, white suited man. “How we gonna get any notifications if he’s messing around?â€

Boss smiled. He waved his right hand toward the phone on the desk. “It’ll be alright, Jamie.†He glanced at the littlest Duke boy. The county commissioner remembered what Lulu had said. “Does he need changed?â€

Jamie leaned in her chair, then shook her head. “He don’t smell funky.â€

“Oh,†Boss sighed in relief. “Want to play more cards?â€

“Yeah,†Jamie replied. She gathered the deck and began to put it together. Her and Boss discussed game strategy until interrupted by a tickling of ivories. They looked over to see Shay had discovered the piano.

“Mr. Hogg, you think Miss Lulu would mind if we danced?†Jamie asked.

Boss shook his head and got out of his seat. “Why should she?â€

“It can be noisy,†Jamie smiled. Boss took the card deck from the little girl’s hands.

Lulu watched Shay continue hammering keys from the staircase landing. She smiled as Boss and Jamie moved gracefully from the dining room through the left side of the living room, through the open French doors that separated the right side living dining room from the foyer.

She snuck down the staircase, flowered dress swishing across each step. Lulu crept over and turned the record player on.

Shay peered over a bib clad shoulder to see where the sound echoing through the house had come from. He giggled, and waved to Miss Lulu. A finger to his mouth as if to say hush. Then the little boy laid down, curled up on the piano seat bench.

~ ~ ~

From the holding cell, Rocker and his gang listened to one of Garrett’s cousin animated conversation with Rosco.

“Knoxville has more claim on ‘em, A few could plea out on probation or nothing.†The Sheriff stated.

Daney saw her older cousin’s expression. “Luke, take a look at the APB on Haas alone.â€

“Hey,†Haas exclaimed after hearing his name brought up. Daney went over to the cell.

“Nothing personal,†She explained.

“You a lawyer?†One of the other fellas asked.

Daney laughed. “That’s cute. No - cousin ain’t thinking clearly.â€

“What?†Luke muttered. They could serve their time in Hazzard, then be sent back to Knoxville.

“Boss is always talking about lack of county funds,†Daney paused. “Civic duty.â€

Rosco nodded. “I think Jesse would agree.â€

Luke frowned. His uncle probably would, he would see the positive about Bo and Garrett still being here. In Knoxville, according to a few of the files, that was not the case. “So we just let all criminals go?†The dark haired Duke offered defensively.

“Don’t be silly,†Rosco replied. “They’re not being let go, just transported to face their activities elsewhere.â€

“A $10,000 reward,†Enos waved a sheet of paper like a 4th of July sparkler.

The gang chorused almost in unison. “Really?â€

“That’s what this says.†Enos took a step and held the print out for his commanding officer and Luke to read.

“Which heist?†Rocker demanded sullenly.

Luke gulped. Amount could be a good step, fresh start for Garrett providing it wasn’t a crime he had been involved with. He could collect the reward. “Ten thousand,†he whistled softly. Even if Boss found a way to get his hands on some of the money, it was better than his cousins having to look over their shoulders all the time.

He stared at Rocker. “What if we drop the charges?â€

“We’d be even,†the leader stated quietly. He glanced around at his associates, who each nodded in acceptance of his words. Then he mischievously looked at the Sheriff. “Are you going to prosecute the person that helped Garrett escape?â€

“Uh,†Rosco blinked. “How you know someone did?â€

“Sheriff, you run a decent establishment,†Rocker complimented the law man.

“Thank you,†Rosco ran his left index finger along the black Stetson that sat on the desk. He glanced over at the filing cabinet, then back to the cell. Really didn’t even matter if someone had tried to assist Garrett. If it helped with settling the inmates about going back to Knoxville…

He turned back in time to see Rocker reach a hand through two of the metals bars, brush his finger tips over strands of long brunette hair.

Daney tilted her head against the bars in response. She had just barely felt the cold touch. Since no one had seen Garrett escape, it was possible he had gotten out of the cell another way. The Sheriff’s Department could have defective equipment.

“Ten thousand could do wonders for this place,†She said.

“Fancy catalogue gadgets,†Enos mused happily.

“Repair bill tab at Cooter’s for patrol cars,†Luke teased the Sheriff and deputy.

“A paint job for the General Lee,†Rosco grinned. “Lavender...â€

(cue Kristy)

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