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  1. *********************************** *********************************** Hello...all...Sorry! I've been away from my computer at home for too long. I've been working about 50+ hours a week, and I don't have alot of time to write anymore! Let's just say that my character has been on vacation for the last few months. Thanks Kristy & Daney for keeping my character alive thru words. LOL! *********************************** *********************************** Meanwhile at the same time at the Hazzard County Courthouse... Vicki was inside the booking office on the phone when Rosco & Enos
  2. Hello... And it's been repeated everyday this week on CMT too. At least once or twice a day. It was fun seeing Rosco, Boss, and Cletus chasing different Santa Claus's around Hazzard County, whoever they were. Merry Christmas, Y'all! Vicki
  3. Hello... Maybe Lewie was mentioned somewhere in the series. Lol. I prefer Hughie Hogg over Dewie Hogg anyday. I have used Hughie Hogg in a couple of fanfic stories in the past! He was cute back then. Take Care! Vicki
  4. Hello... I hope that y'all enjoy yourselves. I'll be playing "Texas Hold Em" (Poker) all night long. Take Care & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Vicki
  5. * Wow! Lots of interesting people out there in Hazzard! LOL! * HNet Name: LittleRedVicki or ChickasawRedhead Real Name: Vicki Age: 33 I remember the Dukes when they were originally on CBS back in the late 70s - early 80s Location: On Hazzardnet--Chickasaw County Real: Tulsa, Oklahoma Occupation: Insurance/Sales Customer Service Representative Marital Stat: Happily Married Children: 2 - 1 girl, 1 boy Favorite Movie: Smokey & the Bandit Favorite Music: Country, 60s Rock & Roll Music, Classic Country before 1990+ Favorite TV show: Dukes of Hazzard, Diagnosis Murder, M
  6. Hello all... Welcome all new characters & fanfic writers to Hazzard County. May your stay here be a happy one! Mine has been a great one for the past nearly 4 years. Miz smarty, your character Charlee sounds like a younger version of myself when my character & her family first came to Hazzard back in July, 1978. She was a one time Hazzard County Deputy before she moved to Chickasaw County in May 1981. Just a little info for the newer writers. Take Care! Vicki
  7. Hello all... Thanks for the info! Besides the Dukes, I'm a huge mystery fan! I would like to see some of the crime/dramas on DVD like Murder, She Wrote, Hill Street Blues, Matlock, and Diagnosis Murder! That is just to name a few... Take Care all, and Merry X-mas! Vicki
  8. Hello all... Congrats, Pendragon! I am proud of you. I now wish that I would have stayed in nursing to become an RN. I decided to pursue another career instead. I talk on the phone for a living now, but I'm NOT a telemarketer! LOL! Congrats again! Take Care! Vicki
  9. hello... good luck on any writing that you do in the future. I hope that you enjoy it! Take Care! Vicki
  10. Hi... Daney, are you talking about the 1980's Press Your Luck or are you talking about early 2000's "Whammy"? I watch them both on Game Show Network! Take Care! Vicki
  11. Hello y'all. I hope that you're having a good night so far. My favorite shows other than the Dukes are: 1) Diagnosis Murder 2) Cheers 3) Happy Days 4) Macgyver 5) Little House on the Praire 6) Full House And I'm a game show junkie as well. My all-time favorites are The Price Is Right & Wheel of Fortune! Take Care Y'all! Vicki
  12. Those squealling of those tires was a familiar black mustang and a Hazzard County police car. Enos picked up the CB mic in his car. "Vicki, now that we've decided to joined in looking for Garrett or that gang, where do we start looking?" Vicki turned her black mustang onto Highway 36 towards the Boar's Nest. She then picked up the CB mic. "I'm not sure, Enos. I think that I saw Garrett driving out of town not more than 30 minutes ago, right after we went over to Boss & Lulu's house." "Do you think that he's heading towards Chickasaw County?" Enos asked back into the CB mic. "Probably, Enos
  13. Inside Boss's house... Vicki looked outside as the van drove by slowly. Vicki recognized the driver immediately. "Vicki, won't you sit down? You've been pacing all over the living room since you & Enos walked inside a few minutes ago," said Lulu as she walked over to her god-daughter. "I know, Lulu. I'm just worried about Garrett. I wonder if he knows what trouble that he is in right now just by hiding out from the gang," Vicki said, sighing loudly. "I just don't want anything to happen to him." "I feel the same way, honey. I'm worried too," said Lulu as she gave Vicki a comforting hug. "
  14. Meanwhile... Vicki pulled her mustang up in front of Boss's house. Hoping that Lulu & Boss would let her spend the night. Sheriff Little had wanted her to stay in Hazzard for a few days, especially after Vicki had called the state police & told them of the gang that is terrorizing Hazzard. As she drove into town, fear had flashed through her. Could she? She didn't know. All this time she'd been insisting that she be involved too. When it came to the critical point, woud she be strong enough to take down the ruthless gang that Garrett was involved in, and to save him too? She swallowed
  15. Hello, Y'all! I like 2nd,3rd, and 4th seasons. Take Care, Vicki
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