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  1. Twist on a question: Which Here Come's Honey Boo Boo ep features a full size General Lee replica?
  2. Where are the credits for the pictures in the Trivia thread and others you're done?

  3. Thanks for sharing! Link DOH epguide ~title & airdate version~ 3rd season Enos Strate to the Top 11/5/80 The Hazzardville Horror 11/7/80 4th season The Fugitive 11/3/81 The Great Bank Robbery 11/6/81 6th season The Fortune Tellers 3/23/84 Cooter's Confession 3/24/84 ---- Maybe it was the show coming in #1 & #2 for the network one week? Broadcasting a new episode and then a rerun of another episode... Getting ranked over all the other shows, would be a great achievement. Especially if they were up against a new series that didn't do well. Hmm?
  4. Maybe Garrett can join y'all in finishing this! Alex, the hard copy version posted anywhere or can the file be sent to email, please? Thank you!
  5. Thanks, got another one! Watching a new show, there was a toy General Lee on a mantle! Official Facebook page promoted the upcoming Hazzard County Comes To Middle Georgia event. What show is it?
  6. http://www.dukesofhazzardgareunion.com/ - anyone else read about this event?
  7. Welcome to your new family, Troy! Congratulations Mufn on the new addition!
  8. Thank you for the snippet from Coy & Vance's background! Best wishes for your other story!
  9. Here's another tricky one. I recently found the following picture of a Dukes guest star, but who is she? She seems to look different in every picture of her that I see, so I'll give a few clues: The picture is from last year. It was taken at the 40-year reunion of the original Broadway cast of Grease. She played one of Grease's "Pink Ladies"; a color memorably mentioned in her Dukes role. Her Dukes appearance was in season 1. Marya/Mews Small, Frankie from Luke's Love Story?
  10. DaneyDuke

    First Job

    Congratulations, working in an amusement park sounds like a fun challenge!
  11. ~sorry, computer acted up~ Val, sorry you had a bad day. Hopefully, it's going better for you.
  12. I think that sentiment remains all these years later =) You always seemed wise behind your years. Hope you are doing well!
  13. 5/17- Comrade Duke aired mid Feb/83 before Bo & Luke return ep 5/19. 5/22- Daisy's Shotgun Wedding aired late March 83 ~5th season finale~ I truly wish they had keep the same writers every episode for consistency.
  14. Mufn, I'm sorry that Sadie has passed away. Losing a beloved animal companion is hard. RIP sweet girl Sadie
  15. Great advice everyone! Best wishes on continued writing, whether it is rewriting an old story or something new after an exercise!
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