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  1. Gas prices arent really that bad now. i mean its $2.85 on average around here and i get pretty good gas mileage so it doesent really bother me. But you have to say to yourself dont let things like the price of gas ruin your life with worrying.
  2. Maybe the prequel could be about Uncle Jesse passing down the moonshine running tradition to his 2 nephews Bo and Luke. But Bo and Luke need a car to run in since Uncle Jesse's Black Tilly(1972 Ford LTD) was wrecked on his last run. So he gives Bo (the natural driver)$1,000 to buy a car and he hunts through the Georgia used car lots until he finds a repossed former Nascar 1969 Dodge Charger with an 01 painted on each door and the sponsers painted over. He then looks under the hood only to find a 440 with dual quads and pays the dealer his asking price of $500 and Cooter halls it out to his garage where he gives it a tune up and makes it street legal with the remaing $500 and then the rest of the movie is Bo and Luke running from the law in the infamous General Lee which civil war enthusiast Cooter cristened it after he gave it the once over.
  3. I think they shouldnt make a sequel for 2 reasons. First if they keep making sequels us fans wont have any more Dodge Chargers to buy for ourselves and that will also jack up the price of the already very expensive muscle car. Second I thought the cast did a fine job in the first one so I see no reason to make a sequel with different actors.Just my opinion but I thought I made some good points.
  4. Nobody has an opinion toward me trying to enter my model? I posted this 10 days ago and at least expected 1 reply. O well I will just try 2 enter it any way.
  5. There is a section at dukesfest 06 where you can enter a model from a movie or another tv show and I was wondering if I could enter my rusty General Lee model in that section from the beginning of the movie? The reason I ask this to you all is because Ben Jones was completely against the movie and im not sure he would let me enter it. I would like your opinions because I am currently adding details and fixing mistakes to make it better for the contest. Thanks.
  6. It sounded like they dubbed his voice with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer lol!
  7. For Uncle Jesse and Luke's flaming moonshine part i think TNT by AC DC would have been good but then again there are already two AC DC songs in there.
  8. It was actually a yellow and black Plymouth Road Runner. In the first 5 episodes in Georgia it was a 1973-1974 Road Runner but when the shooting began at Warner Bros. for the rest of the series they used a 1971-1972 Plymouth Road Runner. Then in season 2's "The Runaway" the brakes gave away as Bo and Luke aproached Rainbow Canyon and had to dive out to save their lives. Unfortanutely the Road Runner met its demise while Daisy was given her CJ5 or CJ7 Jeep which she had for the rest of the series. Well anyway my favorite is the Road Runner because I am a muscle car lover. Although 4WD is good for offroading I just prefer the General Lee for offroading.
  9. I love every episode except for "Strange Visitor to Hazzard" although I dont hate that episode. But "Happy Birthday General Lee" sticks out as close to my favorite though. But as i said I dont really have a favorite and I dont think I could choose one.
  10. Thank You. I didnt want to start a feud between us also the old Chargers just look and sound so much better.
  11. I thought communication breakdown by Led Zeppelin would have been good there.
  12. This is to TimDuke. I am not calling the 06 classic I am just trying to get a car that is actually around here. But I have changed my mind and I am planning to get a vintage Charger(hopefully 68-70). I am going to build a General Lee and its going to be awesome. And I was told that HEMI orange was used on the first 5 episodes so sorry if I was told wrong.
  13. OOOOOOO I know we can paint it lavender! Im pretty sure its lavender if not violet. Just guessing though.
  14. Ya'll could try the sub titles couldnt u? just reminding you of that
  15. All of you who hate the movie, stop making fun of it! Its my favorite movie and im sure a lot of other peoples too so respect our opinions and dont make fun of it. We are all Dukes fans so we all must get along.
  16. If any of ya'll missed Hazzard In Hollywood it will be back on CMT on Saturday 1/7/2005 from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Enjoy.
  17. I think the song is called "Hit and Run" because they say that line alot during the song but I am going to look into it some more.
  18. I got mine at midnight on monday. Wen did u get urs?
  19. This sounds good but a little much like the TV series. I liked the movie because it was different. Well I am almost done with my sequal for the dukes on story form called "The Dukes Of Hazzard 02" when it is done I will post it for everone to see. But if your idea somehow got to be the movie sequal I wouldnt mind watching it.
  20. Every episode except the coy and vance episodes and strange visitor to hazzard are great. But my two favorite are one armed bandits and Happy Birthday General Lee. I like these episodes because they show two different sides of hazzard and they are just all around good episodes.
  21. Whenever I race go karts and I hit someone I yell "Ur Scuffin My Vehicle!" and then when I pass em I do the giggle and say "I love it I love it! Police works my life!"
  22. I knew when I saw the skid plate on the Charger's frame that there was going to be a jump and I was right. I taped it and after on midnight club 3 I made an exact replica except for the fact that its a 1968 Charger in the show and I even made the licence plate correct. It was good to see that though.
  23. I would definatly be Bo because i dress like him and act like him half the time plus i am a good racer like he is.
  24. I have finally finished my model of the General Lee from the opening scene of the movie. I will take pictures soon but I want to note a few things. First everything came out perfect except the 01 could have been a little better but oh well. Also I faked a 727 auto on the center console shifter by using an extra shifer that came with my Dodge Daytona model. Also I painted the interior black because it appeared that way in the begining of the movie. I left the roll cage out because it came out really bad and finally I made a liscence plate and mounted it on the rear bumber liscence plate holder. All in all I am very happy with this model and I hope you like it.
  25. I am aware that HEMI orange isnt used through the whole series. However in the first 5 episodes the General is HEMI orange and I love HEMI orange. I still stand by what I said though and also the fact that there arent to many classic cars around here makes em really rare.
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