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  1. no, my name isn't nancy, it is cooterNnancylou. didn't you know cooter has a daughter named nancy lou?
  2. I've seen one that i don't know the name of. What others?
  3. cooter's shop is so cramped. can he even fit 2 cars in it ?
  4. WHAT?? i can't see any clue of a moonshine jug on the fender
  5. roger, when are you going to post your list of made up lives of rarely shown characters that you told me about ??? you said it'd be posted by last friday. please roger.
  6. That's why i made up the house number, ATTENTION TO ALL DUKES FANS--- THE DUKE HOUSE ADDRESS IS 15774.
  7. The duke place was said to be on old mill road. unless the number was mentioned, i made it be 15774 in my imagination.
  8. such as wishing she was in more than 1 episode. or stuff you've made up about her & her mom's life in alabama. in my imagination, they're in the town of burnsville.
  9. don't you wish nancy lou was in more than 1 episode?, or even mentioned in another one.
  10. why wasn't she in more than 1 episode ????? very cruel producers.
  11. Yes please !! I'm posting with a different account cuz this site won't accept my password for CDF account. I want all your list, not just dukes, please.
  12. to say it again, if d.o.h. was in this timeline, let's develop what kind of mobile phones the cast would have.
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