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  1. Well, for a lot of us Yankees, DOH was our introduction to Southern-ness. I grew up north of Boston on the Massachusetts coast, to parents from the Dakotas, and until the show I had NEVER even HEARD words like "ain't," and "y'all" or things like grits or pralines. Probably was a bit of a help when I went to school in the Deep South (Louisiana Tech) and married into the culture. Definitely impacted my speech being down there and for some reason I swing between accents and speech patterns with relative ease. Another funny thing on a related note; I ended up in the Southwest and amazingly be
  2. “We were taking pictures of the GENERAL LEE so there would be a GENERAL LEE ‘Wanted’ poster in the Post Office....” (Rosco in “10 Million Dollar Sheriff”)
  3. “See y’all in CHURCH!” (said by COOTER to some CROOKS being hauled away)
  4. LOL I didn't mean specifically you, I meant any Millens who might read the post!
  5. Harvey EsseX (ATF man in “The Big Heist”)
  6. Yep, I did notice that as an adult! As a kid I thought they were the same guy and maybe I'd just heard the name wrong previously (you millennials don't know what it was like waiting an entire week to watch a single episode and no way to record it; you caught it or you were out of luck for another week ) Even as an adult I still wondered if I'd gotten something wrong, but there it was staring me in the face. In a way they DID have a SORT of "Louie Hogg" in the form of Lulu
  7. (haven't got a Sheriff Little one for letter "T" otherwise I would) “THIS part of Luke’s plan is working like a TWO-DOLLAR watch.” (Waylonism)
  8. Yep, always loved that one, I remember seeing that scene as a kid when it was new and laughing The night RENT-A-COP at Shortie’s All-Night RIB Shack and Pool Hall on Swamp Road
  9. Oh, wow....rest in peace, to a most fearsome and dare I say competent law enforcement officer, other than his hatred of Dukes! As a kid I loved his character and car...I even made a small replica of it (hand painted) to go with my 1/64 General Lee and others....
  10. That was Grannie Annie! And I think you meant "Lady", not "lay" JEEZ but that was a funny episode with her and Enos.... “...I hate PECAN cookies....” (Bo in “Swamp Molly”)
  11. One of my all-time favorite exchanges between Rosco and Cletus, with Cooter listening on the CB: Rosco: “Now, I want you to head ‘em off at MOOSE Creek, you got that, come on?” Cletus: “What?? What creek was that, uh, could you repeat that location, Sherriff??” Rosco: “MOOSE Creek, you dipstick!! M as in MOOSE! O as in MOOSE! O as in MOOSE! S as in MOOSE! And E as in MOOSE!!!” Cooter (listening on radio) “He MUST MEAN MOOSE Creek.”
  12. “IDENTIFICATION, please.” (Miz Tisdale)
  13. “You’ll be the night rent-a-cop at the drive-in deli on FRONTAGE ROAD!!!”
  14. “Now, DON'T you wish they had a ride like that in DISNEYLAND?” (Waylon, during a jump)
  15. ALEX (Boss’s driver, name mentioned in “The Late J.D. Hogg”)
  16. “…they got luckier than a rabbit with siX feet.” (Waylonism) And yep, great one ncDuke!
  17. “I’m declaring this jail, and everybody in it, QUARANTINED!”
  18. Billy Joe FONG (Chinese-American Hazzard resident in "Miz Tisdale on the Lam")
  19. “It’s got QUICKSAND at the bottom and it goes all the way to China.” (Jesse referring to Black Hollow in “Swamp Molly”)
  20. “Grandma DUKE was a DENTON....” (Jesse in “Treasure of Hazzard”)
  21. ...yeah, but does it HAVE to be THERE???
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