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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Which holes specifically? I might use several things....gap-filling superglue cured and then filed/sanded/polished, or Tamiya white putty, or sometimes even styrene sheet or strip, welded with cement then sanded to shape.
  2. Meant to post this earlier when I finished it. Had to combine two kits to make it. Plenty of scratchbuilding in this one, including seat detailing, CB radio and antenna, rear view mirror, sun visors and of course the steer horns. Very intense build; here is a link to the in-progress photos: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/142988-boss-hogg-70-cadillac-deville-convertible/ And now, on to the photos....
  3. A couple of the scratchbuilt items, specifically the CB antenna and mount, and the center console:
  4. My latest completion! Base kit was the vintage Monogram Mork & Mindy jeep, although the roll bar needed rebuilding (should go to the floor, instead of just sitting on top of the wheel wells). Scratchbuilt items include the CB antenna and mount, center console, sun visors, side lights, and headlights (made from polished acrylic diamante gems). Really happy with the carpet, stains and all!
  5. Any good pics of the CB antenna and its mounting on Daisy's jeep? Or at least if I know what kind it was I can research and find images of the product itself....need something clear enough to scratchbuild a likeness.
  6. Thanks Hoss, one of the shots in the thread you linked to really summed it up perfectly; I'm very grateful!
  7. Working on the Dixie Jeep as my next model creation. Can't figure out the floor....thought it would be white (body metal/painted) with black rubber mats in front of the front seats....but now folks on a non-Dukes auto modelmaking board are suggesting the 79 Jeep CJ7 had brown (only brown) carpeting as standard, and that some of the photos I posted suggest it. Anyone have any idea? Any better views than what I have? If carpeted, would the rear have been covered too, including the tops of the rear wheel wells?
  8. Yes, great stuff, I've got several seasons of Only Fools on DVD, as a longtime Britcom fan (I own about two dozen series). The chandelier is an awesome episode! Also Friday the 14th....one more favorite episode of mine is "Tea for Three." I almost choked laughing!
  9. Well, here's a screen shot for what I found in "The Late JD Hogg" showing what I believe is a mounting plate on the transmission hump in front of the seat: Here's what I scratch-built:
  10. No worries....knew it was a long shot. Even stuff with lots of views of the car interior like the skunk scene in Duke of Duke turned up nothing.
  11. Anyone know of any episodes in which the CB radio is visible in Boss's car? I've only got a closeup view from "The Late J.D. Hogg" when he tore out the wires. I'd especially like distance shots (not closeups of the radio itself) showing how it would have been mounted, i.e. on the seat, in front of the seat, on the trans hump, etc.
  12. Hey there Hobie; I did at first, but I did my research. The fangs were only on a black-interior car used in three episodes in Season 4. Can't see the front bumper for the single episode in Season 3 when he was introduced. I still had to modify the bumper anyway, to fill in the Monaco's signal lights, plus add the "tabs" that were sometimes there on either side of the license plate, and sometimes not. All episodes after the first 3 episodes in S4 were tan-interior vehicles without the fangs. Since I like the tan interior so much more (it's what I vividly remember as a child), I went wi
  13. My latest project completed; MPC Dodge Monaco body and interior, 71 Charger chassis, engine and suspension, plus lots more : Some of what went into it:
  14. DUNLAP Horse Ranch (from “The Rustlers”)
  15. “JUDAS Priest on a pony!!” Good one, Hoss!
  16. “EAT dust, you turkeys!!!” (Miz Tisdale in “Miz Tisdale on the Lam”)
  17. “Blue FoX, this is RED DOG....” (Rosco to Enos in “Swamp Molly”)
  18. Found one more: Blue, used by Rosco as a "Hazzard County secret surveillance car" in S6 E22 "Cooter's Confession" In fact, since all three were blue, in S6 E14, S6 E22 and S7 E1, all very closely-together-shot episodes, I'd say it was probably the same car in all three.
  19. The night rent-a-cop at SHORTIE’S All-Night Rib SHACK and Pool Hall on SWAMP Road
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