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  1. Once again, the government is well within their right, because it's kids like yourself that gets it deprived...because you have to go all boar out crazy weaving in and out of the lanes and smashing into mailboxes...yeah, just like Rosco...can't drive worth a piddly! xD Cept...you're CRAZY!!!
  2. Yeah...I think you keep scaring people off...you're really scaring me ... please stop, just stop while yer ahead...
  3. I couldn't help but to notice the horses! As... well... I love horses! I love everything about them! Course, it shouldn't surprise anyone none about me riding horses or tryin' anything new around them! But I couldn't resist....ain't it funny how the red, white and blue means freedom, but when they flash in yer rear view, it could mean the loss of that freedom?
  4. Well, so far, my first job was actually a community service project for staying in school. but turns out, I come to take a likin' to working with the police department. But the first official like job that I took to was no more than simple....photography! Matter of fact, I just got my professional camera for Christmas. And what better than a Canon "Rebel" camera? Gotta love the name just as well as the photos it takes! Matter of fact, Took this little photo with the complicated/advanced camera!
  5. Oh and I just heard, after I left your page, thought you might want to know this. 106.3 Cowboy Country just had Rodney's voice thrown over the radio and well after the fact, they started to play ole Waylon! :3 Now which station is better? HUH? And come to think of it, this station plays "new country" music as well! Have fun and stay outta trouble with them smokies, ya hear?

  6. Well....you've been out, my password lost, finally got back and I see your just as crazy as ever. Your looser than a goose on a moose and you expect me to be on everyday? Missy! I love your style! ;)

  7. HAHAAA! I surpassed you on posts....LOL

  8. Kai...nuff of talkin lik dis...LOL We can talk in rl, cause... I am at yer house...LOL....and I know that you know that I am here...LOL...ahh man...dumb blonde I am...lol

  9. Well....whut ya thank? Thanks cuzin...I miss Colorado...it was colorful...LOL

  10. Oh good grief....that one?

  11. Cuzin, I'mma come and see yo when ever yo reply, but I'mma send you a special picture from Colorado...remember that time? Anyways...Set it as yer profile picture....I dare you! >:3

  12. Yes? Nevermind lol, anyways, how ya ma long lost cuzin? I cain't believe at ya flew in ta see me last Friday! Ma gosh, so cool!

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