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  1. Alright this is too funny, whats the name of the story? And once again Hoss great work, thank you!
  2. I'm startin this thread for sightings of different stuff with a General Lee paint job. I'm traveling through Georgia on my way to Tennessee and I just seen a boat with a General Lee paint job! It looked really good, I wish I coulda got a pic. In years past where I'm going in Tennessee I've seen a truck with the same......hope I will see it again.....pix if possible!
  3. It would have been sad fer that ta happen but interesting idea.
  4. Thanks. To me that is like the perfect pink and I'm always looking for the perfect pink but I can never get it just right. Thanks again
  5. To be totally honest that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I love that pink.....whats the hex value?
  6. Even though Orange is #1 in my book I have always thought pink General Lees were cool.......girl thang I guess.
  7. Once again great work Hoss.
  8. I seen this video on Youtube and can't for the life of me remember which ep it is from. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4q6lCxJIbI&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
  9. Lol I'm watchin it right not....no joke. Anyway they are on their way to the Boars Nest and Bo and Luke are tryin to get Daisy to ask for a raise but she's not to sure rather she should or not and that's when Bo says ......... Thanks I love the pic too....I thought it and that quote went well together even though they aren't from the same ep.
  10. Thanks for confirmin that Hoss. Now my mind can rest......I can't believe I remembered it so differently.
  11. Ok thanks I will check it out later today and will let ya know.
  12. Can anyone remember in which ep Bo said " You gotta call in the dogs to see if they're wet or your not gonna find out if its rainin' outside." It's drivin me absolutely insane that I can't remember. I do remember that when he said it he and Luke were sittin in the General and there was a girl in the back seat......and it wasn't Daisy.
  13. Great job Hoss. I love the General!
  14. There are way to many videos that I would like to share so I made a playlist of Dukes related videos...none of them are mine they are just cool videos...so if you would like to see what I got you can go to the playlist here:
  15. I'm plannin on postin some tonight including some musical performances by John and Tom.
  16. I'm startin' this thread so that when we find cool Dukes related videos on Youtube or other sites we can share the links here. There are some I would like to share but I don't have time right now.....another day..... So whatcha got?
  17. Wonderful very emotional video.....I love those two!
  18. Born free by Kid Rock reminds me of Bo and Luke. And Copperhead Road has Hazzard written all over it...Dukes & Copperhead Road Youtube video:
  19. I am obsessed with Dukes, I am a Duke at heart. They are part of my everyday life. I have all 7 seasons and the reunion movies, I regularly watch Dukes related videos on Yotube, I have Dukes license plates even though I haven't got to use them yet b/c the bracket on my truck is broken:cry:, I have tons of Dukes pix on my phone and computer, I have had several dreams that involved the Dukes, I consider the Dukes and Cooter as family, I have been to Cooter's in Gatlinburg 3 times, I wish like crazy that the Dukes were a real life family and Hazzard County did exist, I dream of one day owning my very own General Lee........I would rate myself as a 8-10....I guess. To show how much Dukes are on my mind here is a story: one day me and my mom were in to store and she sent me to go get lunch meat from the deli and our store carries a brand called Boar's Head and when asking her what kind she wanted me to get instead of saying Boar's Head I said Boar's Nest....lol IMO it is good to be obbsessed with something so wonderful.
  20. Thanks Hoss. :cry:I could literally cry right now.
  21. I love and miss him too:cry: He was an amazing singer.
  22. True but it wouldn't be the same. . . . If the house is still there I would love to visit it one day.
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