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  1. That line is from Goodbye General Lee
  2. Is there anyplace for single folks to talk ?
  3. Hey Y'all what are your favorite Rosco phrases ? Mine are " I love it i love it", Hot pursuit !, Shame shame everybody knows your name, I'll cuff ya and stuff ya !
  4. Out on the back porch, Bo thinking to him self... What's got Luke acting so strange, falling asleep on the way home, moving slower than he was last week...Bo holds his head in his hands...Dang it all.
  5. Guess you're mad at me, I'll just go then.

  6. Guess you're real mad at me, I'll leave then.

  7. Guess you're really mad at me, I'll just leave then...

  8. I was lucky to meet Sonny and Ben in 2009 at The Smoky mountain fan fest, they autographed my Smokey and the Bandit dvd cover. My ex and i got arrested by Enos too...
  9. Hello Vi, I'm very sorry i been away so long, life issues. Hope you're ok, Bo.

  10. Hello Vi, I'm very sorry i been away so long, life issues. Hope you're ok, Bo.

  11. Hey Y'all I don't know if this was thought of or posted before but, who of you out there would like a real Hazzard Net ? Have a friends list to keep up periodically with texts if possible ?
  12. Are there any folks out there who would like to be Luke and Daisy ? I have lost contact with my real life cousins and could use a shoulder or two
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