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  1. I'm happy it's back on! I just saw it on the guide and set it to record. I have the DVDs but there is just something fun about watching on TV
  2. I am late with a response but yes I completely agree. I love the GA shows so much better, they seemed more real as did Bo and Luke. They actually changed their clothes lol I wish they had stayed in GA to film.
  3. Thank you for the welcomes!
  4. Thanks Roger. Mira is what I go by online so that's fine to call me that. And yes I knew about Mira being a binary star, I love astronomy myself.
  5. Welcome, un abrazo desde argentina.

  6. Thank you for the welcome it's nice to meet you :)

  7. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  8. Yes, I actually have! Just watched an ep with Luke in a loft, hay bales all around him and he's trying to be sneaky. Instead of staying still he keeps moving all over and yep, you guessed it, hay bale falls overm bad guys go 'what's that'?. lol
  9. Thank you for the welcome Hoss :)

  10. I thought I replied to this yesterday, it may have been lost. I agree, I loved her growing up. Even as a little girl I thought she was strong and determined. She could take care of herself and her family, loved her friends, drove like a pro and still looked good while doing it!
  11. This is an amazing thread Hoss! I am on page 3 now, still reading through. I am bookmarking this for future reference too. I love the map at the start of the thread too. Thanks for sharing all this with us!
  12. I totally agree waikiki23. He has aged well. He's still as handsome now as he was on The Dukes. I really like him on Smallville, I am catching up on some older eps of him on that show and he brings a lot of heart to the character. I have to say before the Kents were pretty one dimensional, but both John and Annette do an amazing job.
  13. Here's the thread I am looking forward to it too! It will be nice to see him back on tv this week.
  14. Thanks Hoss! Still learning my way around Should I post about 2 movies he has coming up on Hallmark Movie channel this month?
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