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  1. Ryan played the Character Beta on the Walking Dead before the zombie crisis he was known as the country singer half moon .
  2. The Walking Dead ( Season 11 is the last season) Fear the Walking Dead Walking Dead world beyond Dukes of Hazzard Good Times The Jeffersons In the Heat of the Night Alice Talking Dead
  3. You will need to watch the 30th anniversary edition of the original Night of the Living Dead . Its on DVD the beginning is different from the original plus new scene were added to the movie. That will show you were he came from.
  4. I met a famous person on Halloween back in 1989 and I can describe him . He wears a dirty brown hat He is horribly burned He wears rezors on his right hand and usually wears a red and green sweater all the time. I usually would watch the movie George Romero made back in 1968 but the 30th anniversary edition and shows you were the cemetery zombie came from.
  5. I wonder if any of the actors of the Dukes of Hazzard would reprise their roles on the Walking Dead?
  6. My version of this Christine the car's radio plays country music from the 1950s .
  7. Jen looked around and noticed the group for got Negan .She gathered a knife a gun with some ammo. Shane told her not to go unless she had back up . She told him lets go you can be my back up. She looked outside and seen a walker she recognized it was some one she knew from school but could not stand. It was the only Walker Michonne told her I got this 1 Jen told her be my guest I cannot stand this 1. Michonne asked you knew this 1 before and Jenyfer reviled I am afraid I did know him and it was some one who I could not stand but I will not mention his name . Jen got behind the wheel of Christine , Shane and Michonne got in to back her up . They went back get Negan because Jen knew he would not survive with out food and water. A ll 3 arrived at Alexandrea . Shane opened the gate and Jen drove Christine in she parked right by Negan's cell he was looking out the window and said oh my good ness its that '58 . Jen went in opened Negan's cell gave him Lucille his bat and said lets go we are heading back to Hazzard Negan , Jen , Shane and Michonne headed back to Hazzard . Jen turned on the radio and Web Pierce was singing Hony tonk and then Kitty Wells It wasn't God who made Honky Tonk Angels George Jones White Lightning The Group arrived back to the Boars Nest and Walkers surrounded Christine . Rick , Roccoe , Enos , Jesse , COoter went out to battle the Walkers . When the timing was right Dwight , Daryl and Merle got the walkers away from Christine Negan suggested that she parked the car close to the building and did but they got out of the passenger side of the car . All went inside the Boars nest and then found food in the storage unit. Rosoe said that the food is property of Boss Hogg and no one is to touch it unless they paid for it . Jesse told him knock it off Roscoe , JD is no longer with us we need to survive and work together. Negan asked who is Boss Hogg Jen told him that if he was here and with his loud mouth he would attract any Walker all over the US. Daisy and I worked here before this all started and I hope someday it goes back to normal
  8. The School Nurse took Jen to the clinic and had her lay on the bed in her office and put a cold cloth over her forehead. The Nurse put her hand on her forehead and said she felt really hot and was really burning with a fever. The nurse then called a Doctor and talked to him about it and told her that Jen will need to be admired to the hospital right away . The Doctor informed the School Nurse if Jenyfer was not admitted to the hospital right away the temperature and go higher and it could kill her. The Nurse called an ambulance and the medics took Jen to the Hospital. The Medics put an IV in her to help bring down the fever. Jen's identical twin sister drove Christine back to the Duke Farm . Uncle Jesse asked were is your sister . Bobbi told her she got taken to the hospital by the medics and had a fever so high she had to be admitted to the hospital. Jesse waited until the rest of the family came home and informed them what was going on . . The Dukes and Bobbi went to go see Jen at the Hospital . Bo asked the Nurse what room Jen was in . The Dr who was taking care of Jen told the Dukes and her sister that he got the temperature down but he wants to keep her so he can keep an eye in case the temperature goes back up. the Dukes understood and asked if they could see her the Dr said I sedated her so she can rest but y'all can come back tomorrow during visiting hours. the Dukes and Bobbi went back to the farm to have dinner ,. Then Bobbi went in the room she shared with her sister and did her homework assignments and prepared for a acouple of tests.
  9. When I seen the 2nd episode of the Dukes of Hazzard when Bo , Luke and Daisy were on their way to Atlanta it looked liked the same road Rick Grimes rode the horse on in the 1st episode of the Walking Dead. I have seen the same Bridge in both shows. The 1 that crossed east and west
  10. Bobbi, Jenyfer , Michone , Daryl and Carol found Siddiq tied up . Jen cut his ropes and asked him if he was OK but he was in a tense. Jen left Christine parked not too far . When they were walking up a hill they seen 10 pikes with severed heads on them . Jen recognized some of the faces and she, Bobbi and Daryl drove a knife into the brains . Carol recognized that 1 of the victims was a relative of hers . Jen comforted her and told her that they need to talk to the other groups about teaming up against the whisperers. Hill top, Ocean side, The Kingdom , and Alexandrea had the meeting and all agree that the whisperers must be eliminated. Jen also mentioned that the fuel was getting low. Jen asked ' Uncle Jesse when you and Boss were running shine back in the day and the fuel tank was getting low , What did you do for fuel.?" Jesse told them they used the moon shine for fuel. Jesse told her now hold on that he made a promise to the US governor that he would no make any more shine. Jen reminded him that it does not exist now and the group needs fuel for the vehicles . Jesse agreed to make it to fuel the tanks and made extra jugs incase they needed more. Rick Grimes noticed the still and seen Jesse operating it . Bobbi, Jen, and other members of Alexandrea filled the fuel tanks of the cars. Luke filled the General Lee , Jen filled up Christine, Rick filled the motor home, Jen had jugs In Christine and went to the Kingdom , Jesse filled his truck and had jugs in the back and filled other vehicles for the other groups but Jesse made more incase it was needed. Jen told Luke about Alpha's horde of walkers and were they were located .Luke and Daryl went to the location . Luke had dynamite on his arrows . Luke lit the dynamite and it blew the walkers into pieces. Luke and Daryl got back to Alexandrea and noticed folks had their cars packed .the walls were getting weaker and they needed a safer place. The Alexandrans went to look for a safer place . Bobbi, Jenyfer, Shane,Siggiq and Carol were in Christine., Luke , Daryl , Rick, and Merle were in the General Lee, Jesse , Hershel and Roscoe were in Jesse.s truck , Michione , Judith , Dale Andrea were in the motor Home and other people of Alexandra went in their cars . While driving Christine Jen turned on the radio Hank Williams sr was singing Buckets got a hole in it. and then Web Pierce sang Honky tonk The group was heading back to Hazzard and invited the other groups to join them and they accepted, Hazzard was not the same when they returned. Rick and Roscoe went to the sheriffs station to get more guns and ammo they also checked pawn shops and the stores for food and supplies. They returned to the patrol car and headed to the Boars nest . were the group put a strong metal door to keep the walkers out.
  11. Bobbi and Jenyfer were looking for more supplies for the group . Bobbi syphoned fuel out of an abandoned car full of fuel and filled Christine's fuel tank . Jen noticed some walkers with weapons on them and thought that was strange . 1 of them noticed the twins and approached them . Bobbi and Jenyfer got into Christine with Bobbi behind the wheel just as they were about to pull out they all surround the car . 1 named Beta ordered them out of the car . Bobbi and Jenyfer obeyed the order . He asked them who are they and what were they are doing in their territory . Jen said 1st of all we are looking for food and supplies and 2nd we did not know this area belonged to you and your group. Alpha came and told Bobbi and Jenyfer to stay on their side and not to come in their land. Jen told her we are all trying to survive I have been through this crisis for the 3rd time already I have lost 2 people I loved because of these things. I am sure you have also. Jen even noticed a little girl with bruises and asked what happened . Alpha told her to mind her own business. Alpha told the little girl name Lydia to get back over there and hauled off and slugged her. Jen told her you are a mean person after noticing the tears coming down the girls cheeks . Jenyfer told Alpha I do not understand you had no reason to hit her like that instead of doing that why don't you teach her how to survive. Beta and Alpha warned the twins not to come back to the area. Bobbi and Jen got back in to Christine . Ernest Tubb was singing Walking the floor over you. Bobbi and Jen got back with supplies . They told the group about folks dressing up like the dead and to watch out for them and not go out alone take back up . Later on that evening Christine was cruising around with no driver behind the wheel her radio was on and Web Pierce was singing Honky tonk . The '58 was close to the Whisperer's territory Alpha heard a car's radio and noticed the car sitting there. Beta recognized the car . He thought the twins were in it and tried to open the drivers door but could not . The radio was on and Hank Williams was singing a hole in my bucket . 1 of the Whisperers through a rock at Christine she revved her engine and pulled out towards him all of them started to run.
  12. Bobbi and Jenyfer got up to go to school. Christmas Break was coming up plus they had a cheerleading competition. Bobbi and Jen looked for ward to this every year . The Varsity Cheerleaders of Hazzard High worked extremely hard for this day. Jenyfer started to feel ill . She went to the chalk board to explain how she got an answer to a math problem. When she got to the board she collapsed. The Teacher Miss Wilson went over to Jen and felt her fore head . She told the other classmates she is burning up with. fever. 1 went to get the school Nurse and she came in and took Jen's temperature and it read 103.4 . The Nurse went to call the Duke Farm . Daisy answered the phone and got on the CB to Bo and Luke to have them pick Jen up from school that she was burning up with a fever and they needed to get her to. a doctor right away.
  13. Bobbi and Jen's Aunt and Uncle opened up a closed down gas station. He fixed up the building and updated every thing in the building. Bobbi and Jenyfer worked part time after school during the school year but did not work when they had a game to attend to . The twin's uncle took them in when they took off from the foster home they were living in. Their foster parents were mean to them so 1 day Bobbi and Jen had enough and talked to their uncle and told them what was going on . He noticed markings on the girls. When the foster parents went on a trip Bobbi and Jen packed their stuff loaded it in Christine and went to live with their blood relatives. 1 day Rick and Barbara Sharp sold their gas staton to a family friend and moved south. Bobbi and Jenyfer went with them . Bobbi and Jen closed out their bank accounts . Jen's uncle loaded her '58 plymouth on the car trailer . He gassed up his motor home and went over every thing to make sure it was good to go . He recently had brand new tires and brakes put on . Rick had his nieces and daughter withdrawn from the school they were going to but when they would arrive in Hazzard they would be going to another High school and finish there. Later Rosco and Boss learned who stole the cash from the register . He found out it was Hughie Hogg. Boss had Hughie escorted from Hazzard and warned never to come back and took back every thing he owned . Boss asked Daisy to come back . He also asked Jen but she told him since she was still in High School she already has a job working for her Uncle part time after school plus she was saving for college. Boss Understood and knew it was nothing against him for what happened. Barbara Bobbi and Jen's Aunt registered the twins to Hazzard High . Teressa their cousin was registered also . All 3 of the girls signed up classes they wanted to take . Bobbi , Jenyfer , and Teresa seen a sheet to sign to try out for cheerleading . They went to the meeting after school and started practicing the day after . The girls were told that they had to try out with a partner or 2 Bobbi, Jenyfer and Teresa wanted to try out together . They had a required cheer and had to do another cheer. The girls had practice everyday after school until the day of the tryouts. Bobbi, Jenyfer and Teresa did their try out . They did the required cheer and the 1 they created . All the other girls tried out also but not all of them made it The girls who made it for Cheerleading for Varsity were Amy Burton, Carla Boyer, Debbie Craft, Darlene Williams ,Ellie Johnson,Gloria Wilson Jenyfer Sharp, Julie Grimes , Liz Hailey , Roberta Sharp , Angela Turner and Kathy Valentine . JV were Amy Boyer, Carla Burton , Pamela Craft, Debbie Duncan, Maggie Greene, Beth Greene, Bonnie Jenkins, Dixie Jenkins, Teresa Sharp, Valerie Smith and Valerie Turner The girls who made it start practice for the football jamboree tomorrow after school . They were also required to attend Cheerleading camp . Bobbi , Jen and Teresa arrived home and told their folks all 3 made the squad . They also felt bad for the 1s who dd not make the team. Jen decided to suggest that some of the girls who did not make it have them sub when needed The cheerleaders had their 1st practice after practice Jen asked if there were subs for the girls ? Miss Jones who was the coach said that was a good idea and chose a couple of the girls who did not make the team. The Girls were Stephanie Johnson, Jody Williams and Julie Wilkins
  14. Jenyfer and Daisy were working at the Boars nest . It was almost time to close and get ready for the next shift. Jenyfer went over to the register to count the money down to the amount for the next shift. Jen went to Boss Hogg office to get a deposit slip to put the money in the bank . She and Daisy had the doors locked when the money was being counted it was Boss Hoggs rules .Daisy was cleaning the tables . With out knowing Boss Hoggs nephew Hughie Hogg took the money from the register and Left with it. Jen came back with the slip and noticed the money was gone. Jennifer looked for the cash and could not find it . She went in the kitchen and asks Daisy if she put the cash in Boss Hoggs Safe. Daisy told her that only Boss had the combination to the safe. they looked for clues to see if some one got in another way. Daisy noticed a piece of clothing and it was white. Daisy got on the CB to call Rosco and Enos. When they arrived Jenyfer told her side of the story. Rosco told Daisy and Jen he figured out who stole the money and pointed the finger to Jenyfer, shocked and hurt . Jen saying this hurt " Do you really think I would steal from Boss Hogg my employer ? I have never once stole from that man and would never attend to . If I needed some cash before payday I would ask for it." Later Jenyfer and Daisy the Hughie Hogg took over the Boars Nest . Hughie came in and fired both Daisy and Jenyfer from their jobs. Hughie was in Boss Hogg's office holding the money he took from the register to frame Jen. Daisy and Jen left the Boars nest and had the tip money they earned for the day . Hughie came out and wanted a 99% of their tips . Jen told Daisy not to give that weasel a dime we earned that money and its ours. Daisy and Jen got in to Christine since Daisy's Jeep was being repaired at Cooters garage. Jen pulled out of the parking lot fuming so was Daisy . Jen turned on the radio and Patsy Cline was singing seven lonely days then gone by Ferlin Husky. Daisy turned off the radio and said this we are going to need to look for employment else were. Jennifer told Daisy that there was a diner looking for servers and need help because they are super busy and needed the help. Daisy and Jenyer went to the location and talked to the owner . Jen told the owner what had happened . The owner knew how Boss and Hugie operated and were crooked. He also knew Daisy and Jen never stole from their employer . He told the girls they could start tomorrow. Jen told him we will get you more business. Jen and Daisy arrived back to the farm . Jen told Coy, Vance and Uncle Jesse what had happened ,. Jen's identical twin sister also heard what happened. Since Daisy and Jenyfer were no longer at the Boars nest the beer was watered down more . Hughie started to lose customers . Jen seen 1 of her regular customers and told the were she and Daisy work at now . She said get the word out the beer is not watered down Hughie noticed the he was losing business He called Daisy and Jen to beg them to come back. Jen told Hughie the only time they would come back is when hell freezes over. She also told him and they refuse to work for some one who accuses them of stealing when they did not . Jen went over to the post office to see if there was any mail . Mis Tizdale told her she got. letter from Bo . Jen opened it and it put a smile on her face . Bo was there for her when her fiancé Sledge was killed In a motorcycle accident . She took that really hard . A couple of weeks later after the funeral Jen was still grieving . Bo asked her to be his girl . Jen told him that day she was not ready for that and she needed him to be her friend for right now . Jen explained to Bo she needed some time. The day Bo and Luke left Hazard to pursue a career in Nascar . Bo asked her again and Jen said yes . She told him you be care ful on those race tracks . Jen also thanked him for being her friend when she needed some one to talk to . Bobbi and Jenyfer were glad that their Aunt and Uncle moved to Hazzard with their cousin Teresa. Jen worked as a waitress during the summer when school was out so she could save money for college. During High School Bobbi and Jen were varsity Cheerleaders Teresa was a JV Cheerleader .
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