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  1. here it's Sunday FRIEND, VERY happy birthday, enjoy your day as you like. Thank you very much for your participation in hazzarnet daily.

    I raise my glass (of beer not whiskey, it's hot here already) and provided in your honor.



  2. here in South America do not celebrate Thanksgiving as you in USA, but I agree with you that Roger Hossc one of the great pillars of HAZZARDNET, and is a great honor for me to have him as a friend here in the forum but the distance is much . Congratulations on his birthday on Sunday will give it, and give you more opportunities, ajajajajajajajajajaajajajajajajajaja much whiskey Hoosc much whiskey. greetings.
  3. Welcome!, Congratulations on your own GENERAL LEE. greetings.
  4. Hi Roger, I always lived on my farm and I have many nights watching the skies, only with my eyes. It's gorgeous and haunting and more if you lie in the cool summer boil. Also did something similar to his own, to 4 km station built a large toll on important route, nothing was the same, by the bright lights and noise pollution, no more peace in my nights. Well, in my case is in progress and is appropriate for safety, I regret what happened. hug.
  5. dear friend, sorry you but my basic knowledge of mechanics tell me that your bike has a weak point that could cause a slight accident, is between first and second footswitch pedal. if you can close that gap with a booster would be better and safer. Sorry for my intrusion into your project. luck. hug.
  6. Welcome to hazzardnet!!, Thank you very much for being with us and shared their project "MODERN GENERAL LEE", here in South America no Chargers, just dodge to-body, is even more complicated to have himself GENERAL LEE. hug from Argentina.
  7. I commend you both for act of love, I live here on my farm and occasionally get dogs and cats are left to live and be happy. We have 5 dogs: CHARLOTTE, TITO, JUNIOR, TIN AND KING, plus 2 cats, Timoti and dew. the company is very good animal. HOPEFULLY MANY PEOPLE FOLLOW YOUR EXAMPLE, pissed!! hug.
  8. since I'm in hazzardnet have closely followed his work, in a very short time I have noticed a surprising overcoming their inventions. Most came to a successful conclusion and were worn by you!, I think before long you'll be contruyendo big things like Formula One chassis, or new passenger aircraft or something really big. Congratulations, and many successes. hug.
  9. nnnnnnnnoooooooo, U$S2600???????, for that money in my country bought a used 125cc motorcycle, shame that the import of used cars is closed, but it would be beautiful ROSCO P COLTRANE patrol!! only in my country. GOOD LUCK WITH THE SALE FRIEND. GREETINGS.
  10. Brian left this photo?, Ajajajaa, you're older than I thought, ajajaja. but do not know you in person know you're excellent person, hazzarnet is brian, brian is hazzarnet. happy birthday, good life for you and your family. hug from Argentina.
  11. thank you very much to all! is a large group of good people, hurts the distance is a problem for now, jajajaajjaa. But the day will be able to embrace them all in a dukesfest. Carlos.
  12. Racism is a serious issue and this worldwide, but not allowing a car carrying a flag on the roof is stupid. The story is already done and can not be changed, today sure you educate children so that they accept each other. My fear is that force WB to place a flag on the roof of the General Lee: I hope it does not come to fruition January 2013, will be very sad. hug (man) ajajajaajjaja.
  13. Feliz cumpleaños!!!

    Un gran abrazo.

  14. Feliz cumpleaños Daisy!!!!!, que bueno tenerte entre nosotros todo este tiempo. abrazo.

  15. hazzardnet welcome that you have lived great experience. as I also would like to be present when the dukes!! hug from Argentina.
  16. Welcome CASIODUKE is good to know that every day gets more dukes of hazzard fans!! Good luck with your GENERAL LEE, enough money is yours, sure wins the auction!! Hug from ARGENTINA.
  17. I understand friend, it may be something isolated to you but here in Latin America we have lost everything, morals, ethics, respect, family. I live away from it all, away from big cities but news only speak of it that you put that bad. I hope the day comes when everything clicks into place and can live in peace. PEACE AND WELFARE FOR ALL HAZZARDNET!!
  18. congratulations, thank you for your great contribution to our hazzardnet, I hope you here much longer. hug from Argentina.
  19. welcome!!, it's good to have you here, I'm a MOPAR fan, but in my country without small. hug.
  20. is a great joy for me. distance from deep appreciation to all fans of Dukes of Hazzard U.S. AND THE WORLD. is a big win against human stupidity to want to correct the record. Thanks, thanks, thanks. yyyeeeeeehaaaaaa!!
  21. Happy Birthday idol! my wishes for peace and good life for you and your family. hug from Argentina.
  22. congratulations friend! What does plate "L" dangerous??????, Hahahahahaha. Jimny is a great little car, very strong, tell here simpatico.Como hazzardnet do not try to cheat the general lee!! hug.
  23. welcome!!, uuuu! How far we are, hug from Argentina.

  24. welcome! hug from Argentina

  25. welcome! hug from Argentina. yyyyeeeehaaaaaa!
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